Buffalo Bills select SS Duke Williams (4th Round – 105th Overall)

With their 5th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Buffalo Bills returned to the defensive side of the ball and took SS Duke Williams out of Nevada. This is a very good tackling SS who many people won’t know a lot about. 

Williams has extremely long arms (76 1/4″) with better than average size (5’11, 203) who is a smooth athlete who knows how to transition and flow with the ball. He’s a hitter at the safety position who loves to line up the WR or TE coming through the middle of the field. Also more than willing to play up in the box and lay a hit on the ball carrier.

Not a huge playmaker in the passing game, only has 4 career INT’s. He needs to clean up his tackling technique and do a better job wrapping up the ball carrier. Also another guy with some previous character issues when he was younger. Was suspended 3 times by Chris Ault during his first 12 months in school. Has been clean since then.

Mike Pettine needed an in the box SS type to work in his offense and Williams is a good fit for that style of play.

One Response to “Buffalo Bills select SS Duke Williams (4th Round – 105th Overall)”

  1. Eric says:

    I like this pick more now that I realize they don’t see him as a true SS. He’s what they wanted Scott to be, but he was never able to achieve. Williams will play some safety, some nickel corner, etc. He hits like a truck and can help the pass D over the middle.

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