2013 NFL Combine Results – Offensive Guards

The combine did not help or hurt Chance Warmack’s stock at all (Photo: US Presswire)

While today’s workouts were key for the Offensive Tackles they will mean far less for the Offensive Guards and Centers. Both positions are part the big ugly group that get far less love than their outside line mates. There is still some information we can draw out of today’s workout so let’s dive in.

40 Yard Dash

As expected some of the top guards like Alvin Bailey, and Jonathan Cooper both had good days running this drill. Bailey was the only OG to run under five seconds and showed why he was such a good 2nd level blocker in college. Two small schoolers also stood out as Earl Watford of James Madison and JC Tretter of Cornell both clocked in under 5.10. Watford may have the smoothest player in this drill with a nice build. Larry Warford had the slowest time of the OG’s but if you’re worried about that then you probably never saw Kentucky play.

Agility Drills
20 Yard Short Shuttle and 3 Cone Drill

When it came to the agility drills two players who ran good 40 times continues to have success when measuring their fluid movements and change of direction ability. Jeff Baca (UCLA) and Hugh Thorton (Illinois) both lead the Short Shuttle times for the guard group. Small school prospects held four of the top 10 spots among the guards in the shuttle with JC Tretter, Jamaal Johnson-Webb, Edmund Kugbila, and Lamar Mady all doing very well.

When it came to the 3 Cone drill Baca and Thorton continued to dominate as they again went 1 and 2 while familiar faces JC Tretter and Edmund Kugbila joined them. Also showing off in this drill were consensus top prospect Jonathan Cooper and Larry Warford who both turned in Top 10 times.

Jumping Drills
Vertical Jump and Broad Jump

As we said with the OT’s there isn’t much we can learn from seeing how high or far these big boys can jump but here are the results none the less. Earl Watford and JC Tretter led the way on the Vertical Jump while Hugh Thorton, Chance Warmack, and Jonathan Cooper all joined Watford and Tretter to make up the Top 5 in the Broad Jump.

Weigh-In and Bench Press Results

There were some intial questions and puzzled looks on faces when Chance Warmack came in at only 6’2, and 317 pounds. While he didn’t dominate any drill, this combine did nothing to hurt Warmack’s stock. All I needed to see he showed time and time again on film. I though Valdosta State’s Edmund Kugbila had a good weigh in coming in at 6’4, 317 lbs with 34 7/8 inch arms. I also thought Alvin Bailey had a nice weigh in at 6’3, 312 lbs with 34 ¾ inch arms. I was a little concerned with how like Jamaal Johnson-Webb came in at weighing only 313 pounds with a big 6’5 frame. He’ll be getting some extra attention from a NFL teams strength and conditioning coach right after getting drafted.

The bench press event for the interior offensive lineman has become a competition all by itself as each guy considers their ability to bench to be a source of pride. Eric Herman of Ohio won this year with his impressed 36 reps. I thought Lamar Mady’s 35 was also good that tied big name prospect Jonathan Cooper who also had 35 reps, and blew away Larry Warford’s 28 reps. Unfortunately Chance Warmack did not do the bench press as that would have been fun to see. Further underlining my concerns above about Johnson-Webb’s weight he also only managed 17 reps which was 2nd worst of the day if you take out Khaled Holmes and Brian Winters who both injured themselves while benching.

Much like the tackle group, this group of guys stayed pretty much the same. Nobody blew anybody away and nobody had a horrendous day. Among the top guys Alvin Bailey probably did himself the most good while small schoolers Earl Watford, JC Tretter, and Edmund Kugbila all were among my winners. If I had to pick one guy though to count as a winner that would be Cornell’s JC Tretter.

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3 Responses to “2013 NFL Combine Results – Offensive Guards”

  1. Jagsman says:

    why didnt winters do any of the measurables outside of the bench press?

    • Matt Elder says:

      Injured himself on the Bench just like Holmes and DC Jefferson. He said he’s ok and will do everything at his Pro Day on March 6th.

  2. Tom Tretter says:

    Jc Tretter was in the top 15 on all events. Great job! Go Big Red!

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