32 Thoughts on the First Round

The first round is over so here are 32 thoughts on it (Photo: US Presswire)

With the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft here are 32 thoughts on what happened and what’s yet to come. Fair warning more than few will be Bills related.

1. I still am a little shocked it was Fisher over Joeckel for the Chiefs
2. Dolphins stole their pick in moving up with Oakland, just don’t get why they took Jordan there
3. Ziggy Ansah in the Top 5 surprises some but this guy could be an incredible addition in a few years
4. I dont ever think a OG should go Top 10, let alone two of them
5. Thought the Bills fleeced the Rams in their trade down, that’s an A++ for me
6. 1st Round seemed OL heavy and that’s not bad for Buffalo, lots of play makers still available
7. Wanted the Bills to move down again from 16 but they got nervous and its understandable
8. EJ Manuel is our franchise QB…I still need a minute on that one…
9. Really think Minnesota may have stolen the 1st round standing pat and getting Floyd and Rhodes
10. Falcons trade up for Desmond Trufant was very good for them, they need depth but Trufant is a playmaker
11. FSU with three first round picks is impressive, good for Jimbo and that program
12. EJ Manuel is a big time prospect in terms of ceiling, I just don’t think he was worth the 16th pick
13. EJ’s biggest limitation is can he speed up his mental progressions on the field, he has a tendency to hold the ball too long and FSU had to simplify the offense to speed him up.
14. EJ’s suit was fly though, big time props for that.
15. The Jets are still my favorite team to laugh at, taking a DT who doesn’t fit and passing on one that does, never change.
16. Bills need to go WR, TE, and Pass Rush tomorrow with their three picks, also look for a chance to move down again and pick up more picks
17. Some targets for Bills Justin Hunter, Keenan Allen, Da’Rick Rogers, Zach Ertz, Jamie Collins
18. I love the DJ Hayden story but I think his hype began to trump his talent
19. Four OG’s in the Top 20 shocked me
20. There were less trades in Round 1 than I anticipated
21. ESPN graded the Bills pick of EJ Manuel as a F
22. Also don’t rule out either ILB in Manti Teo, Kevin Minter, or Arthur Brown if they are there for Buffalo
23. I think the first 5-6 picks of the 2nd Round are going to be QB heavy
24. Jarvis Jones went to the best scenario and where his value fit best, never thought he was a Top 15 guy
25. ESPN and NFLN both had good coverage on Day 1, but I want to see good coverage on Day 3
26. Personally though Mayock >> Kiper
27. No RB in Round 1 isn’t surprising but Eddie Lacy is going to be somebody in the NFL
28. If you haven’t ever been, please go to www.DraftBreakdown.com their videos just kill it
29. Minnesota trading picks to New England is a horrible idea -signed every AFC East team
30. I still love Damontre Moore as a prospect, think he’s perfect for any system
31. Really tempted to take Tank Carradine if he is there in 2nd Round could play OLB in our 34 or DE in 43
32. EJ Manuel was the only QB to go in the first round.

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