2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Georgia v. Alabama – SEC Championship

Alabama RB Eddie Lacy was the man in this game as he ran through UGA’s defense (Photo: US Presswire)


In what was quite possibly the most violent, electric, and entertaining football games of the season Alabama came back and defeated Georgia in the SEC Championship. This game had everything every fan could hope for and was absolute slobberknocker from the kick off. Alabama continued to expose Georgia’s struggles against the run, while Georgia took it to a defense that struggled to make tackles consistently. In a game that featured 21 NFL prospects there was a lot to love and some to hate, here are my notes…

QB Aaron Murray* 10
-Misses first pass on an out route, throw looked rushed
-Rolls right and throws a nice pass with zip and accuracy
-Throws a strike over the middle to Malcolm Mitchell who was crossing 10 yards down the field
-Bad throw to Conley, floats a pass near Conley but it was way off target and was a poor risk to take
-Tried to roll out to his right, but can’t shake Dickson who gets another sack
-Again under pressure but this time is able to throw the ball away
-Finally gets protection and he goes 30 yards down the field to King for a big gain
-Ball was thrown on a rope, lots of velocity and accuracy
-Good awareness by Murray to see Belue was turned the wrong way and throw the ball back shoulder towards the sideline for a very easy catch
-Dances around pressure in the pocket but does not reset his feet or square his shoulders to his throw and its off target
-Finds Jay Rome wide open in the middle of the field for the first TD of the game
-Has a pass batted at the line of scrimmage, always a concern with a QB that lacks ideal size
-Flushed right and can’t get enough on the ball to get it down the field to Mitchell on 3rd down
-Never sees Clinton-Dix in the middle of the field as he tries to go deep to Conley and its easily picked off
-Murray tried to rifle the pass down there when he needed to put more air under it and let his WR go get it, pass was also under thrown by a good bit
-Got leveled by a nasty, and probably illegal, hit by Dial after the INT
-Goes back to King v. Belue one on one and again goes back shoulder for a big gain down the sideline
-Similarly to the 1st drive Murray makes an off target throw on the short out route and its incomplete on 3rd down
-Good throw to Mitchell with Clinton-Dix bearing down on him, put it where only his WR could of caught it
-Another good throw deep down the field to King to drop in the middle of the zone
Overall: Aaron Murray had a game that has defined, or plagued his entire career at Georgia. He misses too many passes and is prone to still throw a big INT. Georgia had to have the good Aaron Murray show up in this one and for the most part they did, but the throws he missed were costly.

WR Tavarres King 12
-Block in the back on a screen pass negates a first down
-Runs a nice fly route and adjusts to the back shoulder throw
-Nice block on the bubble screen on Belue
-Sits down in a soft spot against zone coverage and flashes his numbers at Murray for an easy pitch and catch
-Makes a possible touch down saving tackle after the INT
-Another good adjustment to the back shoulder throw
-Wide open down the middle of the field as Robert Lester got caught cheating to a corner route while King was running the post
Overall: King had a great game considering he was only prove WR option that was healthy for this game. He ran good routes, made his catches, and did a nice job blocking on the outside.

OT Kenarious Gates* 72
-Showing good strength dealing with the 3-4 DE
-Can’t maintain outside block and allows OLB to get off block and make play on Gurley
-Best OL early on, going one on one with DE and OLB and doing a good job shutting them down
Overall: Gates had a solid game and continues to show me why he belong inside rather than outside. He never struggled in this game mainly because Alabama lacks elite speed on the outside. Against the Bama power rush attack he anchored down and held his own.

OG Chris Burnette* 68
-Good job getting initial contact on Jesse Williams and then getting off that block and to the 2nd level
-Pulls around and pancakes DePriest
-Again asked to pull across the line and lead block, plenty of athleticism to get into the hole ahead of the RB
-Meets Mosley in the hole to stop him from getting into the backfield
-Great job working with Theus to clear out right side of the line on Gurley’s 2nd TD run
Overall: Was often a lead blocker with his pulling instead of a full back and did a nice job opening up holes and getting to the 2nd level. Not a dominant OG but he’s getting better with each game and could be a good one down the line.

DT John Jenkins 6
-Gets beaten out of his stance by Jones who gets into his chest plate and moves him up the field
-Works through Warmack to get a sack of McCarron
-Good hand usage to beat Warmack, showed some power and quickness
-Seeing DE snaps when UGA goes jumbo with Geathers at NT
-Pancaked by Fluker
-Maintains point of attack but keeps OL at length and makes the tackle on Lacy
-Really asserting himself in the 2nd half as he is using his hands to get off blocks better
-Good pursuit down the field to get to Yeldon down the field
-Sheds block and stands Lacy straight up on contact, then pushed him way back stopping his forward progress
-Washes right down the line with Fluker and crashes down on Lacy who ran at the other side of the line of scrimmage
Overall: After a somewhat down senior season Jenkins had one of his best games when the Bulldogs most needed him. He was all over the field, especially in the 2nd half, he showed the strength to get off blocks, and finally seemed to realize that if he uses his hands effectively he can be dominant.

