2013 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Watkins

17.Cincinnati Bengals: A.Okafor, DE, Texas (Scouting Notes)
The Bengals would love to have a RB worth taking here but there wont be one anywhere near that type of value. Okafor gives them the pass rushing DE they lack to go with a very underrated DT G.Atkins

18.Minnesota Vikings: C.Patterson, WR, Tennessee (Scouting Notes)
The Vikings have Harvey and Peterson to help Ponder develop, add in Patterson who also has a very high ceiling and the Vikings offense could become really explosive.

19.Dallas Cowboys: B.Mingo, DE, LSU (Scouting Report)
Jerry Jones is the new Al Davis of the draft and trying to predict what he’ll do is near impossible. Here I imagine he’ll fall in love with Mingo’s measurable and the thought of him lining up on the other side of Ware

20.St.Louis Rams (From Washington): C.Warmack, OG, Alabama (Scouting Notes)
At some point they have to start investing in keeping Bradford upright. Grabbing the best OG in the draft at 20 would go a long way in doing that

21.Pittsburgh Steelers: A.Barr, LB, UCLA (Scouting Article)
Versatile player just scratching the surface of his potential. Pittsburgh would be the perfect spot for him to develop and keep the great LB tradition going

22.Seattle Seahawks: J.Mathews, OT, Texas A&M (Scouting Notes)
Seattle looks to have a set of book end OT’s to help with the offense becoming more consistent.

23.New York Giants: M.Minter, LB, LSU (Scouting Notes)
Giants finally end their what seems like never ending search for a quality starting ILB

24.Chicago Bears: S.Montgomery, DE, LSU (Scouting Notes)
Fits exactly what the Bears do on defense and will be a welcome addition on the other side of Peppers

25.Indianapolis Colts: K.Vaccaro, S, Texas (Scouting Report)
The Colts could use a lot of help in many places. It’s a testament to how much a franchise QB can cover up. Vaccaro will go a long way in shoring up a weak secondary

26.Green Bay Packers: E.Fisher, OT, Central Michigan (Scouting Notes)
Green Bay continues its attempt to shore up a weak and shallow OL. Fishers only question mark is the talent level of opposing competition

27.Baltimore Ravens: A.Ogletree, LB, Georgia (Scouting Notes)
Time to get a jump on living life post R.Lewis. Ogletree is a 3 down LB who can cover from sideline from sideline and will soak up as much as Lewis can teach him in his remaining years.

28.San Francisco 49ers: R.Woods, WR, USC (Scouting Report)
They revamped their WR crew in the offseason but it still could use more work. Woods is a play maker with the ball in his hands but also adds much needed ability in the return game

29.Denver Broncos: T.Eifert, TE, Notre Dame (Scouting Notes)
Manning will make him a Pro Bowler in less than 3 years.

30.New England Patriots: B.Jones, OG, Alabama (Scouting Notes)
Belichick loves versatile players and as far as OL go you don’t get more Versatile than Jones who played 3 different positions in college at a very high level

31.Houston Texans: T.Williams, WR, Baylor (Scouting Notes)
The never ending search to have a WR to pair with A.Johnson may finally come to an end

32.Atlanta Falcons: E.Ansah, DE, BYU (Scouting Report)
With only 3 years of football under his belt he becomes well worth the risk with his athletic upside at this point in the draft

Buffalo Bills 2nd Round Pick: Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse (Scouting Notes)

The Bills next starting QB may be sitting in their backyard at Syracuse. I’ve watched Nassib a number of times this year and each time I watched him I came away more and more impressed. He plays well in big games and makes NFL throws on a regular basis. His game against a top 10 ranked at the time Louisville team was impressive. He made some throws in the intermediate range that starting QB’s in the NFL cant even make. Nassib making it to this pick is still up in the air because I expect him to be a steady riser through this process

Buffalo Bills 3rd Round pick: Yawin Smallwood, LB, UConn (Scouting Article)

Smallwood is a redshirt Sophomore who is 50/50 on coming out at this point but should he I imagine he will be a riser as the draft process goes along. Every game I watched of UConn Smallwood popped off the screen. He is a 3 down sideline to sideline LB who can play inside and out.

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3 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Watkins”

  1. Dave says:

    The Browns don’t have a need at WR. DE, CB , and LB are all pressing needs.

    • Sean says:

      Agreed. They gave up their 2013 2nd Round pick for Josh Gordon who is coming on nicely and is actually currently statistically the best rookie WR for 2012.

  2. Bill says:

    If Smallwood comes out and is there in the 3rd he’d be a steal, he has been one of the best players on Uconns defense in his time there…many will say its just Uconn but Uconns defense has been very good the last two years and he’s one of the reasons…he is always around the ball

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