2013 NFL Mock Draft – Mike Watkins (1/24)

Did Matt Barkley make the cut for the first round? (Photo: US Presswire)

BBD Editor Mike Watkins

The Bills have been a team pigeon holed as one of those bound to take a QB in the 1st Round, but are we all sure it will be the QB we are all assuming? Also find out what we think could happen after the 1st Round on Page 2!

1. Chiefs: Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M (Scouting Report)
With Andy Reid on board as the Chiefs new Head Coach I think he is going to give it a go with Cassel and see if he can get more out of him than others did. I still think he’ll take a QB in this draft but will wait till a little later

2. Jaguars: Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M (Scouting Report)
The Jags always seem to be looking for a DE and Moore is a perfect fit for what new HC Bradley likes to do on defense. In fact he’s pretty much a fit for any defense

3. Raiders: Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah (Scouting Report)
I don’t think this is their biggest need but the value is to good to pass up and after last offseason’s purge of talent the Raiders really need to hit on this first round pick. I think Lotulelei is one of the safer picks in the draft. He at minimum will be a great run stuffing DT on the NFL level

4. Eagles: Jarvis Jones, LB, Georgia (Scouting Report)
Could go a couple different ways here but I think Kelly understands the importance of a pass rush on this level. Jones will have to clear some medicals but once that happens the Von Miller comparisons will start and justifiably so

5. Lions: Jonathan Banks, CB, Miss St (Scouting Report)
I still have Banks as the top CB in this draft and I think you’ll hear it more and more as the process goes along. He has great length and measurable as well as some time at safety early in his college career

6. Browns: Cordell Patterson, WR, Tennessee (Scouting Notes)
Cleveland needs a true number 1 WR and while the risk is a little higher with Patterson given his only 1 year at Tennessee he has in my opinion the highest ceiling of any WR in the draft.

7. Cardinals: Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia (Scouting Report)
They may not be ready to give up on Kolb yet but they are going to put themselves into a better position at the back up spot and future with

8. Bills: Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas (Scouting Notes)
So here’s the deal, when I do my mocks I put who I would take and then in parentheses I put who I think the Bills would take(QB Ryan Nassib-Syracuse). First on who I would take.

Tyler Wilson had a pretty rough year, as did Arkansas as a whole. I still think however he is closer to the player he was as a Junior than he is as a senior. Going off his junior year he’s the best QB in this draft with a good set of tools to become a franchise QB.

Now with that said I think no other QB will rise farther in this process than Nassib. I’ve been saying since October when I really started watching him play that he is not considered a first rounder but he is going to go in round one. Since then he has been on a steady rise upward and I think that trend is going to continue to keep moving upward all the way up to this spot in April. It’s no secrete the Bills coaching staff likes him and its almost like history repeating itself with what Miami did last year with Tannehill.

Now do I think Nassib talent warrants the 8th overall pick in the draft? No, but at this point the Bills have no choice but to draft and reach if necessary to acquire a franchise QB. Their backs are against the wall and if the staff feels Nassib is that guy then they are going to have to pull the trigger at 8 because he isn’t making it to the second round nor in my opinion close enough to even move up for him.

I like Nassib and I think he has been underrated all year. I think he can make a lot of the NFL throws required to make it in the NFL. He’ll also get a leg up in that he will be working with coaches he already knows and will have a good grasp of their concepts and what they want to do.
So as of right now I think Nassib is the clear front-runner to be selected at 8. Here are some of the others I would consider

WR: K.Allen & D.Hopkins- I like both Hopkins and Allen and I have them as a virtual tie in my rankings. The Bills really need to add a WR across from Stevie to draw some sort of coverage their way. The Bills don’t have another WR on the roster that can’t be handled one on one. Either one of these two would be an instant upgrade

LB: M.Te’o & A.Ogletree- I like both these guys and think either one would be a day one starter and be the sideline to sideline LB the Bills have lacked for a decade. I just think other needs and value take precedent and there should be a good LB in this draft to be found in round two or three

CB: D.Milliner: Lets face it as much as Bills fans don’t want to admit it CB is a big need again. A.Williams should be moved to Safety and that leaves a big hole across from Gilmore. I think Milliner is one of the more overrated players in this draft (I’ve seen him as a top 5 pick), as it has become almost a yearly thing that an Alabama CB gets overrated. I don’t think Milliner is a top 10 pick but I do like him more than the previous CB’s that have come from the Crimson Tide. Still I think this position getting selected by the Bills is a long shot in the first round but still worth a mention

9. Jets: Keenan Allen, WR Cal (Scouting Report)
There is no team in more need of an upgrade at a position than the Jets are at WR. Allen gives them that as well as help on Special Teams so he should be able to contribute early in his career in a multitude of ways

10. Titans: Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State (Scouting Report)
Tennessee needs more pass rush and Werner would be a great fit on the opposite side of Wimbley. He’s still a little raw but has loads of potential is already doing a lot of the little things that take good DE’s and make them great

11. Chargers: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan (Scouting Notes)
Fisher is the player who benefited the most by T.Lewan deciding to go back for his senior year. Fisher is an excellent pass blocker and will help to keep P.Rivers upright in San Diego

12. Dolphins: Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama (Scouting Notes)
I think the Dolphins will look to address their WR issue in Free Agency and then look to the draft to shore up an up and down secondary that was the weak link of a good defense this past year. Milliner could be a day one starter

13. Buccaneers: Manti Te’o, LB, Notre Dame (Scouting Report)
I think Te’o is right up Schianos alley as the type of player he wants on his team. Te’o could complete a very good young LB core in Tampa Bay

14. Panthers: Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State (Scouting Report)
This pick helps the Panthers two fold. First it helps shore up one of the weakest spots on their team. Two it helps keep OL off of last years first round pick Luke Kuechly allowing him to play at his best

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One Response to “2013 NFL Mock Draft – Mike Watkins (1/24)”

  1. Matt says:

    Banks was a very good first round top tier prospect before his injury. No one except you has him going before 15 in the first round and some think he will slip out of the first round if he doesn’t get clearance on his injury. NO way the Lions reach their for him. IN your draft scenario it would be Warmack, or the OT from CMU or Milner. All healthy and all are beasts. They can trade back and pick up a draft pick or two and still take one of them.

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