DT Kwame Geathers* 99
-Stands Jones up at the point of attack and then gets off block to make a play on Yeldon
-Been giving Jones trouble from the NT position as he tries to get to the 2nd level
-Seeing a lot of snaps as UGA goes jumbo and Jenkins kicks to DE
-Really giving Jones fits, is making more plays than a stat sheet will give him credit for
-Pushes Jones back, forced the RB to bounce the run outside into the arms of waiting defenders
-Getting down the line really well, moving towards the hole and making plays
-Beats Steen to the inside, but play is a toss outside, Geathers does give good chase
-Dominates Jones off the snap and drives him 3-4 yards into the backfield and completely disrupts the running play
Overall: Geathers has honestly been the better DT all year and the coaches seemed to reward that in this game with lots of reps in the jumbo DL package. Geathers definitely won the night v Barrett Jones and really showed us a full skill set that makes me think he’s NFL ready.

DE Cornelius Washington 83
-Beats Kouandjio on an upfield rush and disrupts a run forcing it to turn back inside where Ogletree was waiting
-Showing good power off the snap
-Is able to bull rush both Kouandjio and Warmack on the final drive of the first half to flush McCarron
-Tips the pass that nullified a big pass interference call on Branden Smith
-Busts through the line and blocks the FG that Ogletree recovered and returned for a TD
Overall: Im all over this prospect because I really think he’s poorly cast in UGA’s 34 scheme. He’s a LE in 43 scheme in the NFL who will use his size, length, and power to be very good.

OLB Jarvis Jones* 29
-Good job getting off block from Kouandjio to make tackle on screen pass
-Looks small on the field compared to the Alabama OL
-Struggling to find a way around Fluker early on
-Gets up-field on Fluker using his speed rush, avoids the Fluker cut block and then beats Lacy’s attempted block to hit McCarron from behind and force a fumble
-Is able to get off the pull block by Warmack to make a tackle short on third down
-Brings some nice power on this rush as he pushed Kouandjio back into the pocket and flushes McCarron
-Double teamed on the outside by the TE’s and is moved out of the rushing lane
-Is being targeted on running plays and he has nothing
-Does not have the strength to get off the blocks and make plays
-Nice stunt blitz inside but gets picked up well by Yeldon
-Works up-field and around Williams before coming back down field to get his 2nd sack of the game
-More coverage sack than great play by Jones though
-Has Lacy in his arms but doesn’t wrap up and Lacy spins off of him and picks up big yardage
Overall: Consistent struggles for bigger, longer, and stronger offensive lineman and tight ends were the story for Jones. Yes he had two sacks but he was picked on in this game by the Alabama running attack and for a guy who some peg as a top 5 selection that shouldn’t be happening.

ILB Alec Ogletree* 9
-Great backside pursuit to help make a tackle on third down
-Came all the way across the formation from the backside
-Plays backside contain perfectly so when Yeldon cuts it back he is waiting for a TFL
-Gets flagged for a very iffy roughing the passer penalty, gives Alabama a free first down inside the 5 yard line
-Fills the hole and stops Lacy dead in his tacks right at the goal line, impressive hit
-Sheds Williams block but can’t make the tackle on Yeldon who rumbles for a first down
-Blocked FG bounces right to Ogletree and he was off to the races for a TD
-Out ran everybody else on the field, incredible acceleration
-Violent tackle in the hole, throws Yeldon, and himself, to the turf
-This time takes a violent hit from Yeldon but holds on and take him down
Overall: Ogletree was UGA’s defensive MVP for me, he was all over the field and he both delivered and took some of the hardest hits Ive seen all year. His athleticism is off the charts and if he leaves early for the NFL then you can expect him to go rather high.

CB Sanders Commings 19
-Is all over the shallow crossing route and is able to break the pass up
-Was step for step with Kevin Norwood
-Is the receiver on the fake punt play, does a good job to make the catch and hold on to the ball through the hit
-Reads back shoulder throw the whole way and got his head around before the ball was even thrown
-Used his hands to maintain good position and then just stepped in front and made a big INT
-Needs to tackle better in the open field on anther bubble screen to Cooper
Overall: Commings has come a long way from where he was just a couple of years ago, he’s become the best CB on this team and far out-shined highly heralded CB Branden Smith. Commings has the length and athleticism to intrigue NFL teams.

SAF Baccari Rambo 18
-Takes poor angle on running play and surrenders the corner to Lacy who gets up-field
-Shows tremendous range as a single high safety to get all the way to the sideline and break up a play with a nice hit on Christian Jones
-Can’t tackle Cooper in the open field on a bubble screen, allows a first down
-Gets out jumped by Cooper deep down the field for a ball, that’s the 2nd time that’s happened to Rambo this year
-Comes up in run support and makes a nice tackle in the box
-Makes touchdown saving tackle on Yeldon
-Gets Lacy’s shoulder lowered into him and looks like he wants nothing to do with it at all
Overall: You saw the best and worst of Rambo tonight. He has the physical abilities to make plays whenever he wants to, but also tends to take some poor angles and make plays that just make you scratch your head.

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