What is he exactly? The Zac Dysert Question

Answering the Zac Dysert Question (Photo: US Presswire)

BBD Writer Carter Eckl

Don’t let the 11-20 record as a starter fool you into thinking Zac Dysert doesn’t have what it takes to become a NFL quarterback. Granted, I don’t see him starting day one but he could eventually develop into a solid quarterback with great accuracy. Dysert leaves the MAC inked up in the record books. He graduated as the number two passing leader of all time in the MAC. He threw for over 12,000 yards in his career with the Redhawks and nearly 75 touchdowns. He stands at 6-3 220 pounds, which is slightly smaller than your prototypical quarterback but he is certainly not short by any means.

Dysert runs a quick 4.65-40-yard dash which allows him to scramble if he needs to. Calling Dysert a pocket passer might be generous considering the amount of bootleg and roll-out plays he ran per game at Miami. I have never really seen a quarterback who really succeeds in a bootleg type of offense but Dysert may be one of those guys. I understand the coaches desire to roll Dysert out of the pocket because of his tendency to force passes when he gets in trouble inside the pocket.

Dysert really struggles in this area because he does not want to go down and take a sack. He will take an intentional grounding penalty over a sack and he has shown that in multiple games over the course of his senior season. This is a quality that does serve him well, at times, as he can keep a play alive and potentially make something out of nothing. Those types of plays do a fantastic job at showing off his arm strength. Under pressure Dysert can fire balls down field while off balance or even across his body. His arm strength can get him in trouble though. When under pressure he has a habit of throwing off of his back foot and can miss his throws high.

Dysert does have some injury history with a lacerated spleen coming in 2010 against Bowling Green. The injury didn’t stop him as he returned only a few games later to hold extra points in their bowl game victory against Middle Tennessee State. I don’t think his injury history will come back to haunt him come draft day but it certainly doesn’t help.

Mock drafts across the web have Dysert getting his name called early in the second round. However, other sites have him going late sixth round so his quality and draft stock is hotly debated. I see Dysert making an appearance on the big screen in the fourth round due to the fact that he has a lot of improvements to make to become a highly touted NFL quarterback. In terms of teams he could be taken by, there are the usual suspects. Off the radar, you have to look at the New Orleans Saints as a team that could call his name. Drew Brees is getting older and what better mentor for Dysert to learn from than the passing guru himself. Dysert has a lot of upside but a lot of areas that could be improved upon. Don’t expect this to be the last time you hear his name.

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