Scouting Notes: Michigan State vs. Iowa (10/5/13)

A lack of explosion limits Michigan State wide receiver Bennie Fowler’s prospects for the next level, but it didn’t stop him from catching nine passes for 92 yards versus Iowa. (Photo: Reese Strickland — USA Today Sports)

CB #31 Darqueze Dennard

-Blanketed inside of receiver, intercepted underthrown pass

-Quick recognition of run, came up and made tackle

-Lets guys get behind him too easily

-Beat off line, recovered but failed to find ball

-Got past blocker and tackled screen

-Hard hit on running back in flat, clean hit

-Sees floater, fights for position and gets interception

Overview:Darqueze Dennard is a playmaking corner. He showed his playmaking ability by intercepting two passes versus Iowa, but he still had a few issues in coverage.

Dennard is physical and handles most receivers off the line of scrimmage, but he has trouble making transitions to keep up with receivers. His hips look stiff as he is also slow transitioning out of his backpedal.

He plays well with receivers in front of him in zone coverage, but needs to more consistently carry receivers to the edges of his zone until the safety is in position to pick up the play.

Against the run, Dennard is quick to diagnose plays, gets off blocks well and is willing to get low and make tackles.

Dennard flashes good coverage ability and make plays on the ball well, but needs to play more consistently in coverage and show the ability to turn and run with receivers.

WR #13 Bennie Fowler

-Attacked ball on comeback and made leaping catch, spun away to get additional yards

-Sprung touchdown on long reception with good downfield block

-Lacks explosiveness, takes a while to get up to speed

-Dropped catch on ball behind him

-Ran quick curl, crisp cut

-Created separation with route, got past defensive back for touchdown

-Showed some physical play, fights for ball

-Broke a few tackles for some yards after catch

Overview:Bennie Fowler had a sound performance against Iowa and showed he has a good understanding of what it takes to be a good receiver.

Fowler has a semi-stocky build for a receiver, listed at 6’1″ and 212 pounds by Michigan State’s official athletics website, and plays somewhat physical. He was able to use his physical frame to break a few tackles and gain some extra yards after the catch against Iowa, but wasn’t much of a threat after the catch otherwise.

Fowler runs fairly crisp routes, and that route-running is his key to gaining separation from defensive backs. He lacks true explosiveness. While he was able to get behind the Iowa defense for a 37-yard touchdown, it was the result of good route-running and a defensive breakdown.

Fowler could be a quality possession receiver, but with a lack of speed and explosiveness, he will struggle to get noticed as a draft prospect.

OG #64 Blake Treadwell

-Moved defensive lineman easily, put him “on skates”

-Absorbs initial hit then drives back

-Gets low with good form

-Sinks hips and plays with solid base, able to absorb bull rush

-Has good bend and balance

-Gets low, shifts into position and holds the point of attack

-Got downfield quickly on end-around but could not engage with defender

-Wins consistently at the point of attack

-Struggled with power-to-speed move and nearly gave up sack

-Holds ground in pass protection, nothing to write home about though

-Does not consistently finish his blocks, lacks any sense of a mean streak

Overview:Blake Treadwell was arguably the most impressive prospect in this game. Treadwell anchored the left guard spot with consistently good play and few errors.

He showed good bend and the speed to pull and work to the second level. He consistently got lower than his opposition and used his good leg drive to move him.

His ability to stand up to and absorb bull rushes is impressive. He plays with a solid base and displays very good form coming out of his stance.

Against the pass, Treadwell held his ground and didn’t allow the pocket to collapse, but he went mostly untested by tougher inside rushers. When he faced a better pass-rusher and faced a power-to-speed rush, he struggled and almost gave up a sack.

Treadwell was solid overall throughout the game. He was stout at the point of attack and consistently created holes in the running game. With more quality games like this, he should see his stock jump.

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