Mike’s Five Keys To Success: v. Dolphins

Just feed Stevie the ball! (Photo: US Presswire)

BBD Editor Mike Watkins

While the Bills v. Dolphins rivalry has certainly lost some of its luster its still a game that Bills fan unite around every year. Our season has been reduced to worthless at this point but officially ending the Dolphins playoff dreams would at least put a a cherry on top of this year. Here are the five keys to winning this game and squishing the fish!

1. Keep feeding him: S.Johnson not only has a chance to clip 1,000 yard for the third straight year he also has the opportunity to do it this game. Johnson has a great match up in this game in that none of the Dolphins CB’s can handle him one on one. He needs to be fed the ball early and often. S.Smith is a good CB but he has real trouble with shiftier CB’s because of tighter hips. Johnson had an excellent game against one of the best CB’s in the league last week, R.Sherman, and I look for him to have another big game

2. Doing what you should have done: Spiller had a 100 yard game last week and went over for 1,000 yards for the year. That number should be much higher but there is little the Bills can do about that now. There is however no reason why Spiller shouldn’t clip 100 yards again this week. Miami has a good DL but they don’t have the speed at LB or the talent in the secondary to stop him if he gets by that first level of the Dolphin defense. Spiller should be in for a big day if Gailey commits to giving him the carries needed.

3. A tale of 2 lines: Neither OL in this matchup is in for a good game. Both are banged up at key spots and not very good matchups are on the board for either team. Like most games the game will be decided in the trenches but it’s even more so in this one. You really could see a sack fest for most of this game and which ever team and coach adjust the earliest and the best to this defensive line pressure will come out on top.

4. Jamming: The Bills did a pretty good job last time in the first half of the Dolphins game getting their WR’s off the timing routes. The second half it fell off a little. The Bills have to play closer to the LOS in this game on defense because the reality is Miami doesn’t like to go deep that often. Most of it is because they don’t really have a deep threat WR. Now with their franchise LT J.Long out and a rookie QB the vast majority of their offense is three step drops. The best way to bottle up that type of offense is to create traffic and disrupt the Dolphins timing. So expect to see the Bills CB’s bump and running a lot in this game.

5. Finish Strong: One player I would really like to see go out on a strong note is DT M.Dareus. He has played a lot better of late but adding to that sack total and helping the Bills defense bottle up R.Bush like they did in the first game will hopefully carry enough momentum into the next game and into the offseason for him to take his game to the next level. Dareus has a ton of talent and needs to become more consistent if this defense is ever going to take steps in the right direction. He has a good matchup against a decent interior OL in this game. Have a good showing and the Bills chances of pulling off a W in South Beach become much greater.

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