Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets: Week 11 Live Game Thread

C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson may have a heavy workload based upon the forecast for today’s game. (Photo: USA Today Sports Images)

BBD Assistant Editor: Ryan Talbot

The Buffalo Bills dominated the New York Jets on Sunday to improve to 4-7 as they enter their bye week.

Buffalo’s defense gave Geno Smith nightmares on Sunday and the Jets quarterback finished the day 8 for 23 for 103 yards and three interceptions.

Jairus Byrd recorded two of the interceptions and Da’Norris Searcy returned Smith’s third interception for a touchdown.

Smith also lost a fumble after getting sacked by Kyle Williams. The Bills sacked the Geno Smith four times on Sunday and pressured him multiple times. It was Buffalo’s best defensive performance of the season.

Offensively, the Bills struggled to move the ball on the ground with their running backs. Fred Jackson led the team with 34 yards on 12 carries. C.J. Spiller only had 6 yards on 13 carries.

Whereas the Bills struggled on the ground, EJ Manuel found himself having his best game as a pro. He went 20 of 28 on the day for 245 yards and two touchdowns. Manuel was accurate all day and had deep passes go for touchdowns to T.J. Graham and Marquise Goodwin. The pass to Graham was underthrown, but T.J. stopped and made a great play on the ball. Goodwin’s catch was perfectly thrown and caught in stride by the speedy receiver.

Buffalo also had contributions on the ground or in the passing game from Frank Summers, Scott Chandler and Chris Hogan.

On special teams, Dan Carpenter was excellent kicking in tough conditions. Carpenter went 3 for 3 on kicks of 40 yards or more. Brian Moorman wasn’t as great punting averaging 33.3 yards on six punts. His average was brought down by a two yard punt after Moorman dropped a snap.

The Bills may not have been perfect on Sunday, but it was pretty close. The Bills enter their bye week 4-7 and 2-2 in the AFC East.


Manuel’s second kneel down ends the game! Finals thoughts are coming.


Manuel takes a knee on second down and there’s less than one minute to play.


Jackson picks up three yards on first down.


The ball gets batted down on 4th by Dareus and the Jets lose the ball on downs.


Nelson gains 12 yards on 3rd and 16 as we reach the 2 minute warning.


Ivory gains 4 on first down. On 2nd and 16, Simms throws the ball too high to David Nelson.


McKelvin drops an easy interception on the next play in the end zone.


Ivory runs the ball 70 yards on first down. Buffalo is pretty much sitting back at this point.


Carpenter kicks it out of bounds for a touchdown. The Jets take over with 4:02 remaining in the game.


Carpenter connects on the 43 yard field goal and the Bills now lead 37-14.


The Bills call a timeout with 4:07 remaining. Dan Carpenter will attempt a field goal when play continues.


Summers gains about 1 yard on third down. It’s 4th and 5 for the Bills.


Fred Jackson picks up 2 yards on first and second down. It’s 3rd and 6 for the Bills.


Goodwin picks up 17 yards to keep the chains moving for the Bills.


Spiller gains one yard on first down.


Manuel throws it on 3rd and 9 and finds Scott Chandler for 31 yards. The chains and clock keep moving.


Choice gains no yards on second down. Third and 9 coming for the Bills.


Choice gains one yard on first down. The team will probably continue to run to kill time off of the clock.


Folk kicks the ball away and McKelvin takes a knee for the touchback.


Simms finds Cumberland for a touchdown with 9:36 remaining.


There’s a bit of pushing after Ivory’s two yard gain on the ground.


Powell gains 12 yards on the ground as Buffalo is playing a very basic defense.


Simms finds Cumberland for another first down.


Simms finds Greg Salas for 25 yards on second down.


Ivory gets no gain on first down.


Per Bills reporter Chris Brown, Matt Simms is in at quarterback for the Jets.


Moorman boots his second punt 57 yards. Cribbs returns the punt 16 yards before Tashard Choice cuts him down.


Moorman will re-kick following the offsetting penalties.


Moorman has a nice punt, but there are multiple flags on the play.


Manuel had Chandler open on third and nine, but the ball hits off of Chandler’s hands.


