2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Georgia v. Alabama – SEC Championship

QB AJ McCarron* 10
-Sees pressure and makes a quick pass to Christian Jones on a quick slant
-Feels pressure and can’t escape it so he throws it into the turn at his RB’s feet
-Puts slightly too much air on a pass to Jones near the sideline and allows Rambo to come over and break the play up
-Never feels pressure from Jarvis Jones who hits him from behind for the sack and forced fumble
-Getting rid of the ball quickly on bubble screens when he sees off coverage
-Misses a throw to Kevin Norwood high, Norwood had good position on Swann down the seam
-Nice deep ball to Cooper, just put it out there and let him go get it, showing some faith in his young WR
-Good heads up play to recover the Lacy fumble at the goal line
-On the next play tries an ill-advised back shoulder throw that is read by the Commings and picked off easily
-He was not on the same page as his WR on that throw
-Showing some wheels as he takes off on two straight plays to get Bama down to the 5 yard line
-Holds on to the ball too long and allows Jones to work around Williams and get his 2nd sack
-Throws the prettiest pass of the game deep to Cooper for a TD, huge throw
-McCarron delivered a ball that until this point in the game I didn’t know he could actually throw
Overall: McCarron had a pretty poor game up until it mattered the most, and that says something about the junior QB. He made some poor throws at times and really looked like a deer in head lights in others but he made big throws when it counted and without a doubt made the biggest throw of the entire game to win the game for Alabama.

RB Eddie Lacy* 42
-Good combination of speed and power
-Impressive build, well filled out and compact
-Gets small through the hole
-Great burst
-Runs through arm tackles with ease
-Has the speed to turn the corner
-Almost runs through Gilliard for a TD but is stopped on the one yard line
-Met at the goal line Ogletree, then tries to reach the ball out for a TD and its knocked away for a fumble
-Shows some patience on his outside run as he waits for his TE’s to clear Jones and for Fluker to get to 2nd level before he kicks it into another gear and bursts through the defense for a 40+ yard TD run
-Outruns Rambo on his way to the end-zone
-Shows outstanding vision in the hole to get through the UGA DL and into the second level quickly
-Currently out of the game for unspecified injury
-Back in the game and rips off a huge run on his first carry
-Spins out of contact and gets back up-field, then lowers his shoulder in Rambo and picks up another 8-9 yards
-Shows the patience at the line to wait for his blocks and then finds the cut back lane created by Warmack to pick up another 10 yards
-Hit by Shawn Williams after 7 yards and then drags Williams for another 7 yards
-Incredible power display by Lacy right now, not sure what his injury was but he looks perfectly fine right now
Overall: There isn’t much more for Lacy to do on the collegiate level and its why so many people are projecting him to go pro early. He’s a RB with good size, strength, and speed in a class that lacks an elite back. He runs so violently that it painful but fun to watch.

TE Michael Williams 89
-Shows he’s more than just a blocking TE as he catches a ball in the flat
-Motions to FB spot and does a good job to get to Ogletree and make a block
-He can’t sustain the block but doesn’t allow Ogletree time to get ready for Yeldon who runs right through him
-First helps to clear out Jones on the outside then releases to the 2nd level to block Shawn Williams and clear the path for Lacy’s TD run
-Kicks out and takes Sanders Coming completely out of the play on the Cooper bubble screen
-Gets beaten by Washington to the inside on the blocked FG
-Takes on Jarvis Jones one and one and is able to seal him off from the running lane, springing Yeldon
Overall: Williams is a throw-back to the classical TE breed that used to populate the NFL. He is an in-line blocker who loves to get his hands on defenders and open up big holes for his RB. He was the unsung hero tonight making big blocks all over the field.

OT DJ Fluker* 76
-Can’t quite stay with Jones but extends to his arm and keeps him outside the pocket
-His length is giving Jones fits
-Slow out of his stance and is burned by Jones, attempts a last ditch cut block that is nowhere close to effective
-Working out of 2 point stance now v. Jones, allowing him to get into his slide much quicker
-Pancake #2 as he blows Jenkins up off the ball
-Helps Steen move Jenkins out and then gets to the 2nd level and blocks a LB
-Reaches 2nd level and gets key block on Gilliard to spring Lacy for a long TD
-Engulfs Jarvis Jones on his pass rush attempt
Overview: Incredible game by Fluker who was dominant all night long against a very stout UGA defensive front seven. Fluker dominated Jonathan Jenkins at times when he kicked out to DE and had 2 or 3 different pancakes on the night. Fluker was the best Alabama OL last night without a doubt.

