Five Keys To Success: v. Jets

Let’s hope this is not Andy Levitre’s final game in a Buffalo Bills uniform (Photo: US Presswire)

BBD Editor Mike Watkins

Well this is it for your 2012 Buffalo Bills. It’s been a disappointing year no doubt but it would be nice to at least close the season out on a high note by beating the Jets.

1. Big day: If there is one thing I want to see happen in this game it’s to see CJ Spiller have a big day. The Jets DL outside of Wilkerson isn’t anything to write home about, there LB’s are slow and their secondary are not great open filed tacklers. Add all that up and Spiller could be in for a big day. The bigger the day the better in my opinion because it will leave a nice fresh mark in everyone’s mind the criminal misuse of Spiller this year by Gailey

2. Last Dance: Hopefully this is not the last time Bills fans see Levitre and Byrd in Bills uniforms. In all likelihood Byrd is a lock to come back because the Bills will use the tag on him given that it cost less than what it would to tag Levitre. These are two players I’m sure the team and fans alike would love to see locked up long term. So I urge fans to get a good look at each of them and know that the money would be well spent on both players

3. Blitz: The Bills should blitz non stop in this game. The Jets OL is playing some of the worst football it has ever played. The Bills really could take advantage of that along with QB that looks like he has about zero confidence right now. I’m not sure there is a starting QB playing worse in the NFL than Sanchez is right now. I look for Gilmore especially to avenge a rough start to his rookie season

4. Match-ups: The Bills really have some great matchups in this game. The Spiller one has already been mentioned and he will likely have a big day. Stevie has a good matchup against the Jets DB’s with Revis out, all of them have issues with great route runners. Neither of the Jets RB’s are anything to write home about. The Bills secondary should be in great shape against arguably the worst set of WR’s in the NFL. All in all the Bills should win this game

5. Is it worth it?: Sadly this has been a debate for 13 seasons. Is this last game better off as a win or a loss? Personally I live in Giant and Jet country so this game tends to mean more to me than any of the other games. I hate losing to the Jets because I then have to hear about it for at least a solid two weeks after the fact. Funny thing is now those same fans don’t want to win the game they want to lose it. Normally I would say win at any cost because its not where you draft its who you draft. This however is much larger than a draft selection. This is about making sure the front office has nothing to spin on the train wreck this season became. A loss in my opinion does nothing but secure the likely already grim fate of a coach who has no business being a head coach on the NFL level in C.Gailey. That to me is more valuable than a win right now

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