Buffalo loses two yards on first down, and then throws a gain of 3 yards. It’s 3rd and 9 for the Bills.


Jairus Byrd almost intercepts Geno Smith for a third time today. The ball falls incomplete. It’ll be 4th and 4 for the Jets to start the fourth quarter.


Chris Ivory gets back to back carries on first and second down to lead to a 3rd and 4.


The Jets take over on their own 38 after a nice return by Josh Cribbs.


Da’Norris Searcy read the screen pass and intercepted Geno Smith. Searcy returned the interception for a touchdown!

Bills 34 – Jets 7


Smith throws the ball away on first down.


Geno Smith’s third down pass falls incomplete, but there is a flag on the play. Aaron Williams gets called for defensive holding on the play.


Aaron Williams drops an interception after colliding with Santonio Holmes.


Kiko Alonso stops a pass to Tommy Bohanon for 1 yard.


Smith completes a first down pass to Kellen Winslow on first down for 17 yards.


The Bills decide to punt from the 32 yard line. It’s a bit questionable, but with the wind it makes sense.


Antonio Cromartie pushes Goodwin out of bounds on third down but no flag is thrown.


EJ Manuel almost threw a pick-6 to Antonio Cromartie, but the ball bounces off of his hands.


Cromartie talking a lot of trash after a Spiller two yard run. Cromartie was torched on Goodwin’s touchdown reception…


Jairus Byrd intercepts Geno Smith for the second time today. The Bills take over on the Jets’ 34 yard line.


Corbin Bryant blows up a first down run for a loss of four yards.


Cribbs can’t catch the kickoff and it rolls out of the endzone for a touchback.


Goodwin’s 43 yard touchdown reception extends Buffalo’s lead to 27-7.


Marquise Goodwin leaves Antonio Cromartie in the dust and pulls in a touchdown from EJ Manuel!


The replay that CBS aired showed Graham’s foot landing in bounds. Great footage.


The play is under review and Graham’s second foot is going to be a close call. It looks as though his foot landed in bounds.


T.J. Graham beats Milliner deep for 40 yards on first down.


McKelvin gets the ball and finds himself in the midst of multiple Bills and Jets players. The Bills take over on their own 15.


Leodis McKelvin breaks up a pass intended for Stephen Hill to force a Jets punt.


Smith’s second down pass is off and it’s 3rd and 8.


Cumberland gains two yards on first down on a pass that was almost intercepted by the Bills.


Ron Brooks interferes with the punt and the Jets get 15 yards tacked onto the end of the kick. The Jets will start another series in good field position.


Manuel throws long to T.J. Graham on 3rd down, but it’s broken up. The Bills are forced to punt.


Manuel picks up six yards on 2nd down. It’s third and 2 for the Bills.


Jackson is back in the game and he gains one yard on the play.


Goodwin gets out to the 25 yard line on the kick return. The Jets were in an illegal formation, so the ball will be advanced to the 30.


The ruling stands and it’s 20-7 Bills.


The previous play is under review as all scoring plays are.


On his second effort, the officials rule Chris Ivory’s run a touchdown.


The shovel pass on third down is stopped just short of the goal line. It’s 4th and goal for the Jets.


Chris Ivory takes the handoff on second down to the two-yard line. Third and goal on the way.


Geno Smith takes a hard hit from Manny Lawson and throws it away on first down.


First and goal for the Jets.


Smith finds Santonio Holmes deep after Buffalo froze on a fake handoff.


Leodis McKelvin breaks up a high pass intended for Stephen Hill. It’s 3rd and 13 for the Jets.


The Jets try to fake a screen to one side and throw to the other, but the Bills sniffed it out. The Jets lose three on first down.


Moorman drops the snap and ends up punting the ball 1 yard. The Jets have a great opportunity to start the second half.


Manuel throws a screen to Choice on third down for no gain. The Bills will be forced to punt.


Jackson was able to walk off on his own power. On first down, Spiller lost 4 yards on the ground. Lee Smith gains one yard on second down.


On third down, Jackson picks up 4 yards to convert the first down. Jackson is down on the field and holding his knee.


