Ryan Nassib NFL Draft Scouting Report

QB Ryan Nassib-Syracuse (Photo: US Presswire)

Prospect: Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse Orange
Height: 6’2
Weight: 228 lbs.
Grade: 6.9 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report

+Underrated as an athlete, has the ability to tuck the ball and pick up first downs or get into the endzone
+Thick build, he can take a hit and get back up
+Moves well in the pocket, is able to side step and climb the pocket to avoid the pass rush
+Balanced in his movements, though he does not always reset his feet when trying to make a throw
-Listed at 6’2, and will need to measure out at that height for fear of dealing with the dreaded height questions that have plagued so many QB’s

Arm Talent:
+Has a very strong arm, can make any throw that a team needs him to
+Puts enough pace on the ball to push the ball to the boundary side outside the hash
+Can fit the ball into tight spaces due to his arm strength, can pick zone coverage when given the time
+Release is compact and quick, though it doesn’t always come from the same arm slot
+Will change his arm slot to fit the ball into a passing lane, this costs him little to no arm strength
-At times puts too much faith into his arm and will try and throw the ball through the defense rather than take the easy check down
-Only knows how to throw one type of pass and that’s the fast ball

Pocket Presence:
+Is more than willing to stand in the pocket and take a hit in order to deliver a pass
+Rarely drops his eye level when manuevering inside the pocket
+Good footwork to quicly move away from pressure
+Has experience dropping back from under center, working out of 3, 5, and 7 step drops
+Does well to sell the play-action fake coming away from center and turning his back to the defense

Command of Offense:
+Spent three years working under Doug Marrone and running an under center pro style offense
+Is able to get CB’s to bite on pump fakes and will look safeties off his read
+Unquestioned leader in the huddle, is one of the toughest players on the team and leads by example
+Is more than willing to put the entire offense on his shoulders
-Still developing the feel for when to check down or just throw the ball away, still believe his arm can make any play happen
-Locks on to primary read and will not progress fast enough

No senior QB showed me more this season than Ryan Nassib, his growth and command of this team is the illustration of a what a true field general is. Nassib was a guy I wasn’t completely sold on coming into his senior year but he showed me enough tell me that he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

He needs to go to a team that has a strong offensive coordinator and QB coach who can help continue his development and help him smooth out some of his rougher edges. Nassib needs to continue to learn how to go through progressions and work on identifying the defense pre-snap so he knows what to do with the ball post-snap.

In the end Nassib gives you a QB with that classic gun slinger mentality. He’s going to make some throws that are going to put you in a position to win a game and he’s going to make some throws that could cost you a game. Up until this year you never knew which one of those throws you were going to get on any given drop back but now he’s taken that next step further and seems destined to become a starter in the NFL one day.

I’d put Nassib’s stock somewhere in the Round 2 to 3 range right now, but with the way QB’s are valued he could find himself closer to pick 32 than to pick 64.

Scouting Notes

Ryan Nassib v. Northwestern
-good size for position
-shows a clean, quick release
-hits tight end over the middle, shows nice zip
-throws on the run to the right, delivers a nice ball for big gain
-looked over his available WR to the left, delivers a strike

Ryan Nassib v. USC
- 3rd and Short- his reads are covered and backside pressure comes, runs out of the pocket, throws the ball as he is being hit right to a USC defender – Really poor decision
– Rolls out to his right has WR wide open, but doesn’t reset and misses the target high – Not a good start
– Three step drop, needs to get rid of ball, but he pump fakes and gets sacked
– Has little to no touch on short/intermediate passes, winds up like an outfielder throwing the ball and throws it as hard as he can

Ryan Nassib v. Rutgers
-Great level throw over linebackers, delivering high with velocity
-Can hold the ball too long when initial read struggles to get open
-Over-trusts first read a little long at times, needs to progress by reading DBs
-Anticipates receiver routes/breaks very well, high velocity
-Showcasing fantastic arm strength consistently
-Better than usual velocity control in the middle of the field

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4 Responses to “Ryan Nassib NFL Draft Scouting Report”

  1. Jaker says:

    This guy is a better prospect than Ponder, Dalton, Tannahill, Gabbert, and every other QB in the 2013 draft. He reminds me of Rogers when he was coming out of Cal. If Buffalo needs to grab him 8th overall because of the iminent rise of his draft stock, then so be it! In a perfect world Buffalo should grab Tennessee WR Justin Hunter 8th overall and then grab Nassib in the 2nd round, but it’s not a perfect world so we shall see how this plays out. With Coach Marone at the helm in Buffalo, drafting this young gun, Nassib should be a no-brainer and if they dont do it, I will be personally PISSED!

  2. chris d'angelo says:

    The Bills need to resign Andy Levitre and then use their 1st draft pick on an offensive tackle (Lewan or Mathews could be available).
    If the Bills lose Levitre, they should instead draft OG/Warmack from Alabama to replace him. Then sign OT/Smith away from Cincinnati so that progress is made. Either way, that line would be a force.
    The real reason the Bills cannot make the playoffs each year is because they are constantly losing their best vets to free agency and having to use up draft picks to fill the holes left in the roster (fyi-Witner, Lynch and Fletcher were all stars in 2012)

    • Jim says:

      Couldn’t disagree more. The Bills’ line was very solid last season. They have way more pressing needs right now. Either way, Lewan and Matthews are both returning to school. I don’t see them letting Levitre leave. As far as departing free agents.. Donte Whitner has been a liability in pass coverage for the 49ers, Lynch was traded away. CJ Spiller was a better back last season. The problem is the Bills have drafted poorly. That is why they seem to be drafting the same positions year after year.

  3. Rob says:

    last thing the bills need is offensive lineman

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