2013 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Watkins

QB Ryan Nassib is a hot name in NFL Draft circles did he crack our first round? (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

Listed in Walter’s Football Mock Draft Database!

1. Kansas City Chiefs: G.Smith, QB, West Virginia (Scouting Report)
Is he the most talented player in this draft? No, but QB reigns supreme over every other position

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: D.Moore, DE, Texas A&M (Scouting Report)
Jaguars snap the best DE in the draft and possibly end their never ending search for a DE

3. Oakland Raiders: J.Jones, LB, Georgia (Scouting Report)
Solves a couple of needs and is one of if not the best player in this draft. Having watched V.Miller first hand the Raiders hope to recreate that with Jones

4. Philadelphia Eagles: 
L.Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M (Scouting Notes)
Eagles upgrade two spots with one pick. Start Joeckel at LT and move Peters to RT to finally have the bookends they have wanted since Runyan and Thomas were sporting Philly uniforms

5. Carolina Panthers: S.Lotuleili, DT, Utah (Scouting Report)
DT is a huge need for them and it also benefits their first round pick last year, Kuechly, who is at his best when he doesn’t have to shed blockers

6. Tennessee Titans: J.Hankins, DT, Ohio State (Scouting Notes)
The Titans could go a lot of different ways here but Hankins would go a long way to shore up the defensive side of the ball.

7.Detroit Lions: J.Banks, CB, Miss St (Scouting Notes)
The Lions have been trying to upgrade the CB position for years now and may finally be in position to do it. Banks is a 3 years starter in the SEC and that doesn’t happen by accident

8. Arizona Cardinals: T.Wilson, QB, Arkansas (Scouting Notes)
Cardinals have big problems along the offensive line but that still doesn’t trump the problems they have at QB. Kolb looks like a bust at this point and neither back up is setting the world on fire. Look for them to dump all three sign a vet and draft a QB

9. San Diego Chargers: M.Te’o, LB, Notre Dame (Scouting Notes)
Their defense needs a new face and Te’o who fits well in any defense would go a long way in doing that

10. Cleveland Browns: K.Allen, WR, Cal (Scouting Notes)
Need meets value here. Allen would go great with Weeden and Richardson

11.Buffalo Bills: D.Hopkins WR, Clemson (Scouting Notes)
So now the Bills have an interesting issue at hand with the biggest question being how much do they love the rest of the QB’s on the board specifically M.Barkley? Personally after listening to Nix comments on the type of QB he wants Barkley really doesn’t fit that mold and I don’t think they will select him or another QB with their first round pick.

Now where does that leave the Bills? The top LB’s are off the board, the top WR is off the board, the top OT is off the board, they don’t value an OG enough to take one here, and the top CB is off the board. For Nix and the Bills this is not how you wanted the top 10 picks to go. At this point I imagine they would try and move down but I don’t do trades in my draft and its rare for Nix to do one in real life.

In the end I think the Bills try and put more spark into their offense by adding another Clemson Tiger and select Hopkins.

Hopkins is a player that didn’t receive as much attention as he should have on an explosive Clemson offense. He has 3 years of quality numbers and no off the field issues of note. He is explosive with the ball in his hands and runs a good route tree. I think he’ll be a player you hear more and more about as we get closer to April

12.Miami Dolphins: D.Milliner, CB, Alabama (Scouting Notes)
I imagine Miami will address the WR position through FA’cy and their CB’s have had a rough go of it lately and could use some help

13.New Orleans Saints: S.Richardson, DT, Missouri (Scouting Notes)
Ellis and Bunkley are solid but neither has the penetrating ability that Richardson might be able to bring to the table

14.New York Jets: T.Lewan, OT, Michigan (Scouting Notes)
Its No secrete the Jets have massive issues at RT. Lewan can play the left side but is a much better fit for the right side on the NFL level in my opinion

15.Tampa Bay Buccaneers: B.Werner, DE, Florida State (Scouting Notes)
It may seem crazy that the Bucs would spend yet another high pick on a DL but this is one spot where you can never have to much talent. Werner is to good to pass up at this point and will love playing for Schiano

16.St.Louis Rams: T.Jefferson, S, Oklahoma (Scouting Report)
Weakest part of the Rams defense is their secondary, specifically their Safety’s. Jefferson is the exact type of player Fisher looks for in the position. He is a do it all Safety that plays hard every snap

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3 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Watkins”

  1. Dave says:

    The Browns don’t have a need at WR. DE, CB , and LB are all pressing needs.

    • Sean says:

      Agreed. They gave up their 2013 2nd Round pick for Josh Gordon who is coming on nicely and is actually currently statistically the best rookie WR for 2012.

  2. Bill says:

    If Smallwood comes out and is there in the 3rd he’d be a steal, he has been one of the best players on Uconns defense in his time there…many will say its just Uconn but Uconns defense has been very good the last two years and he’s one of the reasons…he is always around the ball

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