Five Keys To Success – Jaguars

The Bills would be wise to help Ryan Fitzpatrick out by not asking him to do too much (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

While most Bills fans won’t be able to watch this game due to NFL Blackout restrictions there is still some hope left in a fan base that is staring 13 years straight of no playoffs right in the face. The Bills face the Jaguars today knowing that a loss basically ends their season and probably seals their Head Coach’s fate. If the Bills are to pull out a win today it will be because they did these five things.

1. Lip service: I am one Bills fan that has seriously had enough of listening to Gailey week after week say that they need to get Spiller the ball more and plan on using him more only to get into the game and have none of it happen. Enough is enough with this, CJ Spiller needs to have that ball in his hands, through carries and receptions, at least 25 times a game from here on out. A failure to do so should result in his dismissal as head coach. I realize that has zero chance of happening but at the minimum the media needs to start going after him even harder and questioning his excuses for such a blatant misuse of a star player.

2. Cover your weakness: In the same thought process while the Bills are trying to get the ball into the hands of their best player they should also be trying to take it out of the hands of their struggling player, Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Bills need to stop leaning on a player in hopes that he is going to snap back into the player they saw at the beginning of last year. Its pretty clear at this point that his play during that run was the exception not the rule with him. Its time to take the ball out of his hands of the passing game and put it into what the Bills actually do well and that’s run the ball

3. Gelling: One thing to keep an eye on the rest of the year now that the playoffs are out of the question is to watch and see if the DL can gel finally. They have been playing better and better since the bye week. If this unit can finally come together it will at least give some hope to next season and the possibility of finally seeing the DL Bills fans expected to see this year. The matchup is a good one across the board and I expect at least 2 of the 4 starters to have good days

4. Have we met before: The Bills this week don’t get the pleasure of facing B.Gabbert and I’m sure the Bills DL is sadden by this because it would have been a great opportunity to rack up some sack numbers. They play C.Henne whom the Bills know well from his days in Miami. The same rules pretty much apply to Henne from his Miami days. He can hurt you deep and from time to time he will get in a good flow with the short and intermediate throws. What the Bills want to do is move him off his spot in the pocket. He becomes a lot less accurate and mistake prone when you get in his face. Break his confidence early and you will likely see a lot of mistakes forced by the Bills on defense

5. Clearly Better: To put it bluntly, the Bills are a better team than the Jaguars across the board and this game at home should be a hands down convincing victory. Bills fans are about to get a glimpse of where this team sits from a mental standpoint and coaching standpoint. If this game is lost or even kept close then there is some serious issue going on in the inner workings of this team

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