Bills To Workout Six QB’s

The Bills will be working out Matt Barkley in a private workout (Photo: US Presswire)

Thanks to Chris Brown’s link to the Toronto Sun interview with GM Buddy Nix last night we now know that the Bills intend to work out six QB’s in the pre-draft process. The question becomes who are those six?

We know Geno Smith will be with the Bills this Friday and the interview speculates that Geno will be working out for Buffalo. The interview also confirms that Matt Barkley is getting a workout per the Buddy Nix himself. But who are the other four?

1. Tyler Wilson-Arkansas
The Bills have been to multiple Arkansas games over the past few years and just last week the Bills had Buddy Nix and Doug Whaley in Fayetteville for the Arkansas Pro Day. Wilson has some concerns surrounding his hand size and ability to stay healthy. He’s a safe bet for getting one of the four remaining workout slots.

2. Ryan Nassib-Syracuse
With Nassib’s connection to Head Coach Doug Marrone and Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett this makes too much sense. Expect Nassib to continue to be rumored with the Bills right up until we make the eight selection.

3. Mike Glennon-NC State
Glennon is a classic pocket passer with a big arm and plenty of confidence. He used to be the top senior QB on Mel Kiper’s board but seems to have fallen off as of late. The Bills will likely take a long look at Glennon as his arm will be more than enough to cut through the harsh winds at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

4. Zac Dysert-Miami (OH)
This is where it gets interesting, Dysert is a dual threat QB who struggled in Mobile during his first audition on the big stage. He’s got a nice arm, comes from a cold weather climate, and is a true field general. The question though becomes how interested is Buffalo after what happened in Mobile?

5. Tyler Bray-Tennessee
The Bills have been all over the SEC since Buddy Nix took the reigns as a GM, so bringing in the talented but troubled Tyler Bray makes sense. He’s had an up and down career for the Vols doing as much good on the field as he has done bad off the field. The Bills are traditionally a team that stays away from character concerns but can you pass on bringing in a kid with this much talent?

6. EJ Manuel-FSU
Manuel is a QB that oozes potential, but has to play in a system that is the right fit for him. He frustrated FSU fans throughout his career with inconsistent play but when it mattered the most during his Senior year he seemed to come up large. His combination of size, athleticism, and arm strength will make scouts drool but does he have it all together mentally?

7. Landry Jones-Oklahoma
Jones put up huge numbers in an Oklahoma offense that was built on quick passes, speed, and tempo. Jones is a QB who traditionally stayed calm under pressure but scouts have pointed to his struggles when he starts to feel pressure. He’s an ideal candidate given the way Marrone likes to run his offense but is that enough?

In our opinion the best fit for the final workout is Zac Dysert from Miami (OH) but we can see arguments made for every other option. So who do you think are the six QB’s the Bills should work out?

EDIT: As are wonderful commenters have pointed out there are two other QB’s the Bills have already been linked to that I failed to mention. TFY Draft Insider Tony Pauline confirmed the Bills will have Matt Scott in for a visit, and has reported the Bills will host and work out Jeff Tuel from Washington State on April 8th and 9th. Now visits do not automatically mean workouts so Scott may just be coming in to tour the facilities and meet with the staff.

UPDATE: Per John Kryk of the Toronto Sun EJ Manuel will be one of the six QB’s worked out by the Bills and that workout will be on Monday in Tallahassee. He will also visit Buffalo at a later date.

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7 Responses to “Bills To Workout Six QB’s”

  1. David says:

    You are forgetting they worked out Jeff Tuel and have a meeting with Matt Scott (Arizona).

  2. Bob Cheddar says:

    Bills have also been rumoured to be working out Matt Scott and Jeff Tuel.

    • Matt Elder says:

      Careful now bringing in for a visit and working out are not the same. Tuel is the rumored work out on April 8th and 9th. Scott is only a visitor from what I have seen.

  3. Pat says:

    Kurt Warner was my favorite quarterback! This guy can not only play he can sing! “I just can’t miss when I rock it like this.”

    Check it out!!!

  4. jules shane says:

    Has buffalo bother to look at Caleb Terbush from Purdue. Terbush has size 6’5″ a strong arm.. quick release, throws a tight spiral, impressive footwork. His proday results were better than most quarterbacks at the combine. Buffalo needs a quarterback.. Terbush doens’t have the stats because he only got to play 1/2 the game .. took his team to win a bowl game in 2011. Why is someone not looking at this player, he is going under the radar. Someone is going to pick him up

  5. J H TARBORO says:

    Big,strong, smart and athletic and built for Buffalo, element wise EJ MANUEL all the way, stop 2nd guessing. NFL Networks Mike Mayock has him at #2.

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