2013 NFL Combine Results – Offensive Centers

One prospect dominated the center competition and that was Cal’s Brian Schwenke (Photo: US Presswire)

The center position is often one of the most overlooked and under appreciated positions on the NFL offensive line. The center is typically one of the hardest working members of the line and is traditionally its leader calling out assignments and making adjustments as the defense sets up. Much like the guard position the workouts today will change little.

40 Yard Dash

There is very little to read into these 40 times or even 10 yard splits given how often centers have deal with lineman directly in front of them. I do think we should give some credit though to Cal’s Brian Schwenke who basically blew every other center out of the water in this drill. He ran his 40 in sub five seconds and no other prospect got under 5.2. Similarly his 10 yard split (1.68) was more than a tenth better than any other prospect.

Agility Drills
20 Yard Short Shuttle and 3 Cone Drill

Depending on the scheme you run there is definitely some information you can gather here about  prospects ability to pull or trap as part of his assignment. Braxston Cave led the group with a time of 4.71 in the short shuttle. Behind him were TJ Johnson, Brian Schwenke, and Travis Frederick. Less than five tenths separated all four of these prospects.

Similarly to the 40, Schwenke blew away the competition in the three cone drill. His 7.31 was nearly three tenths of a second better than Joe Madsen who was in second and it was a full half second better than Braxston Cave who was in third place.

Jumping Drills
Verticle Jump and Broad Jump

There is very little to come away with here, but as we did for the OT and OG group here are the results. Wisconsin’s Travis Frederick led all OC’s in the Vertical while once again Schwenke easily won the Broad.

Weigh-In and Bench Press Results

There was very little surprise when it came to the centers and their weigh ins. Every prospect came in between 6’2, and 6’4 and they all weighed between 300 and 315 pounds. Barrett Jones had a good weigh in checking in at 6’4, 306 lbs with 34 1/8 arms. Meanwhile USC’s Khaled Holmes had the longest arms at 35 inches even.

Every prospect finished with 20 or more reps at 225 lbs except for Khaled Holmes who injured himself doing this drill. TJ Johnson led all centers with 32 reps while Schwenke finished one behind him at 31.

Only one prospect really stood out and that was Cal’s Brian Schwenke, his pure dominance of every other prospect in nearly every drill may have done him the most good of any prospect on Day 1. He was a rising prospect ahead of this and that should only continue.

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