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BBD Writer Carter Eckle

Chris Jones isn’t receiving the credit I feel he deserves. Jones stands at 6-1 293 pounds and drives that size into the offensive line play after play. He received First Team All-MAC honors at the end of his senior year along with being awarded Third Team All-American by the Associated Press. On top of all those awards he was also named MAC defensive player of the year. He played 50 straight games while at Bowling Green and started 44 of those games. He had 19 tackles for loss last year and 12.5 of those were sacks. He graduates from Bowling Green with 28 sacks, 157 total tackles, and 46.5 tackles for loss to his name.

I got to witness Jones play in person and see the destruction and confusion he can cause on an offensive line with my own two eyes. He comes off the line with incredible pace and powers through the line when he can get a quality jump. Jones has a great swim move which can send players running the wrong way when implemented correctly. He has a sturdy stance and very rarely gets knocked off of his feet. However, he can get caught with a wide stance making it nearly impossible to break through the line. On top of that he can get caught standing too tall at times which causes the same problems and struggles getting into the backfield. His game against Ohio University he caused frenzy in the backfield as their defense and special teams held them to 14 points total.

By playing in 50 straight games you are basically handed a consistent every down player should Jones become one. Football can be a crazy game, and injuries happen, but a player you can count on is certainly worth drafting in my mind. I see Jones going in the 6th or 7th round and developing nice over a long career. Most draft boards see him taken in the 7th round or completely undrafted. Professional scouters or not I feel Jones could be a fit with a lot of teams. A team that is beginning to show its age may be an opportune location for Jones. I see him drawing interest from teams like the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, or maybe even the San Diego Chargers.

Does he fit with the Bills? It’s a definite possibility. The Bills may be young at tackle but they certainly could use some more depth. I’m not totally sold that Chris Jones is the type of player they are looking for. The Bills are changing their defensive scheme and need players to mesh quickly. Jones has a lot of potential from a Bills standpoint, he’s athletic, his got a good motor and he is willing to play just about anywhere. The issue though is how will he fit as an undersized DT in the NFL? The only way I see him gaining playing time as a rookie is if a team is filled with injuries or they are desperate for a fix. Don’t expect the Bills to just write him off but I wouldn’t call him a certainty either.

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