On first down, Jackson picks up 7 yards. He adds two more on the ground on second down.


Chris Hogan converts the first down with a seven yard gain.


Spiller catches the ball on a second down screen for a gain of 2 yards. 3rd and 3 for the Bills.


Manuel with a high pass on first down, but Frank Summers reels it in for a five yard gain.


The Bills will take over on their own 20 yard line after the touchback.


It’s 20-0 Buffalo as we head to halftime! The Bills will receive the ball to start the third quarter. Don’t be surprised if the Jets attempt an onside kick.


Ryan Quigley crushes the ball 53 yards. The Bills are likely to take a knee here and head into halftime.


The pass is ruled incomplete and the Jets are forced to punt.


Geno Smith gets hit byKyle Williams on third down, but the pass is called complete by Santonio Holmes. It looks as though the ball hit the turf first and then was cradled in Holmes midsection.


Powell gains 2 yards on second down. It’s 3rd and 8 for the Jets.


Jerry Hughes hit Smith hard on first down and the pass sails away.


Jerry Hughes hits Josh Cribbs on the kick return and the Jets start out on their own 23 yard line.


Carpenter kicks a 42 yard field goal to extend Buffalo’s lead to 20-0.


Manuel had Hogan open in the endzone, but the throw faded away to Hogan’s right.


Spiller with no gain on second down. There was a hole, but Spiller was tripped by Eric Wood.


Spiller gains three yards as we head to the 2 minute warning.


Buffalo takes over on the Jets’ 27 yard line.


Jairus Byrd with an interception in consecutive weeks, but the Bills get called for their third illegal block in the back penalty today.


Powell picks up two yards on first down.


Willie Colon get called for a false start on first down.


The Jets have 3:08 left to get points on the board.


Frank “The Tank” Summers runs the ball in from 3 yards out!

Bills 17 – Jets 0


Spiller runs for one yard and gets tackled by the facemask. No penalty was called on the play.


Geno Smith goes long on first down and it gets batted away. On the next play, Kyle Williams gets the strip sack of Smith and Manny Lawson recovers on the Jets’ 3 yard line.



T.J. Graham pretty much fields a punt on an EJ Manuel pass as the Jets overran the ball. Graham took the ball the rest of the way.

Bills 10 – Jets 0


Fred Jackson gains two yards on second down to lead to a third and long situation.


Spiller loses four yards on first down.


First down for the Bills!


It looks as though the Bills will pick up the first down after Manuel sneaks the ball again.


The Bills offense is out on the field on fourth down.


A neutral zone infraction leads to a 4th and inches situation.


Sheldon Richardson makes a great play on a third down screen to Fred Jackson. If Richardson doesn’t make the tackle, Jackson picks up the first down with ease.


A gain of three by Fred Jackson leads to a manageable 3rd and 4.


On first down, the Bills gain three yards on a Spiller run.


Goodwin converts another first down for the Bills today.


Manuel takes a hit from Calvin Pace on first down. On second down, Fred Jackson catches the ball for six yards on second down.


Manuel picks up the first down on a quarterback sneak.


Correction: The referees spot the ball short of the first down. 3rd and inches for the Bills.


Chandler catches a 2nd down pass and carries a Jet player for the first down.


Spiller gets stuffed after gaining one yard on first down. It’s going to be tough to run right into the Jets’ defense.


McKelvin takes the Quigley 56 yard punt for 11 yards before slipping on the turf. Buffalo takes over on their 32 yard line.


Jairus Byrd flies into the backfield to sack Smith on third down. Geno Smith never saw Byrd coming.


Cribbs takes the direct snap for close to seven yards. Third and about three for the Jets.


Chris Ivory lets a pass go right off his hands, but Nickell Robey can’t come up with the interception.


Dan Carpenter gets the Bills on the board first with a 40 yard field goal. Bills 3 – Jets 0.


Manuel’s third down pass flies over everyone’s head out of bounds. Dan Carpenter is in to attempt the 40 yard field goal.


Manuel connects with Goodwin on second down for 10 yards.


T.J. Graham loses two yards on a first down end around.


Manuel throws deep, but it falls incomplete off of Goodwin’s hands. On 3rd and 7, Chris Hogan converts another first down.


