Prospect Preview: Casino Del Sol All-Star Game

QB Nathan Stanley is already headed to the Shrine Game but first he will look to impress in the Casino Del Sol Game on ESPN3 (Photo: US Presswire)

BBD Editor Matt Elder

The Casino Del Sol Game is in its 2nd technical year of existence but really it’s the third. It was originally called the Eastham Energy All-Star game but has since changed its name. The talent level this year has once again improved and includes a little international flavor. Last year the game had three draft picks and 61 other players invited into camp and after looking over this year’s roster I’d say both of those numbers should be on the rise.

West Roster
11 QB Jeff Tuel-Washington State
This was supposed to be the year that Tuel’s career took off. With the addition of Mike Leach and his air raid offense Tuel was supposed to see his stats super-size. Unfortunately it did not work out that way and now Tuel needs a dominant performance in the Casino Del Sol game to help rebuild his stock.

1 RB Rayon Simmons-Winona State
Simmons may be not be a well-known prospect coming up from the Division II ranks but trust me when I tell you this kid can play. He’s run for over 2,500 yards and scored 25 TD’s the last two years alone and when he gets the ball in his hands he’s always a threat to score.

30 RB Tomokazu Sueyoshi-Japan
I don’t know a ton about Sueyoshi but my limited research did tell me that he was the only Japanese Collegiate player to make Japan’s American Football World Cup team. He also ran for over 1,400 yards and scored 22 TD’s as a 21 year old in 2011.

22 RB Deonte Williams-Cal Poly
The Mustangs from Cal Poly surprised many as they transformed a 7-6 team in 2011 to a Top 15 team in 2012. That transformation was led by the power and drive of Williams. The 5’10, 200 lbs wrecking ball has been a force to deal with for years and could really show out against a very good defense.

12 WR Bruce Butler-San Diego State
We’ve been talking all season waiting for the Ex-USC recruit to break out but thus far it just hasn’t happened. This may be Butler’s last shot but with his size, speed, and ability to go get the football he could be a pleasant surprise.

13 WR Nicholas Edwards-Eastern Washington
After putting up 1,200 yards and 19 TD’s last year in Brandon Kaudman’s absence Nicholas Edwards took a bit of a back seat this year. He’s still one of the most dominant WR’s in the small school ranks and his combination of size and speed should be an near impossible cover.

98 DE Takashi Ryoto-Japan
I honestly know nothing about Ryoto but I did want to point out the other Japanese player in this game.

52 OLB Justin Tuggle-Kansas State
The son of Jessie ‘The Hammer’ Tuggle originally started playing college football as a QB at Boston College. After transferring to Kansas State he moved to OLB and became a consistent pass rush threat off the edge. If there is a potential player to get invited to another game based on his performance its likely Tuggle.

7 CB Preston Hadley-BYU
Hadley has been one of the most under rated and overlooked prospects in the country this year. He has nice size, good athleticism, and knows how to make a play on the ball. Hadley could really have benefited from going up against his WR’s all week in practice.

East Roster
13 QB Clay Belton-Findlay
Belton is a two time transfer who originally was at Maryland then Miami (OH) and finally ended up in the GLIAC. He’s a classic pocket passer with great size, and a good arm. His numbers aren’t great but a lot of people are wondering if he couldn’t be a diamond in the rough type.

6 QB Tim Jenkins-Fort Lewis
Jenkins comes into this game as one of the more experienced QB’s. He was a four year starter at Fort Lewis and during his time there he put up numbers that finished Top 10 in a number of Division II All-Time Passing Records. He has the ability to get out of the pocket and create but scouts will want to see him drop back and run a traditional style of offense.

12 QB Nathan Stanley-SE Louisiana
The former Ole Miss youth, Stanley already knows what he’s doing next week as he’ll head to Florida to play in the Shrine Game. Stanley could really use a strong showing in this game to vault him into what may be the most important week of his career.

23 RB Onterio McCalebb-Auburn
Onterio McCalebb’s entire college career has seen him over looked and under-appreciated. His ability to turn on the jets in the open field is up there with the best in the country and despite an Auburn offense that couldn’t throw the ball he still managed to produce 570 yards while splitting the carries and seeing a lot of stacked boxes.

85 TE Garrett Hoskins-Eastern Michigan
Hoskins is a classic H-Back style TE, he can play in line or split out wide. He should be a huge target for any of the three QB’s on his team. The question will be about Hoskins ability to block and play on the line consistently.

97 DT Larry Black Jr-Indiana
A quick interior lineman who knows how to fire off the ball, Black did a nice job in the few times we saw him this season being disruptive and making splash plays. Black could dominate in a game where we see the OL talent as subpar to the DL.

90 DT Jamarkus McFarland-Oklahoma & 92 DT Stacy McGee-Oklahoma
McFarland and McGee are two former four star interior defensive linemen who know how to move people and control the middle of the line of scrimmage. McFarland is an undersized DT who likes to outwork his opponent while McGee may have better ability but needs to stabilize his stock after being arrested earlier this season.

14 OLB Joseph LeBeau-Jackson State
It was just a year ago that Joseph LeBeau beat out Ravens OLB Adrian Hamilton for the FCS Sack title. A year later LeBeau is still a massive pass rush threat but he has struggled this year at times with the added attention and blocks. This game should give him some more freedom and scouts will want to see him away from his DE spot.

28 OLB Terence Garvin-West Virginia
Garvin is a guy we had circled before the season as one to watch. He’s an athletic freak who can run all over the field with his 6’2, 220 lbs size. He’s spent his entire college career in the 3-3-5 which he won’t play in the NFL so how he transitions this week to new assignments and verbiage will be closely watched.

11 CB O’Hara Fluellen-Lincoln
If you didn’t watch the Casino Del Sol game last year then first shame on you, and secondly you also were one of the people who completely missed on Jeremy Lane. Lane was a dynamic performer in the game and it got him a contract with the Seahawks where he made the active roster. Fluellen is a very similar type of prospect. He comes from the small school level, has nice size and more importantly is very aggressive when it comes to attacking the football.

So make sure you tune in on Friday night at 7pm on ESPN3 to watch all these great players and many more!

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