AFC East Report – Week 13

This is how I felt after this weekend (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

Well after letting the fact that the Bills will once again not make the playoffs simmer for a while I’m finally back with another AFC East report. Its hard to be a Bills fan anymore, every deficit seems like too much to overcome and every lead seems to be determined to be lost. Well at least the Dolphins still lost. Here is the weekend in the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills

-Are there any Bills fans out there that are truly surprised by the outcome of the game yesterday? You had to have known that going into the 4th quarter in a tight game that Chan Gailey and the offense would find someway to lose the game. The playoff drought is officially extended

-Chan Gailey should be fired plain and simple. He continually says during the week he wants to get Spiller the ball more, and week after week he does the exact opposite. He is basically lying to the media and fans week after week. Now some we’ll say, “If he had a QB” and I really don’t want to hear it. Gailey is the one that decided he could win with Fitzpatrick and made no attempt to have any type of back up plan. They traded for T.Jackson and apparently Gailey is not a qualified enough coach to even get him up to speed to even be activated on game day over a 3 month period. The Bills should have inserted him weeks ago for at the very least to see what they had and how he looks in this offense. Yet, that still hasn’t happened. Chan Gailey needs to go and while I think Nix should be retained, if he won’t fire him then he should be fired also

-I really don’t know what happened to Chans play calling. His first couple years it was balanced and kept teams off balanced. Despite the Bills lack of overall talent they were able to score points game after game. Now I compare it to a NBA shooter going through a cold streak. To borrow an NBA phrase Gailey seems like he’s trying to “shoot (pass) his way out” of the cold streak by forcing the passing game. Meanwhile you have a player you drafted in the first round who has finally turned into the game breaker you sold him to be after taking two years of heat for the selection and Gailey refuses to use him. Its truly mind boggling

-In a surprising twist the DL is the only part of this team recently that is playing consistently well after a very up and down start. Dareus has finally returned to what we saw last year and looks every bit the top 5 pick and Mario again notched a sack to get him into double digits.

-I’m not even joking when I say if I’m CJ Spiller and Gailey is retained, I would demand a trade out of Buffalo to a team and a coach that would value and use a talented explosive player. 7 carries for Spiller yesterday in a tight game was embarrassing

-Also if I’m CJ Spiller I would and should be tired of Gailey painting him, Spiller, as the most unconditioned athlete in American sports

-Congrats to S.Gilmore on his first INT of his career. Its long overdue and once you get the first one out of the way the others tend to be a little easier. Gilmore is more then justifying his top 10 selection so far this season

-R.Lindell was mad after the game for not being given the chance to hit a 52 yard FG? …Good, he should be

-I’m ready just to see Searcy take Wilson place in the defensive backfield

-Graham continues to make strides as a WR. The Bills still don’t have a QB that can utilize his best talents but at least he is being productive

-Tough break for Jackson on the season ending MCL sprain. It’s been a long year for him, but its further proof that his load needs to be lightened and Spillers needs to be added to

-S.Johnson had a nice game on an injured hamstring against one of the better CB’s in the game, C.Finnegan. Johnson has proved time and time again that he will tough it out through injuries

-It looks like something has clicked for A.Carrington in the last two games. He has turned into more than just valuable depth at this point and is now a key contributor.

-Brooks had a tough go of it at points during the game but it was mostly when he was lined up on the outside. Brooks is much better when he is lined up against the slot WR

-This was the worst performance by the OL that the Bills have had all year, but it was to be expected given to players making their first starts. Snow was straight abused all day, Young was better than Snow but that just means he was less horrible, and the rest of the OL really struggled with the Rams DL speed.

-The Bills Current draft position: 11th

AFC East

-The Jets beat the hapless Jaguars on the road to notch their 2nd straight win. They started M.Sanchez in this game just a week after benching him and he was able to notch a victory. Now mind you, he wasn’t the reason they won, but the Jets once again found the formula of run the ball, play stout defense, and hide/limit Sanchez. That formula has been their best path to W’s since Rex Ryan arrived

-Flat out, the Jets need to play LB D.Davis more than 5 snaps. I have been calling for him to replace a clearly shell of his former self B.Scott but R.Ryan seems to be wanting to remain loyal to a favorite of his.

-The Jets have now moved to splitting carries right down the line for S.Greene and B.Powell. Neither of them are anything to write home about and an upgrade will be a focal point of the Jets offseason, but they do seem to play better the more even split in carries they get

-The Jets took another hit to an already ravaged WR crew in that their rookie S.Hill left the game with a knee injury. His play has been up and down, mostly down, but it’s an impact loss if the injury is a season ender.

-If M.Wilkerson isn’t on All Pro teams and in Hawaii at the end of the year it will be a serious injustice

-Considering the team and defense they were playing Tannehill actually had an ok day till the final stretch. Could he have played better? Sure, but he kept the Dolphins in it for most of the game against a superior team which for a rookie QB is a good sign

-The defense will be kicking themselves during film review when they see how easy that 50 yard game sealing TD run by Kaepernick was.

-As a Dolphin fan one thing that is a bit worrisome is that this game marks the 6th time this year that Miami has lost a game in the 4th quarter or overtime. The break down in the clutch is something you don’t want to develop a habit of doing even with a young team. For example in the 4th quarter Tannehill was 4-13 for 28 yards and a TD but missed on 7 of his last 8 throws. He’s still a rookie but you have to play better than that in the 4 quarter of a tight game

-Dansby, 12 tackles, and Wake, 3 sacks, both had big days for Miami’s defense. They had a big role in this game being tight

-Safety R.Jones gets better and better every week. You don’t hear to many people talk about him but he is becoming one of the better Safeties in the league

-I’m a little surprised Miami didn’t use RB D.Thomas a little bit more than the 2 carries he got.

-For any Texans fans reading this, that in a nutshell, was your classic Patriots statement beat down game. The Patriots don’t get riled up for to many regular season games but when they do, usually with the new kid on the playoff block, they tend to really lay it on an unsuspecting team to let them know they are still the top dog

-V.Wilfork was the best DL on the field last night. He was a disruptive force the entire game and the Texans had no answer for him. I’m not saying he is the DPOY but he should get some consideration

-WR B.Lloyd decided to have a break out game at the right time with 7 receptions 89 yards and 2 TD’s. Even looking beyond his numbers though he made the Texans respect the deep ball which spread their defense thin.

-Finally, when T.Brady is locked in, there is no better QB in the NFL.

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