OG Chance Warmack 65
-Good initial job on Jenkins to take him on the point of attack and neutralize him
-However he can’t hold the block and Jenkins uses his hands to shed Warmack and get a big sack
-Comes down to help Jones combo block Geathers and opens a huge hole for Lacy up the middle
-Seals off Jenkins very well to create a lane that collapsed from the other side
-Gets out in front of the bubble screen to Cooper, gets intial block on Ogletree to spring the play
-Gets to the 2nd level and takes out Gilliard to clear the way for Yeldon to get into the end=zone
-Blocks down on Geathers to created a cut back lane for Lacy
-Nice 2nd level block on Ogletree
Overview: Not the dominant game I hoped for from Warmack but still a very good one. He was asked to help Jones out some early as he struggled with the NT. Later he was able to do what he did best by getting to the 2nd level and taking out LB’s.

OC Barrett Jones 75
-Seals off cut back lane with combo block on Jenkins
-Great job moving Jenkins off his spot on a zone blocking call
-Gets away with a really bad hold on Geathers inside as he was beaten
-Pushed backwards by Geathers and forces the running play to re-direct and go nowhere
-Is the lead blocker 15 yards down the field on bubble screen to Cooper, just dominated Shawn Williams
-Takes advantage of Geathers aggressive rush and simply allows him to get into the gap he wants but that takes him out of the play, savvy move by the veteran OL
-Again takes advantage of Geathers aggressive rush and ushers him right to the ground on Yeldon TD run
Overall: Had some warts in this game against the supposed 2nd best NT on UGA’s team, but there isn’t a ton to worry about. We project Jones back at OG in the NFL so he won’t have to do much v. zero tech NT’s one on one. His ability to pull, and block on the move are highly desirable traits.

DT Jesse Williams 54
-Collapses the pocket when going one on one with Dallas Lee, forces Murray to take off
-Dominated the OC off the snap and just sad in the middle of the hole
-Comes in to play FB in goal line package
-Holds up Burnette at the point of attack, sheds the block and makes the tackle on Gurley as he runs by
-Goes down hard grabbing his knee after its get landed on by another lineman, had to be helped off the field
-Has knee wrapped in ice and bandaged on the sideline but report is he may return
-Shockingly he does return and is once again in at FB
-Wins the point of attack against Dallas Lee with one arm and with the other he stops Todd Gurley in his tracks on 3rd down to force a punt
Overall: What toughness by the prospect from down under to go out with a knee injury then come back later in the game and have the stuff of the game on Toddy Gurley when his team needed him the most. Williams got unfairly blasted by Gary Danielson in this game for not being active early on when in reality he was pushing the pocket and giving Murray no room to step up.

ILB CJ Mosley* 32
-Great blitz up the middle, hits the B gap, beats Gurley’s block and forces Murray to roll out and is sacked by Dickson
-That play forces UGA to try a 50 yard FG that they missed
-Reads screen the whole way and completely gobbles it up
-Came off his blitz to follow Gurley and make the TFL
-Gets off block on Burnette and makes tackle on Gurley to minimize the gain
-Shoots the A gap and gets into the backfield for a TFL
-Got held badly by John Theus on a Gurley TD run
Overview: Mosley gets a bit of an unfair label due to how good he is in coverage. Many people think he’s a poor run LB but that’s definitely not the case if you watch this one, Mosley excelled in run blitzes which kind of makes you wonder why he doesn’t see more reps in run packages.

CB Deion Belue* 13
-Takes a poor position in zone coverage v. Tavarres King and gets burned for a big gain
-Never turns his head to locate the ball when in coverage v. King and he gives up another big completion
Overview: Belue was clearly the guy the UGA staff had decided they wanted to pick on in this game. Belue just doesn’t have the awareness of technique of star junior CB Dee Milliner and it showed as Murray went to his trademark back shoulder throw multiple times on Belue.

CB Dee Milliner* 28
-Closes on pass into the flat and takes Gurley right out of bounds for a minimal gain
-Turns his head and does a good job getting his hands up to deflect a pass away that was intended for Malcolm Mitchell
-Did a good job using the sideline as an extra defender squeezing Mitchell
-Nearly makes an incredible game ending INT as he dove for a tipped pass. It was initially ruled an INT and then over ruled on replay
Overall: UGA wisely stayed away from Milliner the whole night and it somewhat limited their passing attack.. He took Malcolm Mitchell almost completely out of UGA’s attack and really showed why if he declares he’ll challenge Johnthan Banks for the top CB label.

SAF Robert Lester 37
-Lowers his shoulder trying to make a big hit on Gurley and misses
-Takes a poor angle just two plays later and Gurley runs right past him like he isn’t even there
-Came up pre-snap into the box and then is caught in no man’s land as Murray throws over him to Rome for a TD
-Good read from the box to see the bubble screen and get into the flat to make the TFL
-Over pursues Gurley on a rushing attempt and misses another tackle
-Completely lost in coverage as he bites on a corner route that the WR never even faked, meanwhile WR runs a post route and is wide open for a huge gain
Overview: Im not sure of any prospect who has gone from as high as Lester was coming into his junior season to as low as Lester sits right now. Lester has had a poor season and really needed a big game on this stage but failed to do so. His bad angles, willingness to give up the corner, and struggles with coverage all continue to plague Alabama’s defense.

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