Mike’s College Football Extra Points

Jarvis Jones made some big plays in the SEC Championship, but did he raise some serious concerns? (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

With the college football regular season all but over it’s time to go bowling! While we’ll have roughly two weeks off between the end of the season and the start of the Bowl season there are still plenty of things to take in and analyze before the postseason really gets rolling.

-Notre Dame vs. Alabama in the national title game has the makings of a great game. Even though most of the national media will say it will be an easy blowout for Alabama. Each team is strong where the other one isn’t. I personally can’t wait for this game and I expect it to be a low scoring slugfest of two storied programs

-The SEC title game very much lived up to the hype. Georgia fought all the way to an almost upset to a favored Alabama. They came up short but a lot of prospects saw their stocks both rise and fall.

-If I was voting for the Heisman I would have to go with M.Te’o. He is the best player on the number 1 ranked team in the nation. He has also been the most consistent impactful player from start to finish of the college season. With how this season played out if he doesn’t win it we should just start making the Heisman an offensive player award and make another award of similar stature for defensive players

-LB J.Jones of Georgia had the weak part of his game exposed when Alabama decided to start running right at him as much as they could. It’s the price you pay for pass rushing sometimes. I don’t see this deterring teams too much though. With the success V.Miller has had many teams will envision the same role and impact for Jones

-RB J.Franklin of UCLA had a great game against Stanford in the PAC 12 title game. He did a lot to help him self with 194 yards on 19 carries. At 5’10 205 size shouldn’t be a huge factor but in a very weak RB class he should draw a lot of interest

-I really like J.Saunders for Oklahoma. He looks really comfortable in the slot and while his production doesn’t jump off the page he made a number of clutch catches throughout the year

-RB E.Lacy from Alabama put on a show during the SEC title game. He runs with both power and explosion. The thing I like about him the most though is he has great balance that often gets overlooked with RB’s. He reminds me a lot of former Redskins RB S.Davis of about a decade ago

-T.Mathieu formerly of LSU declared for the draft this past week. At this point he might as well because he is a draftable player with some off the field issues. He wasn’t a first rounder before the incidents and his stock will take a big hit. The thing about the draft is the more rounds that pass by the more GM’s become risk takers. At this I think he’ll go somewhere between the 4th and 6th rounds.

-T.Austin gets nearly all the pub at the WR position for W.Virginia but his partner in crime S.Bailey really should get a lot more than he does. He makes things a lot easier for Austin to do what he does while still putting up great numbers himself

-Player that caught my eye: J.Verrett, CB, TCU- A really aggressive CB that has had a very good year overall for TCU. At 5’10 180 he projects to be a good Nickel DB on the next level who could surprise and turn into a starter. I’ve have a 4th on him right now but he could be a riser

Top 5’s
1.Notre Dame
4.Texas A&M

Top 5 OT’s
1.L.Joeckel, Texas A &M
2.T.Lewan, Michigan
3.E.Fisher, C.Michigan
4.E.Matthews, Texas A&M
5.L.Johnson, Oklahoma
Favorite Sleeper: B.Winters, Kent State

Quick Looks
Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma
-At 6’4 215 he has the ideal height for a QB and almost the ideal weight
-Accurate thrower
-Good arm
-Will spray the ball
-Above Average pocket presence
-Not really going to hurt you with his legs
-A lot of starts under his belt
-Good football IQ
-Has big career numbers
-Goes through his progressions at a good pace
-Better footwork than you would think coming from a spread offense
-Much better QB in the pocket than outside of it
-Bigger the game the worse he plays
-Real questionable decision maker sometimes
-If you pressure him early it will rattle him and lead to errant throws
-Throwing motion will need to be shorten a little
-Jones is a bit of an enigma, from a physical and production standpoint we should be talking about where he is going to go in the top 10. Problem is he will be fighting to even crack the top 32 picks because he seems to lack that certain “it” factor. He seems to succumb to the pressure of big games that often lead to his team losing. Right now though some team will take a shot on him in the second and maybe even the late first. I though have a third rounder on him

Mike Glennon, QB, NC State
-Has pretty much perfect size for a pocket QB at 6’5 230
-Very good arm
-Student of the game
-Good delivery rarely gets balls batted down
-Average pocket presence
-He is as tough as nails. Watch an NC State game and he’ll get pummeled once or twice but always toughs it out
-Tends to lock onto WR’s
-Will not hurt you with his feet
-Accuracy comes and goes
-Horrible footwork, a good amount of his problems could be fixed by just correcting this one area of his game
-Better accuracy on the short and intermediate throws then the deep ones
-Needs work on touch throws
-Glennon is a classic drop back pocket QB who will use his arm in a gun slinger fashion to bail him out of trouble sometimes. But much like L.Jones he seems to come up short in big games. Now that changed a little this year with a big win against, an at the time, top 5 ranked FSU team but that was the exception not the rule with him. Some of this could be attributed to the fact that NC State just doesn’t have the overall talent to hang with ranked teams. He didn’t make the strides I thought he would this year but has a lot of tools to work with. I have a late second early third on him and that’s where I expect him to go

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