2013 NFL Mock Draft: Anthony Macari (12/21)

13. Miami Dolphins: DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson (Scouting Notes)
The Dolphins believe they have their franchise QB in place, now they need to get him some weapons to throw to. Hopkins would be a great start.

14.New York Jets: Taylor Lewan, OT Michigan (Scouting Notes)
The Jets are a disaster at the QB position, but RT is equally a problem that needs to be addressed. I believe they will not pull the trigger on what may be Mark Sanchez 2.0 in Barkley. Lewan could be a potential pro bowl player on the right side.

15. New Orleans Saints: Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri (Scouting Notes)
Richardson would add a disruptive inside presence for the Saints.

16. St.Louis Rams: Chance Warmack G, Alabama (Scouting Notes)
Warmack may be the best prospect in the draft and would go higher if guard wasn’t an undervalued position. The Rams need to protect Bradford and help open up holes for the running game and Warmack would be a day 1 starter.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jesse Williams, NT, Alabama (Scouting Notes)
The Steelers add a run stuffing monster for the middle of their defense.

18. Dallas Cowboys: Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU (Scouting Report)
The Cowboys fall in love with the athleticism and potential pairing of Ware and Mingo.

19. Chicago Bears: Ezekial Ansah, DE, BYU (Scouting Report)
Ansah is a physical freak who could wreak havoc on the opposite side of Peppers. His raw potential makes will have someone taking the risk early despite his relative inexperience.

20. New York Giants: C.J Mosley, LB, Alabama (Scouting Notes)
Mosley is a versatile 3 down LB that can play any LB position. He has the ability to play the deep zone if left inside in Fewell’s defense.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU (Scouting Notes)
The Bengals may need to replace free agent Michael Johnson but even if he stays adding another pass rushing DE makes sense and Montgomery offers good value at this point.

22. St.Louis Rams (From Washington): Eric Reid FS, LSU (Scouting Notes)
The Rams fill a need with the top rated Safety on the board.

23. Minnesota Vikings: Terrence Williams, WR, Baylor (Scouting Notes)
In his 3rd year, Ponder will need to step up to justify the Vikings high draft pick used on him. Adding another talented weapon for him opposite Percy Harvin will give him the best chance to succeed.

24. Indianapolis Colts: Jonathan Jenkins, NT, Georgia (Scouting Notes)
The Colts will need to add some bulk up front if they hope to slow down Arian Foster and the Texans any time soon.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Kevin Minter, LB, LSU (Scouting Notes)
Ray Lewis reign as a dominant force in the middle of the Ravens Defense may be drawing to a close. Minter gives them another potential leader for their defense.

26. Seattle Seahawks: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan (Scouting Notes)
The early returns look like Seattle struck gold with Russell Wilson in the 3rd round last year. Now they look to protect him by adding Fisher. With a QB who likes to get outside the pocket, you need athletic Tackles on both sides, and Fisher will give them that.

27. Green Bay Packers: Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee (Scouting Notes)
Often injured free agent to be Greg Jennings will likely not be a high priority for Green Bay so adding a long target in the mold of AJ Green to Rogers arsenal to keep their offense humming will be a draft priority. Austin has explosive playmaking ability that Rogers will be able to fully exploit.

28. New England Patriots: Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia (Scouting Report)
Austin has the ability to turn the short pass into long gains making him a perfect fit for Brady. Welker is a free agent and Belichick has repeatedly shown players are interchangeable so I would not be surprised if he let him walk for big bucks. Austin would be able to step right into a similar role and would also add value as a punt returner.

29. San Francisco 49ers: Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame (Scouting Notes)
Harbaugh loved to implement multiple TE sets at Stanford. Having Eifert and Vernon Davis on the field together would create nightmare matchup problems for opposing defenses and give Kaepernick 2 big targets with tremendous catch radiuses to find.

30. Denver Broncos: Robert Woods, WR, USC (Scouting Notes)
Manning gets a dynamic playmaker that can also be used in the return game. Woods has exceptional RAC ability.

31. Atlanta Falcons: Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford (Scouting Notes)
Tony Gonzales has become an invaluable piece to the Atlanta offense so having his replacement in place for when he eventually retires makes sense. Gonzales would make a great mentor if he sticks around for another season.

32. Houston Texans: Jonathan Banks, CB, Mississippi (Scouting Notes)
The Texans would again be looking for a number 2 wide receiver but with 6 already off the board they look to add depth to the other side of the ball. Banks is the best player available and would do well playing behind the Texans dominant front 7.

Bills Draft Continued:
2nd Round Pick: Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State (Scouting Notes)
Brown was one of my favorite prospects to scout this year. While Collin Klein was grabbing headlines as K State made a run at the National Championship, it was Brown who week after week made critical plays to keep their BCS dreams alive until late in the season. I believe he could play at either OLB spot, where the Bills need to add Brown’s speed, athleticism and instincts. He may be a tough sell on Nix, who prefers larger LBs, but hopefully someone will pound the table to convince him the Bills need to add a playmaker like Brown to the linebacking core. I believe the leadership he showed on the field this year should quiet any maturity issues that may have existed prior to this season.

3rd Round pick: Braxston Cave, C/OG, Notre Dame (Scouting Notes)
It’s no coincidence every time Eric Wood goes down with injury, the Bills offensive production plummets. He has become a key component of their success; however he has also sadly become completely unreliable because of his lack of durability. Adding a mauler like Cave would provide needed insurance at Center and provide instant competition at RG. It would not surprise me to see Cave step in day one and assume the RG position and if needed slide over to C if Woods again goes down next season.

4th Round pick: Shamarko Thomas, SS, Syracuse (Scouting Notes)
Thomas is an aggressive safety who loves to make the bone jarring hit. He’ll need to play more disciplined at the next level but he has big play ability that would add physicality to the Bills secondary.

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  1. b2roll says:

    glad to read someone who has a clue, the jets biggest needs are on the o-line and lewan would be a great addition and the right pick

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