Sophomore Spotlight: Cordy Glenn

Advanced Stats (Analytics)

All ratings/advanced statistics per Pro Football Focus premium statistics (subscription required)

Offensive lineman are rated in four different categories at PFF: Pass Block, Screen Block, Run Block and Penalties. Keep in mind that a rating of 0.0 is average.

Glenn received an overall rating of +6.6 in his rookie season at left tackle. He graded out tied for 33rd-best OT in the league and tied for 22nd among left tackles.

Pass Block

Glenn rated out as a +3.2 in pass blocking, 34th among OT.

His best performance came in Week 3 against the Browns. He received a +2.2 for the game and was responsible for one quarterback hurry for the game.

Glenn received positive pass blocking grades in 10 of 13 games played. His three negative performances came against Houston (-0.5), Indianapolis (-3.3) and St. Louis (-2.7).

Against Indianapolis, Glenn did not give up a sack but he struggled mightily. He gave up two quarterback hits and three quarterback hurries.

Screen Block

Glenn tied for 12th best in screen blocking with a +1.0 rating. Among the 11 other players with this rating were Pro Bowl offensive tackles Ryan Clady and Joe Staley.

The +1.0 rating came from two games. Glenn received a +0.5 against the Chiefs and Jaguars respectively.

Run Block

The best rating that Glenn received was in run blocking (+4.3). This rating was tied for 21st among all offensive tackles and 12th best among left tackles.

Glenn received positive ratings in run blocking in 11 of 13 games. A +1.1 rating was the highest grade that Glenn received in run blocking. He received this grade in four different home games (Chiefs, Dolphins, Jaguars and Rams).

His only two negative performances in run blocking came against New England in Week 4 (-1.4) and in Week 15 against Seattle (-0.9). It should be noted that Glenn left the Week 4 game early with an ankle injury, which likely played a part in his poor score.


Glenn’s penalty rating for the 2012 season was a -1.9. This was Glenn’s only negative score and tied for 61st among all offensive tackles. During the season, Glenn was called for eight penalties during the 2012 season, the same amount as Trent Williams, J’Marcus Webb, David Stewart, Joe Thomas and D’Anthony Batiste.

This is one area where Glenn will need to improve in 2013 and beyond.

Miscellaneous (all stats according to PFF):

  • Glenn played a total of 827 total snaps: 469 pass block plays and 358 run block plays.
  • In addition to the six sacks allowed, Glenn was also responsible for nine QB hits allowed and 17 QB hurries allowed. This gave him a total pressure allowed score of 32.
  • Glenn played 79.6% of total snaps on the season.
  • The only two games where Glenn did not play 100% of the snaps (excluding the three games he missed) were against KC in Week 2 (84.2%) and New England in Week 4 (66.2%).


2013 Stats (Prediction)

Games Played: 16

Games Started: 16

Penalties: 8

Sacks Allowed: 4

QB Hits Allowed: 6

QB Hurries Allowed: 15

Glenn had an outstanding year as a rookie. Having a solid left tackle is essential for any team and Glenn stepped in immediately as a second-round pick.

At Georgia, Glenn did not miss any games. In 2012, he suffered an ankle injury that cost him three weeks. While no one can predict injuries, Glenn’s history favors him playing a full season.

Going forward, Glenn has areas to work upon. Penalties are one area where Glenn needs to improve, but I’m not sure if we’ll see this number improve in 2013. The two quarterbacks likely to play under center this season are Kevin Kolb and E.J. Manuel. Kolb has a tendency to hold the ball too long and Manuel as a rookie will likely try to do too much at times. Due to this, I see Glenn’s number staying about the same.

When predicting sacks allowed, hits allowed and hurries allowed, I once again factored in Kolb and Manuel behind center. When 2013 is in the books, I think Manuel will have played the majority of the games. Due to his athleticism and ability to avoid sacks, I see Glenn improving in all three categories.

Entering his second season, Glenn has plenty of room to grow and should take another step forward in 2013. The Bills may have started a rumor that Cordy Glenn was nothing more than an offensive guard, but the fact of the matter is Glenn has the makings of a great left tackle.

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