2013 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Elder 12/31

33. Jacksonville Jaguars

QB Ryan Nassib-Syracuse (Scouting Notes)

Jacksonville passes on a QB in the first but lands its competition for Blaine Gabbert here.

34. Kansas City Chiefs

WR Da’Rick Rodgers-Tennessee Tech*

With Dwayne Bowe likely gone the Chiefs must add a WR on the outside and Rogers is a Top 15 player on the field.

35. Philadelphia Eagles

WR Aaron Dobson-Marshall (Scouting Report)

Philadelphia continues to rebuild its offense by adding a big and underrated WR in Dobson.

36. Detroit Lions

SAF Matt Elam-Florida*  (Scouting Notes)

The Lions continue Vaccaro’s fall here as they take Elam over the Texas product.

37. Cincinnati Bengals (via Oakland)

OC Barrett Jones-Alabama (Scouting Notes)

Trevor Robinson is serviceable option at center but he doesn’t have the power or athleticism Jones offers.

38. Arizona Cardinals

OT Dallas Thomas-Tennessee (Scouting Notes)

The Cardinals got their new QB in the first now have to find a way to protect him.

XX. Cleveland Browns

The Browns forfeit this pick due to the supplemental draft selection of Josh Gordon

39. New York Jets

OLB Jarvis Jones-UGA (Scouting Report)

The Jets add an undersized yet explosive pass rusher to their 34 scheme.

40. Tennessee Titans

WR Terrance Williams-Baylor (Scouting Notes)

Terrance Williams has done a lot to show talent evaluators just how much he can do and Tennessee could be getting a steal here.

41. Buffalo Bills

QB Zac Dysert-Miami (OH) (Scouting Notes)

Dysert offers a big arm, plenty of athletic ability, and experience playing in poor conditions. He’s not the glamour name many Bills fans have been talking about but he’s one who may make the most sense for this team.

42. Miami Dolphins

OG Alvin Bailey-Arkansas* (Scouting Notes)

The Dolphins continue to work on their lines as they go OL here after going DL in the first.

43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TE Tyler Eifert-Notre Dame (Scouting Notes)

I don’t know why I think this but I think Eifert will fall some due to a lack of need at the TE position.

44. Carolina Panthers

WR Stedman Bailey-West Virginia (Scouting Notes)

I heard another person tell me Bailey reminded them on Steve Smith, so why not have Bailey go there and learn from him?

XX. New Orleans Saints

The Saints have forfeited their second round pick due to the “Bountygate” scandal.

45. San Diego Chargers

DT Jesse Williams-Alabama (Scouting Notes)

Williams can come in and play the NT for the Chargers which has been an issue for years now.

46. St. Louis Rams

RB Andre Ellington-Clemson (Scouting Notes)

Stephen Jackson is aging quickly and finding a replacement for him is of the utmost importance.

47. Pittsburgh Steelers

OLB Alex Okafor-Texas (Scouting Report)

With the show that Alex Okafor put on in his bowl game the other night he may not be here at 47 anymore.

48. New York Giants

DT Sylvester Williams-UNC (Scouting Notes)

Williams may only be a two down player for the Giants early on but he should do a lot to help a defense that leaked like a sieve at times.


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3 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Elder 12/31”

  1. Tyler says:

    I wouldn’t say the Pats safety position has been worse than the last 2 years, it’s a weakness but it’s stable right now. Love the pick though.

  2. CleveSteve says:

    wow, I think Jarvis Jones is overrated, too, but lasting to the second round?

  3. bill says:

    Kordy Glenn,when I focused on him. When he pulled he was a wrecking crew for spiller

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