EJ Manuel finds Marquise Goodwin for seven yards to move the chains as the first quarter ends.


Chris “7-11″ Hogan catches an out route for 11 yards to make third down manageable.


Only a one yard gain on first and 15 for the Bills on a Fred Jackson carry.


Buffalo gets backed up on first down after a false start on T.J. Graham.


The Bills still have excellent field position to start the series. They’ll start on their own 42 yard line.


Kiko Alonso stops Ivory on third down for one yard and the Jets punt. Buffalo gets called for its second illegal block in the back of the game to back them up 10 yards.


Powell gains one yard on second down and if the Bills can stop the Jets here, they’ll get excellent field position.


Chris Ivory gains five yards on a first down carry. Ivory does a nice job of breaking a few tackles.


Brian Moorman kicks a 39 yard punt out of bounds to the Jets’ 6 yard line.


Manuel’s third down pass gets batted down and the Bills will have to punt. Lee Smith’s false start proves to be costly.


Lee Smith gets called for a false start on 3rd and 1 to make it 3rd and 6.


Marquise Goodwin gains 10 yards to pick up a first down and then Spiller gets no gain on first down. A nine yard screen pass to Spiller makes it 3rd and 1.


Spiller gains one yard on first down.


The wind took Nick Folk’s field goal for a ride and the score remains 0-0.


Nickell Robey and Kyle Williams sack Geno Smith on third down for a loss of three.


A four yard gain by Chris Ivory sets up a 3rd and 4 for the Jets.


The Jets go to the Wildcat on first down and Josh Cribbs gains 2 yards on the run.


Geno Smith throws it 33 yards to Santonio Holmes on an underthrown ball. Gilmore was out of position on the play.


Brian Moorman’s 39 yard punt will give the Jets the ball on their own 35 yard line.


Buffalo is forced to punt after gaining 9 yards on two Jackson rushes and one run by EJ Manuel. The weather temporarily knocked out the internet on my end, but we’re back in business!


Jackson gains three yards on first down.


The Bills will take over on their own 17 yard line.


Ron Brooks was called for an illegal block in the back on McKelvin’s short punt return.


Geno Smith avoids the sack on third down, but the Bills knock the ball down. The Jets will be forced to punt.


Chris Ivory loses five yards on the next play. It’s 3rd and 17 for the Jets.


Geno Smith returns to the game and fumbles when trying to pull the ball out. Smith recovered the fumble.


Buffalo knows the run is coming, but Ivory still gains 10 yards on 3rd and 1.


Geno Smith is up and standing on the sidelines after the play.


Smith completes a short pass to Greg Salas on second down and Smith is down on the field after the play.


Bilal Powell gains 10 yards on his first carry of the game. Buffalo’s run defense looks better on the next day, stopping Ivory for a gain of 2 yards.


Geno Smith completes his first pass of the day, but Arthur Moats is there instantly for the tackle. It went for a gain of 4 yards.


Duke Williams makes a good play on special teams to start the game for the Bills.


Buffalo has won the toss and will defer.


We’re ten minutes away from kickoff! It’s do or die time for the Buffalo Bills’ 2013 season. Let’s see how they look against the Jets.


The Jets’ inactives for today’s game:

QB David Garrard
WR Jeremy Kerley
RB Alex Green
LB Garrett McIntyre
G Will Campbell
OL Ben Ijilana
OL Oday Aboushi

Ed Reed will be starting for the Jets today.


Buffalo’s inactives for today for the Jets:

QB Jeff Tuel
WR Robert Woods
WR Stevie Johnson
CB Justin Rogers
RB Ronnie Wingo
CB Brandon Smith
OL Antoine McClain

Marquise Goodwin starts at WR for Stevie Johnson.

Geno Smith will have to throw at a healthy Bills secondary today. In Week 3, the Bills were without Stephon Gilmore and Jairus Byrd. Smith passed for 331 yards in the first matchup, with 247 yards being thrown on Justin Rogers per Pro Football Focus (Subscription Required).

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  1. grif says:

    Manuel’s best game of the year, against a pretty darn good defense.

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