Potential Bills in 2014 NFL Draft: Stanford OLB Trent Murphy

1:56-3:40:This segment of tape highlights Murphy’s ability to set the edge. He is able to quickly disengage from his blocker and or force the ball carrier inside. His speed and strength is also evident during this segment. He makes an excellent play against Oregon stopping a Quarterback keeper. Also notice the tape at 3:18. That is how you blow up a jet sweep!

4:00-5:09: This segment gives us a closer look at Murphy in pass coverage. You will see that Murphy is more than capable of covering running backs in the flats. He has a few pass break ups as well as some pretty tight coverage. The play that really stands out is at 5:04. Murphy shows his speed by diagnosing a swing pass and making a tackle on a running back out of the backfield.

The play is important because one of the knocks on Murphy is his speed. He has ranged between a 4.7 and 4.8 forty yard dash. For his size, it is a reasonable number. This segment of tape demonstrates his speed is more than sufficient.

Personally, I feel good instincts can make up for miniscule differences in 40 yard dash times. Rarely do players run in straight lines when playing football. Of more interest will be his 3 cone drill time at next year’s combine.

5:10-End: Notice the versatility that Murphy brings during this segment. This is a great mixture of Murphy playing as an Outside Linebacker, a stand up Rush Defensive End and a classic 5 Technique Defensive End. His instincts and athletic ability allow him to make plays regardless of the position he lines up in. There are several plays where Murphy’s pressure leads to either an interception or an incompletion. The pressure that he is able to generate on a Quarterback is something that is in dire need here in Buffalo.


Trent Murphy is a player that needs to be on Buffalo Bills fans’ watch lists for the 2013 season. This Stanford Cardinal is likely to be a late first- or early second-round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. His ability combined with his versatility make him an ideal candidate to fill the need for an outside linebacker who can set the edge and put pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

The possibility exists where Buffalo will again have an early selection in the draft. If this is the case, Murphy might be a great early Day 2 pick-up for the Bills who can come in and contribute right away.

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