2013 NFL Draft: San Jose State v. BYU

WR Cody Hoffman* 2
-Not a ton of blocking effort on the bubble screen, looked more interested in getting in the way than anything else
-Gives a nice head fake before running a quick slant to get separation
-Gets the ball and then drags defender another 10-15 yards
-High points a pass with full extension but can’t hold on with multiple defenders hitting him
-Bad drop on screen pass throw
-Redeems himself on a nice catch in traffic on the deep in route
Overall: Hoffman is another junior WR who is over shadowed by some of the top names in the 2014 class. He has loads of potential and knows how to use his big frame. The questions for Hoffman are about his speed and ability to separate and I didn’t see anything in this game that answers that question one way or another.

DE Ezekiel Ansah 47
-Slant rush to the inside, then he spins back to the outside to space and gets a nice hit on Fales after he makes the throw
-Lots of natural power, really able to shed blocks at will
-Displaying his immense athleticism as he chases the QB out of bounds from the opposite side of the field
-When his technique is sound he’s nearly impossible to block one on one
-San Jose State has started letting the RB chip in order to help the RT
-Sheds block from RG and makes tackles on Eskridge
-Walks the RT right back into the pocket as San Jose State tries to get out of its own endzone
-Does well to get his hands up and into the passing lanes when he can’t get to the QB
-Drops into zone coverage in the middle of the field, and jumps to tip a ball thrown over the middle from Fales
-When he gets blocked effectively it’s because he gets too high out of his stance, must stay low
-Uses his speed and power to blow right by the LG and get right in one Fales, forces the throw to float and its picked off by Sorensen
-Is one on one with Eskridge and literally lifts him off his feet and drives him back into Fales
Overall: I’ve seen Ansah a few times but had yet to write him up so it was important for me to watch him here and take a good bit of notes. The natural strength and athleticism Ansah has is evident on any snap, and when he gets his technique down he’s unblockable. The sky is the limit for this prospect who is the hottest name in the country right now.

LB Kyle Van Noy* 3
-Touchdown saving tackle, tracked down the WR screen from his OLB spot
-Next play his swims Quessenberry easily and makes tackle in the backfield on Eskridge
-When he tackles the ball carrier they go right down, violent hitter
-Playing closer to the line of scrimmage now, not as effective
-Great play here, despite getting shut down on intial rush, keeps his eyes on Fales and chases him all the way across the field for a sack and strip
-Impressive closing speed by the LB to get to Fales
Overall: Van Noy has been overshadowed by the play of Ansah this season but he’s been a dominant defenders who makes plays sideline to sideline. Van Noy does everything for a Cougars defense that lacks playmakers. He played closer to the line today than I’ve seen in the past but I think that was by design to help bring more pressure out of the BYU 34 look.

CB Preston Hadley 7
-Misses tackle at the goal line on RB
-Good pressure off the edge, forces Fales to step up and he gets sacked
Overall: Not a lot from Hadley today but that was by design as Fales routinely went to the opposite side of the field from where he was coverage.

SAF Daniel Sorensen* 9
-Strong tackle in the open field
-Comes up into the box in run support and makes a nice tackle on Fales who ran it on the keeper
-Playing a CF role from his SAF position and makes an easy pick on Fales
Overall: First time really watching Sorensen and he’s got some potential to build on. He looks more athletic than I originally gave him credit for and does a nice job moving laterally in coverage. BYU likes him enough to let him go man up on the slot WR so that tells you something about his ability.

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