2013 Buffalo Bills Positional Previews: Fullbacks and Tight Ends

Scott Chandler’s health will be crucial to the team’s depth chart at tight end. (Photo: USA Today Sports Images)

BBD Staff Writer: Ryan Talbot

The American Buffalo was at risk of becoming endangered. Fullbacks on the Buffalo Bills can relate, as the team hasn’t utilized the position consistently in years.

Former Bills fullback Corey McIntyre had just nine carries over the course of the last five years in which he was the Bills’ fullback.

The tight end position, however, has potential under new Bills offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. The Chan Gailey regime utilized the position more than the last few coaching staffs and in 2013 I’m cautiously optimistic about the position.

Let’s take a closer look at the Bills’ tight ends and fullbacks and how they could perform in 2013.


Hackett and head coach Doug Marrone didn’t use the fullback much in 2012 at Syracuse due to the up-tempo offense the team used. In 2012, Adonis Ameen-Moore had 30 carries, which was just slightly more than five percent of Syracuse’s 555 carries.

The NFL game is much different, but based upon the current roster, the Bills are looking for players with athleticism. Frank Summers is the only player listed as a fullback on the Bills’ roster, which may indicate that keeping a fullback on the roster is not in the team’s plans.

Summers is built like a traditional fullback at 5’10″ and 240 pounds. The guy simply looks like a battering ram. Summers is a low runner who could be carried as a goal line back for the Bills. Summers is a well-rounded fullback option, as he is a solid blocker and caught 36 passes in his two seasons at UNLV.

UPDATE: Kendall Gaskins told Spiders TV on Thursday that he is “only going to be playing running back” for the Bills, according to Chris Brown of BuffaloBills.com. This post was published prior to Brown’s post, and previously stated that Gaskins was likely to compete at fullback.

Gaskins previously told Rob Quinn of BillsMafia.com in May that although he is listed as a running back, he could end up playing fullback.

As of right now, I believe I am on the roster as a running back, but if I am asked to play fullback that is no problem. I played both in college and by having the ability to potentially play both positions, I can bring more value to the team.

Gaskins is more athletic than Summers and stands a bit taller at 6’1″. At Richmond, Gaskins had 148 carries in 2012 and rushed for 604 yards and 13 touchdowns. He chipped in 21 receptions for 193 yards and three touchdowns last season. Much like Summers, Gaskins is hard to bring down and Buffalo could utilize him between the tackles. Gaskins is slightly more versatile than Summers, and if they choose not to keep Summers as a fullback, they could keep Gaskins to play a similar role.

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