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OT Luke Joeckel is called the best OT in the country for a reason (Photo: US Presswire)

By: BBD Editor Mike Watkins

Top 50 – Updated 12/6/12
1.J.Jones, LB, Georgia*
2. D.Moore, DE, Texas A&M*
3.S.Lotulelei, DT, Utah
4. M.Te’o, LB, Notre Dame
5. L.Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M*
6. K.Allen, WR, Cal*
7.J.Hankins, DT, Ohio State*
8.A.Okafor, DE, Texas
9. B.Werner, DE, Florida State*
10.J.Banks, CB, Mississippi State
11.B.Mingo, DE, LSU*
12.G.Smith, QB, West Virginia
13.C.Warmack, IOL, Alabama
14.S.Montgomery, DE, LSU*
15.D.Hopkins, WR, Clemson
16.D.Milliner, CB, Alabama*
17.S.Richardson, DT, Missouri*
18.T.Eifert, TE, Notre Dame
19. T.Jefferson, S, Oklahoma*
20.A.Barr, LB, UCLA*
21.K.Vaccaro, S, Texas
22.T.Lewan, OT, Michigan
23.M.Minter, LB, LSU*
24.J.Mathews, OT, Texas A&M*
25.A.Ogletree, LB, Georgia*
26.C.Patterson, WR, Tennessee*
27.J.Cooper, OL, North Carolina
28.J.Jenkins, DT, Georgia
29.E.Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
30.R.Woods, WR, USC*
31.S.Floyd, DT, Florida*
32.K.Greene, LB, Rutgers
33.G.Bernard, RB, North Carolina**
34.L.Nix, DT, Notre Dame**
35. T.Wilson, QB, Arkansas
36.T.Williams, WR, Baylor
37.J.Poyer, CB, Oregon State
38.M.Barkley, QB, USC
39.CJ Mosley, LB, Alabama*
40.E.Ansah, DE, BYU
41.M.Elam, S, Florida*
42.D.Jordan, OLB/DE, Oregon
43.X.Rhodes, CB, FSU*
44.T.Austin, WR, West Virginia
45.B.Jones, OL, Alabama
46.A.Murray, QB, Georgia*
47.D.Amerson, CB, NC State*
48.K.Short, DT, Purdue
49.Z.Ertz, TE Stanford*
50. R.Nassib, QB, Syracuse
**-RS Sophomore

-J.Jones is still the top guy for me. I think the success with V.Miller in Denver has helped his stock because normally he would just be looked at as a 3-4 player only.

-D.Moore from Texas A&M is not far behind him in my opinion. He’s the best of a very deep DL class.

-Lotulelei is a beast in the middle of Utah’s defense. He gets compared a lot to Ngata and while I wouldn’t put him completely on his level he isn’t that far off.

-Joeckel who I was not high on to begin the season has changed my mind. The more I see him play the most I am impressed.

- A lot of people say this is a weak WR class but I tend to disagree with that. In my opinion it’s a lot deeper than people think. Is there a bona-fide stud #1 sitting at the top of it Id say no, but K.Allen isn’t far off from that distinction. I think he has a really good shot to be an elite player on the next level. Then after him I am constantly changing my mind on who I like. I’ve liked Hopkins a lot all year and I put Patterson up there because in every Tenn. Game I watched he just kept making plays

-Both the top QB’s G.Smith and M.Barkley have dropped and they have with good reason. Neither has put together a “wow” season. Smith started really hot but has since cooled considerably. Barkley is dropping faster than any QB right now but I imagine he’ll gain some of it back when he wows on the chalkboard and interviews. My biggest problem with Barkley is there has been no progression with him and you could argue there has been a regression, that’s not what you want to see heading into the draft.

-Some may think I have S T.Jefferson to high but I like the kid a lot. Every game I watched Oklahoma play this year he always stood out

-J.Banks really caught my eye in every game I watched of his this year.

-The QB that has rose for me the most in the last month is R.Nassib. Started off the year with about a 5th round grade and now I’m thinking he isn’t going to get out of the second and will be a steady riser all through the draft process.

-A.Murray is a QB that is a tough evaluation this year. His play over the last month has made a lot of people forget some struggles earlier in the year

-G.Bernard is the only RB I have in the top 50 and I honestly don’t expect that to change. If he doesn’t declare the RB class this year will be seriously thin

-If you are a team in need of a DT this year, you are in luck because it has a real shot of being loaded and the deepest position in the draft.

-One last note, the key date to keep an eye on is January 15th 2013. That is the last day underclassmen have to declare for the 2013 draft. Reason I say this is every year you will hear so and so is in or out but nothing is ever official until that day, and there tend to be a lot of flip flops on decisions. Once that day comes it goes is when you can really get a sense of how the board is going to start to shape out

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