Candidates to Topple Teddy Bridgewater: Comparing Quarterbacks Tajh Boyd and David Fales

David Fales

Fales is flying under the radar in some draft analysts’ eyes, but should be in the thick of the discussion as one of the top quarterbacks in the class. He has the best accuracy in this class.

Fales reminds me of Drew Brees, an accurate quarterback who also has the arm strength to zip it down field. Fales truly could skyrocket up my board if he proves himself even more this season.


Fales is listed at 6’2″ and weighs 220 pounds, the prototypical size for an NFL quarterback. David has the frame to add weight but has a smaller stature than most with his size. He is not as mobile as Boyd is, but has good feet to move around in the pocket. Fales has big potential as a scrambler, but is more of a pocket passer.

Fales buys time by dancing around in the pocket and avoids defenders by stepping up to throw. He takes less risks in the pocket than Boyd does, and takes the safe route usually.

Arm Strength

Fales is the opposite of Boyd with arm strength, in that he underthrows some of his passes down field. On deep throws, Fales tends to make wideouts come back to him. He does not have a “weak” arm, but does not have the strength needed to throw the ball 40+ yards on a consistent basis. In short and intermediate routes, Fales is a master of his craft. He hits receivers in stride most of the time. He pinpoints the ball well in the 10-25 yard range, maybe even equal to or better than Bridgewater.


Accuracy is Fales’ bread and butter. He can lead wideouts down the field for easy catches over the top or right into their hands.

Fales puts great velocity on his throws, helping him make crisp passes. Fales flies through reads with NFL speed, helping him find the open man quickly. Rarely have I seen Fales make a badly inaccurate on game tape.

If Fales wants to fly up the mid-season board (he possibly has the most potential to among quarterbacks), he will have to have another monster year with his accuracy. He led the nation last season with a 72.5 completion percentage.

Fales completed 68.6 percent of his passes last season versus Stanford, showing off his great accuracy in this video.


Fales’ mechanics are also above average. He has no severe mechanical issues.

Fales has a compact release, which helps him get rid of the football quickly. His release is also consistent, it never fluctuates much at all on tape.

Fales does not have a slow delivery or delayed responses to pressure, even more positives for his mechanics. Outside of Bridgewater, Fales is right there with the most sound mechanics of quarterbacks eligible for the 2014 NFL draft. Fales’ mechanics are shown really well against Bowling Green in the Military Bowl below.


Fales was always helping his teammates on the field when something went wrong. He would pull them off to the side on the sidelines and talk to them. It seems as though he reads up on his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. He also looks like another true leader for an NFL team at quarterback in 2014.


Fales stays in the pocket even under heavy pressure. He stands tall in the pocket and is not afraid of getting hit after throwing the football. He is consistent against pressure as well, never shies away from it coming to him. He has the toughness to be an NFL quarterback, as he is not afraid to stand in the face of danger on every play.


Fales has the most potential of any quarterback to move up in mid-season evaluations. If he continues to have above-average accuracy and improves his deep arm strength, he could move into the top-15 on my big board. He might even jump into my top-10 if he shows more then I expect. NFL executives and scouts are already drooling to see Fales in action this upcoming season. He has the lowest bust potential next to Bridgewater among 2014 NFL draft quarterbacks. San Jose State starts off the season against Stanford (Week 2) and Minnesota (Week 3), which will be two key games to watch as a draft analyst.

Who is the better prospect?

In my preseason top 100 big board, Boyd is at 15 and Fales at 22. At this point, Boyd is the better quarterback prospect due to his massive potential to be a Newton-like dual-threat quarterback on the next level. He has the mobility to make it a tough assignment both through the air and on the ground for defenses. Also, he has a stronger arm then Fales.

The first halves of each prospect’s senior season will be crucial to see who is ranked of who. This is one of the closest matchups on my big board for any position. Stay tuned to see which quarterback is ranked higher once we reach October and midseason rankings.

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One Response to “Candidates to Topple Teddy Bridgewater: Comparing Quarterbacks Tajh Boyd and David Fales”

  1. Glenn Gifford says:

    This is a great analysis Evan! Some really good detail and insight. Thanks for this. Sadly we will have to wait a year to see where these kids go. Quality effort!

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