QB Tyler Bray Declares For 2013 NFL Draft

QB Tyler Bray is leaving for the NFL (Photo: US Presswire)

It appears as though Tennessee Vols fans won’t just have a new coach to watch next season but also a new QB. Highly heralded QB Tyler Bray will forgo his senior season and enter the 2013 NFL Draft according to CBS’s Bruce Feldman. Bray joins teammate Justin Hunter who had already previously announced his own intention.

Bray leaves Tennessee after completing an up and down junior season. Bray threw for 3,612 yards, 34 TD’s, and 12 INT’s. Bray is a bit of a gunslinger in the pocket, he has a lot of faith in his arm and at times trusts it a bit too much.

Bray’s decision to come out is going to be a hotly debated one. Many see the flaws in Bray’s game and question why he would leave now? Others will say that most of his issues need NFL caliber coaching and with Hunter and possibly Cordarrelle Patterson leaving that he needed to go ahead and leave. Our stance remains the same as it always as has been, we advise only juniors who receive a first round grade to leave school early. There has been no word as to what grade Bray received.

On the positive side you have yet another big armed QB coming into this draft who has plenty of confidence and swagger. He’s not afraid to test the defense over the top and has no problem making any NFL throw. Bray has prototypical size for the position, and does a great job using that size to uncoil the deep ball despite his mechanics.

The negative side of the coin is that Bray is yet to complete more than 60% of his passes in a single season. He has struggled to throw his WR’s open and seems to have trouble seeing the field. He’s frustrated fans with his lack of touch when an accurate throw is needed, and more often than not his complete deep balls are passes he throws up and lets his WR’s run under.

Bray must also answer some character questions after he was cited for reckless boating and busted for throwing empty beer bottles off his apartment balcony onto parked cars. Most of this can probably be chalked up to immaturity but as somebody who was supposed to be the leader of this Vols team it’s a bit unnerving.

As of now we see Bray ranking 5th in 2013 QB Rankings. You could see Bray go anywhere from Round 1 to Round 4, it will all depend on if he can put all of his immense physical talents together and overcome some of the mental hurdles he’s struggled his entire collegiate career with.

We feel comfortable saying the Buddy Nix and the Buffalo Bills will do more than their due diligence in Bray, and we would expect to see the Bills not only at his Pro Day but also see them bringing in Bray as a pre-draft visitor.

We’ll have much more on Bray in the coming weeks.

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  1. Grif says:

    This is HUGE news

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