Texas v. Nation – Weigh-in Thoughts

By BBD Writer Tony Wiltshire

Here are the winners and losers from this morning’s Texas v. the Nation weigh-in. For the full results please click here.


SAF Ray Ray Armstrong – Unbelievable physique and physical metrics.

RB Khiry Robinson – Looks the part. Actually, several of the RB’s looked terrific. They all looked extremely explosive. (D.J. Harper, George Winn & Jermaine Cook too)

SAF Don Jones – The safety from Arkansas State. Not as impressive as Armstrong, but the kid looks like he’s ready to destroy someone.

DE David King – Very impressive frame. Looks very athletic, strong and has very little fat. At 281, he looks like a solid 3/4 DE.

OLB Danny Mason – I haven’t seen him play. He’s the guy from Texas A&M Commerce. Overheard some scouts saying they were excited to see him play. He’s really impressive physically.

DE Armonty Bryant – I like how he looked. He looks very strong and fast. Well built upper and lower half.

FB Dan Moore – Really looks like a football player. For a guy that weighs 236, he’s ripped. I haven’t seen much tape, but he looks athletic.

WR DeVonte Christopher – Long and has a strong looking frame. He also had 10 3/8 hands. Anxious to see him play after a poor year.

DT Jared Smith – Very little fat. Better frame than I anticipated.

DT Nick Williams – This kid had not an ounce of fat. He has an NFL body. Can’t wait to see him play.

ILB Dan Molls – Compact frame and the kid looks like a LB….build and attitude. He looks a little crazy and will probably be a special teams demon at the NFL level.

OG Chris Barker – Very thick upper half. Looks like a puncher and solid OG prospect.

If I had to say, the 3 most impressive guys at the weigh-in were Ray Ray Armstrong, Nick Williams and David King. These guys all look the part. There were several safety prospects that really impressed me. Don Jones, Rontez Miles and even Jeff Heath. Heath looks like an athlete, but he’s a bit thin and needs to add some bulk. He’s spent a lot of time sculpting his body.


TE Colin Anderson – He looks somewhat athletic, but I thought he’d be bigger than 231. He needs to add some bulk. The TE from Bemijdi State (Brian Leonhardt), on the other hand, looked terrific. He looks athletic yet he’s got the size to move inline and block.

DT Anthony White – Compact frame, but he looked very soft.

OG Oscar Johnson – reminded me of Andre Smith from Alabama a few years ago. Had the same type of “man boobs”T

OG Travis Bond – Doesn’t appear to be in very good shape. Has a similar build to Oscar Johnson….down to the “man boobs”

OC PJ Lonergan – Had a thin lower half. Not sure how he’s going to hold the POA at the NFL level.

QB Matt McGloin – Not sure how highly he’s thought of by the NFL, but he didn’t look the part of NFL QB. He only had 8 1/4 hands too.

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