NFL Draft’s Worst Kept Secret Bills Want Nassib

The Bills want Ryan Nassib and the entire NFL knows it. (Photo: US Presswire)

If you’re a fan of a NFL team the last thing you ever want to hear is that your team’s plans are well known. That little problem appears to be happening for the Buffalo Bills as the talk around the Shrine Game is that the Bills want Ryan Nassib bad and everybody knows it. It’s at this point that I want to remind you all that it is January 15th and the draft is still 99 days away.

Cecil Lammey is an NFL Insider for ESPNDenver as well as a senior writer for (great website, check it out!), he is also a veteran of the All-Star Game circuit and is well connected to the scouting departments of multiple teams. This morning Mr. Lammey tweeted the following;

He made it very clear that not only is it safe to assume that the Bills badly want Ryan Nassib, but that the entire league already knows it. Now many fans had already drawn the parallel between the Bills and Nassib given that he played at Syracuse, he played under both our new Head Coach (Doug Marrone) and Offensive Coordinator (Nathaniel Hackett). However prior to Mr. Lammey’s tweet nobody with any known connections to teams or the league had confirmed it.

In the NFL, and more specifically in the NFL Draft, you have to be good at playing poker. You have to be able to make moves and acquire players without tipping off others as to who you really like or what your true intentions may be. Is it an issue we want Nassib? Not really, but it becomes a larger issue when you consider Mr. Lammey’s second tweet.


We agree with the valuation that you’re looking at late Round 1, early Round 2 pick for Nassib. The issue lies there, you know as soon as you pick up that phone any team you call knows who you’re calling to trade up or down for. They know how badly you want that player and because of that they hold the edge in the negotiations.

On a strictly draft related note I can’t begin to find enough words to describe my disdain for any team zeroing in on a specific player this early in the process. To sit here with nearly 100 days to go, the biggest all-star game in the country, the combine, pro days, and interviews and say this is our guy is mind blowing to me. I cannot fathom any team shorting the process this much this early.

If Nassib blows the Senior Bowl out of the water than many will begin to get on board with the idea of him at 8 and the Bills won’t need to worry about this as much. As it stands now though is that you’ll be hard pressed to find any evaluator or analyst who will tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Ryan Nassib is a Top 20 pick and that should bother plenty of you.

Ryan Nassib Scouting Report

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3 Responses to “NFL Draft’s Worst Kept Secret Bills Want Nassib”

  1. Matt says:

    Most teams have a board set by now and use all stars games and the combine to clarify things. It should not be that surprising. It just takes us and the rest of the draft experts to catch up. Plus this seams like speculation by other teams scouts/fo than anything. How would people know that much this early unless buffalo leaked draft info on purpose which nix has said they did before with player evaluations to try and make them fall a little.

  2. Frank Rojek says:

    There is no question in my mind that the Bills will have to use their #1 to get Nassib.

  3. Steven says:

    I agree with you saying that 100 days before the draft no team should know who they want. However, Marrone had four years to coach Nassib. What is he going to find out in the next 100 days that he didnt know in the last four years? Perhaps another guy blows people away in the next few months, like Cam Newton did. I would like to think that Marrone and Hackett will tailor their offense to Bills personnel, but if they could grab Nassib, and QB is a need, I dont see how they could pass on him. I have absolutely no problem with a team picking a QB early, IF they think this is their franchise guy. Look no further than what Seattle did with Wilson and SF with CK. If Marrone thinks Nassib is the man after spending four years with him, then take him first. A franchise QB has more impact on an organization than any other position. New Regimes = New Qbs.

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