2013 NFL Draft: San Jose State v. BYU

QB David Fales showed us all way he should be in the conversation as the top Junior QB (Photo: US Presswire)

In a game that you may as well have dubbed the Underrated Bowl the Spartans and Cougars did battle. The Spartans high powered offense, featuring QB David Fales, gave the Cougars defense fits early on. However the Cougars defensive combo of Kyle Van Noy and Ezekial Ansah responded with pressure and effort in the 2nd half to shut down the Spartans. Unfortunately it was too little too late as the Spartans took this one in a game that featured at least 8 future NFL Draft picks. Here are the notes…

QB David Fales* 10
-Goes up top on his third throw and hits Grisby for 51 yards and a TD
-Good touch on the deep ball
-Nice recognition to see BYU is straight man coverage and take an early shot deep with no over the top help
-Takes shot down the field to Otten despite having Ansah in his face, ball is placed on the back shoulder away from coverage
-Fales stood tall in the pocket and stepped into the throw despite knowing he was going to get hit
-Taking a snap under center, runs the play-action fake with his back to the defense
-Resets feet, squares shoulders and delivers
-Looks comfortable in the pocket, not worried about pressure or any defender for that matter
-Plenty of zip on his passes
-Works through all his progressions from the pocket
-Stays on the balls of his feet and resets his feet as needed
-Throws another strike to Grigsby for their second TD hook up on the day
-Sees blitz coming and stands in the pocket and throws the quick slant to Jones for a first down
-Has no time thanks to the pressure from Ansah and floats a pass that is picked off by BYU
Despite pressure stands tall and throws a perfect touch pass to Otten who is running down the seam
Overall: This game was a perfect display about why so many of us have started using the hashtag #EpicFales when it comes to this prospect. He’s got everything you want in a prototype QB and he brimming with confidence. Fales is one of the most underrated QB’s in the country right now without a doubt.

RB De’Leon Eskridge 2
-Great blitz pickup
-Strong blocker who is being asked to stay in on almost every pass play
Overall: Not a lot of carries or room for Eskridge on the day. He did display some great pass protection skills which NFL teams will really enjoy seeing.

WR Noel Grigsby* 23
-Ran right past the CB on the deep post route
-Showed some speed to separate
-Good job fighting CB on pass into the end-zone, underrated WR trait
-Love WR’s who take on the mentality that if they aren’t going to catch it there is no way the DB is going to either, that builds trust from your QB in you
-Strong hands, does a good job getting his hands out away from his body and securing the catch
-Runs right at the CB and Fales throws the designed back shoulder throw, Grigsby wins position and makes the catch look easy
-Goes down to catch an under thrown ball with his finger tips
Overall: Talk about under sold prospects and you better be including Noel Grigsby in that list. All Grigsby does is make the catch. He runs very precise routes and is a hand catching WR who has underrated athletic ability. Watch for his name to gain steam next year if he returns.’

WR Chandler Jones* 89
-Great cut block on DB to spring the WR screen
-Runs perfect pivot route to the vacant area in the middle of the field and Fales hits him for a TD
-Otten cleared the zone coverage in the middle of the field
Overall: For all the love Grigsby and Otten get its actually Jones who leads the team in TD receptions and its because of how dangerous he is in the slot. His ability to mimic that pivot/jerk route that Tavon Austin loves to run at West Virginia is a thing of beauty.

TE Ryan Otten 82
-Makes the adjustment to the back shoulder with Van Noy all over him
-Good concentration on an initial bobble to secure the ball
-Runs straight at the LB and SAF playing zone coverage and clears them out to open up room for Jones TD
-Blocks out on the OLB to seal off the running lane to the outside
-Good block to move Van Noy out of the play
-Makes a touch catch over the defender on the seam route and then rumbles another 20 yards after contact for a big gain
Overall: Playing out west in the WAC conference you know a lot of these guys are going to be flying under the radar but Ryan Otten is one of the best pure pass catching TE’s in this class. He knows how to go up and make the grab above the coverage. He’s also a very good blocker as well.

OT David Quessenberry 76
-Lowered his head looking to block Van Noy and completely missed him
-Does a nice job anticipating Ansah coming from the wide 9 spot and gets into his tech and stonewalls him
-Nice push on a rushing play, absolutely moved the DE to the inside on the off tackle run
-Very first player to stand up for his RB when a BYU LB started talking smack, right behind him was Fales
Overall: I tried to focus on Quessenberry whenever he went up against Ansah or Van Noy but that was limited to only a few reps. For the most part Quessenberry used his length to keep the DE/OLB outside the pocket and showed good footwork. Need to see more of him v. a better pass rusher though.

SAF James Orth 81
-Caught in no man’s land a bit on an incompletion
-Converted WR so some coverage lapses are expected
-Comes up and attacks running game next play, needs to wrap up better to secure stop and not give up extra yardage
Overall: Orth is a big SAF prospect who can run, he’s a converted WR and had made 7 INT’s coming into this season. This year teams have tried to stay away from him and his numbers are down. He still has some fundamentals to learn about coverage but as a ranging FS he has a lot of potential.

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