Buffalo Bills select WR Marquise Goodwin (3rd Round – 78th Overall)

The Bills have done the double and taken the high profile track stud from Texas in Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin was a a guy who never really shined at Texas but was one of the hottest names this draft season. He can absolutely fly up and down the field.

Goodwin is by far the best pure athlete in this WR class, he’s a US Olympian who finished 10th in the long jump in London. He has ELITE straight line speed and will now finally be able to fully devote himself to becoming a WR. He is the most dangerous when he has the ball in his hands and is a big time return threat. Goodwin doesn’t have great size (5’8, 183 lbs) but when you run sub 4.3 it doesn’t matter.

Anything and everything that has to do with being a polished WR (route running, vision, coverage awareness, cuts, breaks, and blocking) is lacking. He will need lots of instruction on the fundamentals and he’ll have to get stronger as well. If you could get him to even take on half of Robert Woods route running ability you may have something.

Goodwin is one thing, he’s a playmaker. You have to find a way to get him the ball, he’s Tavon Austin and CJ Spiller lite but he’s a world class athlete. He needs to develop into a better football player than athlete but the Bills continue to go high risk high reward. If Goodwin pans out he could be Desean Jackson.

One Response to “Buffalo Bills select WR Marquise Goodwin (3rd Round – 78th Overall)”

  1. Bob Kimball says:

    Goodwin was a terrible pick. Fast? Yes! So were Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis. How many touchdowns did they score? Steadman Bailey and Markus Wheaton were still on the board. Bailey had 25 receiving TD’s last year. Goodwin had 3. Give me production over potential anyday.

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