2014 NFL Draft Prospect Preview: Florida vs. Miami

Stephen Morris is a potential top quarterback prospect who needs to be a more consistent passer on Saturday versus Florida. (Photo: Steve Mitchell — USA Today Sports)

Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida, Sr. (6’, 188 lbs) 

The senior member of the Florida secondary is Jaylen Watkins. Watkins is not the athlete that Purifoy or Roberson is, but is a good prospect in his own right. Watkins is a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

For teams looking for a man corner, Watkins could be their guy. He gets an excellent jam at the line and makes it very difficult for receivers to get a clean release. Watkins mirrors well and has good ability to break on the football. He plays with good technique and has quick feet which allow him to easily change direction. Because he has good hips, Watkins can turn and run very well.

He can be susceptible to opening his hips too soon, and that gets him in trouble with receivers who are quick in and out of breaks. Watkins can get his body completely twisted in the wrong direction when his hips open too soon. He doesn’t have top-end recovery speed when receivers get past him.

Watkins looks like a fourth-round choice at this point.

Seantrel Henderson, OT, Miami, Sr. (6’8’’, 345lbs) 

Henderson has dealt with numerous off-the-field issues already up to this point of his career, including a suspension, back surgery, and a car crash that led to a concussion. Also, Henderson transferred from USC in the summer of his freshman year after they received their bowl ban due to the Reggie Bush situation. He was highly recruited out of high school but hasn’t quite lived up to the hype surrounding him early in his career.

Henderson is a mauler in the run game who can generate significant movement. He is extremely powerful and when he gets his arms extended, he dominates. If I need a yard, there is no doubt I am running behind Henderson.

At 6’8’’, Henderson has great length which helps him tremendously as a pass blocker. Despite the length, Henderson struggles to consistently utilize it when pass blocking and defenders are able to get around him. I am extremely concerned about Henderson as a pass blocker.

He has a very wide base in his stance, which gets him in trouble in a variety of ways. In general, he has a hard time anchoring with the width between his feet. This leads to him having trouble redirecting and getting easily beat to the inside. He is an apparent waist bender, which further gives him issues as he attempts to redirect defenders.

In many ways, Henderson is the typical player who gets labeled as a “right tackle only.” In no way does he project as a blind side protector, but he is a gifted run blocker with good length. With the issues Henderson has as a pass blocker, I give him a late fourth-round grade at this point.

Stephen Morris, QB, Miami, Sr. (6’2’’, 218lbs) 

In his first year as Hurricanes starting quarterback, Morris had a good junior season. He completed 58.2 percent of his passes for 3,345 yards with 21 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Morris will be looking to build off those numbers in his senior year.

When I study Morris on tape, I see a very inconsistent player. When he has success, it is because he is able to hit his back foot and deliver the football in rhythm. When that doesn’t happen, Morris is all over the place with his ball placement. Morris can throw with anticipation at times, and at other times it’s hard to figure out what his plan was with the football. Overall, his decision-making has to be quicker and better.

From a physical standpoint, Morris has good size and athletic ability. He can escape the pocket and scramble for yards or throw on the run. Morris is capable of driving the ball down the field with good velocity, but can sway from his mechanics and make weak throws.

Like all players at the start of the season, the stage is set for Morris to perform and prove he can be a consistent football player. Since Morris hasn’t been consistent, he gets a late fourth-round grade going into this game.

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