Five Key’s To Success v. Seahawks

It will be up to the Bills defense to slow down Marshawn Lynch and this Seahawks offense (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

As the Bills welcome Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks home to Toronto (grumble…) their playoff chances are all but gone. Their offensive line is in a state of disrepair, and the offense seems intent on keeping the ball out of CJ Spiller’s hands. On the positive side the defense is playing better than many expected and Mario Williams is close to setting a new career high in sacks. The season is all but technically over for the Bills so starting today each player needs to know that every snap, every practice, and every game will be a determining factor in their place on this team moving forward. Here are the five things the Bills need to do today in order to be successful v. the Hawks.

1. Welcome Home, Kind of: M.Lynch who the Bills selected in the first round of the 2007 draft will be the starting RB for the Seattle Seahawks Sunday after the Bills traded him there after 3 up and down years. I personally always liked Lynch, he was and is still one of my favorite RB’s to watch because of how hard he goes all the time. The Bills are going to have their hands full trying to stop a very motivated Lynch In Toronto. They, the Bills, have to be very technically sound in their tackle attempts. If they try to just shoulder him they will be embarrassed every single time.

2. Oh Mr.Wilson: The Seahawks have a good young starting QB in R.Wilson. While he is very good at home he tends to have issues on the road and in turn ends up forcing things. The key the Bills will have to have with him is hurrying his throws. Like most young QB’s he can get jumpy if he feels the pressure early. Wilson can also hurt teams with his feet so the Bills need to be very disciplined in keeping him in the pocket and controlling the lanes

3. Speed Kills: This is not a good matchup for the Bills DL. Ever since the OL got hit with numerous injuries that dug deep into their depth they have become susceptible to speed on the DL. The Seahawks have plenty of that as well as size in the middle to eat up blockers. The Bills only real shot at producing against the defense is using there aggression against them with a lot of misdirection plays. The Seahawks are very good on every level of defense but if they do have one weakness its that they can be overaggressive at times.

4. You have no Choice: If you want to see a collective fan base get really fired up on Sunday then keep a good watch on T.Choice carry count. If it is anywhere near that of CJ Spiller’s or if Choice cuts into key drives then you will see a fan base out for straight blood come Sunday night and into Monday. There are no more excuses, Fred is done for the year and Spiller is the most explosive weapon the Bills have. In fact the only real shot the Bills have is if they get Spiller going early in this game and ride him to a W. Any other strategy that involves more passing or Choice, which would greatly favors the Seahawks, is just another sign of ineptitude from the head Coach Chan Gailey

5. Prediction: Overall on paper this should be an easy Seattle win. There is no matchup I really like for the Bills in this contest. That said Seattle just isn’t that good of a road team and both teams I suspect will try and establish the run early. Seattle will want to grind down the Bills DL, which will likely lead to long drawn out drives. I expect it to be less than 40 points for the game and despite some key injuries/suspensions for Seattle, I expect them to take the win in a tight game over Buffalo on the neutral site

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