Could the Bills be interested in QB Alex Smith?

Could this be your 2013 Buffalo Bills starting QB? (Photo: US Presswire)

If you don’t follow our official Twitter account then here is one great reason to do so. NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport asked the following question on Twitter about the interest and ability of the Bills to have Ken Whisenhunt and San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith work together.

Here is the Twitter conversation;




Alex Smith was unseated this year by QB Colin Kaepernick and is expected to be available this year as a Free Agent. Smith is scheduled to make a total of 8.5 Million next season but can get out of the majority of that money since he’s only fully guaranteed 1 Million.

Assuming the 49ers release Alex Smith it appears as though the Buffalo Bills will have interest in the QB. Alex Smith would represent an upgrade over Ryan Fitzpatrick.

For his career Alex Smith is 1,290 of 2,177 with a completion percentage of 59.3%. He has thrown for 14,280 yards, 81 TD’s, and 63 INT’s. However in the last two years of Smith’s career he has shown a lot of improvement in his numbers as he has gone 426 of 663 with a completion percentage of 64.2%. He has thrown for 4,881 yards, 30 TD’s, and 10 INT’s.

The thought here would be that the Bills would sign Smith as a short term solution while they draft a QB and develop him. This would likely mean the Bills would not be taking a QB in Round 1.

So do you want Alex Smith as your next QB?

3 Responses to “Could the Bills be interested in QB Alex Smith?”

  1. glen says:

    Why would the thought be to sign Smith as a stop gap until a younger QB can be groomed? If your taking him because he throws @ a 65% completion rate, and does not allow an interception and he wins 80% of his games, then why not be happy with a QB just coming into his prime? If you are of the thought he is just a game manager and only wins because of JH then you must believe the coaches are out on the field making plays. Players win games – not coaches! and yes he ran Jim’s offense, but he sure did a great job of it. If you’re lucky enough to get him, you will be very happy in the long run!

  2. p kowal says:

    Go get him

  3. Ray says:

    @glenn – as a saints fan, I can tell you that coaches do matter

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