Damontre Moore Scouting Report

DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M (Photo: US Presswire)

Prospect: DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M
Height: 6’4
Weight: 250 lbs.
Grade: 8.2 (Grading Scale)

+Explodes out of stance and across the line of scrimmage, is able to catch the OT often before he is set
+Coils in his stance prior to the snap
+Shows a lot of balance in his rush, is able to rush with speed and power without getting out of control
+Generates a lot of power out of his leg drive
+Stays low out of his stance and gains leverage on contact
+First step is among the quickest I’ve seen all year
+Well-built athlete with long arms and filled out frame
+Closes on the QB like a freight train, like a bull seeing red he finds another gear and erases the distance
-Not a freak physical athlete like a Dion Jordan
-Top end speed is only just above average
-Straight line pass rusher who looks stiff in the hips

+Reads plays extremely well, seems to understand where plays are going while they are still in the backfield
+Understands assignment football and knows the importance of maintaining backside contain
+Blows up zone read plays
+Great awareness while the play is going on to know where the ball is
+Does a good job getting his hands up and into the passing lane
+Plays through the whistle and never gives up on a play

Pass Rush
+Utilizes his first step to be the OT on his speed rush
+If he’s unable to win the corner with his quickness and acceleration he can transition into a power move
+Generates nice pop on contact, has shown the ability to shove the OT back out of his anchor
+When he gets his hands on the OT he is able to walk him back into the pocket
+Does a great job setting up certain moves for later in the game
+Uses a stutter step to fake his speed rush and then split the B Gap
+Most complete repertoire of pass rush moves of any defensive player in this draft
+Can rush from a two, three, or even four point stance, very versatile
-Lack of top end speed limits him ideally to a down lineman position in the NFL
-Still only first year as a DE will need time to polish up all his moves

Run Support
+Has the power to hold up blocks at the point of attack and shed them to make a play
+Very good hitting the gaps in order to stuff holes and get into the backfield
+Strong hands allow him to shed blocks easier than most down lineman
+Sees the play develop in the backfield and anticipates the hole
+Gives plenty of chase to plays run away from him, will make tackles down the field
-Not great lateral quickness to wash down the line quickly
-Against elite run blockers he’ll need to clean up his hand placement and work on technical ability rather than just brute strength

+Very advanced technique for an underclassmen
+His ability to use his hands stands out above other pure pass rush options
-Footwork, and hand placement both need to be fine tuned, Moore is getting away with some technical issues due to dominating strength and athleticism

Damontre Moore is the best pass rusher in this class, in fact you know what I’ll take that one step further he’s the best defender in this draft class. No he’s not a freak athlete like Clowney, Mingo, or J. Jones. Nor is he a tackling machine like some of the best LB’s in the country, but what Moore did this year was special.

He moved down from the 34 OLB spot to the 43 DE spot which most people probably think is easy given how much we easily interchange those positions when it comes to players but it wasn’t just about Moore changing positions. It was how he changed his game, he went from a pass rush OLB to a DE who was the complete package. A force to be reckon with when trying to either run or pass along. All year long teams struggled to figure out how to block Moore.

Moore had only three games all year where he didn’t register a sack and only two games where he didn’t register a tackle for loss. In both of those games Moore was yanked early in the 2nd half due to blowouts. Moore has everything you want in a DE prospect; size, speed, power, and technical ability.

We think Moore will go Top 10 if he decided to declare for the 2013 NFL Draft

Scouting Notes

Damontre Moore v. Florida (2012)
-Works through chip block and two OL to get through the line and then chases down Driskell
-Put Harrison on his backside with a power move that opened up the lane for the sack
-Power rushes the OG and just blows right through him, starts the sack on Driskell that Stewart cleaned up

Damontre Moore v. Texas (2011)
-Standing up at OLB.
-Beats TE off the line with inside move, crashes and wraps up for no gain.
-Quick off the ball, falls down trying to bend around corner.
-Dropped into coverage, didn’t look uncomfortable.

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