Tyler Wilson Scouting Report

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Prospect: QB Tyler Wilson, Arkansas
Height: 6’2
Weight: 218 lbs.
Grade: 7.6 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report

+While not the fleetest of foot Wilson doesn’t hesitate to tuck the ball away and take off if the opportunity presents itself.
+Has a compact build that allows him to absorb any shots he takes both in the pocket or in the open field
+Looks very clean moving within the confines of the pocket, quick feet
+Extremely tough in the pocket, he is not a QB whose going to go down in anticipation of a sack
-Will make the off balance throw from time to time
-Seems to throw some passes with a stationary lower half which causes the ball to float and flutter

Arm Talent:
+Has an elite caliber arm
+Can make every NFL throw with proper pace and accuracy
+Isn’t afraid to test a defense with his arm, shows willingness to test tight seams and go over the top if the coverage dictates that throw
+Mechanically clean with a quick release and smooth throwing motion, can throw the ball from multiple slots to avoid defenders hands
+Shows nice touch on all his throws, displays the proper amount of velocity depending on the throw
-Will get over confident with his arm and look to try and complete the big throw over taking the easy check down

Pocket Presence:
+Stands tall in the pocket and will step into the throw despite having having pressure bearing down
+Does a good job scanning the field both pre and post snap
+Knows how to recognize defensive formations that are meant to cover up blitzes or coverage
+Does well to audible to hot read against pressure package and exploit mismatches
-Has spent much of his career working out of the shotgun formation

Command of Offense:
+Ran the spread better than most collegiate QB’s do, knew who was supposed to be where, when, and under what circumstances
+Has nice arm action of his pump fakes, gets the DB’s to bite consistently
+Also does well to look safety off deeper routes and get his man into space
+No question who runs this team when he enters the huddle, Wilson demands accountability
-Went too far earlier this year calling out teammates for lack of effort, showed a possible character flaw

Wilson is a fiery, and passionate QB who leads by example but isn’t afraid to grab a teammate by the face mask and let him know that he’s not doing his job well enough. He’s an emotional player who at times lets his emotions get the better of him and he must work to cut down on that.

When Bobby Petrino left the Razorbacks program in shame, he left behind one heck of a QB who was in for one of the most painful years of his life. Wilson was beat up consistently this year behind a poor offensive line. Many of his struggles can be attributed to the immense amount of almost immediate pressure he faced.

When given a pocket to step into, and WR’s who are willing to do anything to go get the ball Wilson is among the elite the nation. We still rank him just below Geno Smith but its far closer than we initially thought it would be.

Game Notes

Tyler Wilson v. LSU
-So good hitting the underneath crossing route
-Sees blitz stays in the pocket and hits cross
-Shows athleticism tucking the ball and taking off for a first down
-Really nice first drive as he was perfect on every throw
-Rolls right off playaction and tries to go deep but can’t get enough on the throw and its easily picked off
-Displays some arm strength throwing the out route from the opposite hash mark with plenty of zip

Tyler Wilson v. South Carolina
-Goes through progressions from pocket and makes sidearm throw under pressure to check down
-Again finds check down for first down
-Threads a pass to Hamitlon on 3rd and 17 between defenders for a big first down, called back due to penalty
-Impressive arm strength to put ball over LB’s on a line to the WR
-Makes right decision on Zone Read but Clowney is too good and fast as he still gets the sack
-Another side arm throw as he scrambled left

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