Buffalo Bills vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Week 14 Live Game Thread

EJ Manuel will attempt to win his first game on the road in 2013 against Tampa Bay. (Photo: Kevin Hoffman — USA Today Sports)

BBD Assistant Editor: Ryan Talbot

Final Thoughts:

There’s not much to say about Buffalo’s pathetic performance today against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Offensively, EJ Manuel had his worst outing of the year. The quarterback threw four interceptions and attempted to dink and dunk his way down the field. While Manuel wasn’t at fault for all of his interceptions, Manuel’s up and down season season hit a new low today.

Buffalo’s offensive line didn’t do Manuel and the Bills any favors either. Manuel found himself getting hit quite a bit as the Buccaneers sacked him six times. Multiple lineman were called for penalties on the day, including Eric Wood who was the weak link on the line. Wood’s biggest gaffe of the game was getting called for holding on a screen pass that C.J. Spiller took 83 yards for the touchdown. The holding penalty was especially bad as Spiller was past the player that Wood decided to hold.

Spiller and Jackson didn’t receive much help from the line and each struggled in the run game. Spiller was held to 22 yards on 11 carries and Jackson saw five carries for 12 yards.

Defensively, the Bills did a fairly good job in the second half. Unfortunately, the first half was a different story. The defense gave up an 80 yard run to Bobby Rainey on his first carry of the day and a wobbly 38 yard pass found itself in Vincent Jackson’s arms for another big play touchdown.

While those two plays were especially bad, the defense did pretty well the rest of the way. Tampa Bay had excellent field position all game thanks to Manuel’s interceptions, Leodis McKelvin’s muffed punt and many stalled drives.

For the game, Mike Glennon was held to 90 yards passing and Rainey was rather ineffective for the remainder of the game (21 carries for 47 yards).

The loss at least gives closure to any Bills fans holding out hope for a playoff appearance. Buffalo is now 4-9 and looking for it’s first road win under EJ Manuel.



Ronnie Wingo gets a carry for 4 yards to end today’s game.


Leodis McKelvin takes the punt and finds a way to hold onto the ball.


Hill loses a yard on second down and he gains 2 yards on third down.


Tampa Bay gets called for unnecessary roughness after a short run by Michael Hill. We’ve mercifully reached the two-minute warning.


Hill is in at running back now and has gained 13 yards on two carries.


Tampa Bay takes over on their own 33 yard line following the Moorman punt.


Fred Jackson drops a 3rd down screen pass and the Bills will once again punt.


Manuel gets sacked on second down to lead to a 3rd and 19.


Tampa Bay has -7 yards in the second half is still in complete control of this game.


McKelvin tries to grab a punt in heavy traffic and he fumbles for the second time today. Luckily, Da’Norris Searcy is there to recover the ball.


On 3rd and 22 Brian Leonard carries the ball for 2 yards. The Buccaneers will punt with a little less than six minutes remaining in the game.


On 2nd and 8, an awful snap causes the Buccaneers to lose 14 yards.


Glennon’s third down pass falls incomplete but Vincent Jackson is held to give the Buccaneers a first down.


Leonard gains a yard on second down.


The Buccaneers hand the ball off to Rainey for three yards on first down.


This performance is extremely disappointing, but Buffalo looks as though they’ve given up on the 2013 season.


Manuel scrambles on 3rd and 18, slides and then gets hit by Golson. No flag is called on the play.


Manuel once again drops off a short pass to Fred Jackson. At this point, air it out regardless of coverage. You’re down by 21 points.


Manuel breaks away from a sack attempt, but Eric Wood gets called for holding.


The Bills attempt a short pass to Fred Jackson on first down and lose two yards.


Buffalo will take over on their own 31 yard line to start their next series.


Buffalo stops Rainey for a loss on 3rd down and will force a Buccaneers punt.


Mike Glennon just attempted an awful looking shovel pass that hits Nigel Bradham.


Bobby Rainey gains 9 yards on a first down rush.


Tampa Bay takes over on their own 19 yard line following Brian Moorman’s punt.


Manuel has to throw the ball away on third down as he was once again pressured.


Manuel gets hammered as he throws the ball and it harmlessly hits the turf.


Manuel throws the ball away on first down.


Stevie Johnson gains six yards on 1st and 4 to move the chains.


The holding penalty brings the ball to Buffalo’s 33 yard line. The Bills finally get a big play but it’s all for naught.


Spiller takes a screen 83 yards for a touchdown, but a late flag is thrown.


On the following play, Cordy Glenn is called for holding.


Fred Jackson catches an EJ Manuel pass for a gain of 14 yards.


At the end of three quarters, the Bills are being thoroughly outplayed by the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay leads 27-6 with one quarter remaining.


Lindell makes a 32 yard field goal to extend Tampa Bay’s lead to 27-6.


The referees make the right call as Jackson’s heel lands out of bounds.


That pass should be called incomplete in my opinion. Jackson got both feet in, but I believe his heel landed out of bounds before his second toe touched in.


Vincent Jackson pulls in a high pass and the referee claims Jackson got both feet in.


On 3rd and 7, the Buccaneers get called for a false start. This is getting into unwatchable territory.


Tampa calls a timeout with 17 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter.


On 2nd and 7, Glennon throws a poor pass but it falls incomplete.


Robert Woods gets hammered by Darrelle Revis and Lavonte David had the ball fly directly into his arms.


Erik Pears gets called for a false start as the Bills are moving in the wrong direction.


Right after the overturned call, Eric Wood gets called for a false start.


It’s a shame that the Bills had to waste their second challenge on what should have been called a catch from the get-go.


On 2nd and 6, Robert Woods pulls in a catch but the refs call the pass incomplete. This should be an easy call to overturn.


Spiller gains 4 yards on first down.


Spiller gains three yards on a first down carry and Stevie Johnson picks up 13 yards on down but it gets called back on offsetting personal fouls. Manuel finds Fred Jackson on the next play to pick up the first down.


The punt goes through the end zone and the Bills will take over on their own 20 yard line.


Mike Glennon’s pass on 3rd and 15 is inaccurate and falls out of bounds. The Bills force the punt.


Kiko Alonso sniffs out the screen pass and stops Rainey for a loss of eight yards.


Rainey gains three yards on first down as the ball is now at midfield.


After seeing the replay, I’ve seen a lot worse in terms of pass interference, but still a bad play by McKelvin.


A late flag comes in and Leodis McKelvin is called for pass interference.


Manny Lawson stops Bobby Rainey for a loss of three yards on first down.


The interception stands as there was not enough evidence to overturn the interception call on the field.  The Bills were having an encouraging drive to that point.


EJ Manuel throws an ugly pass that gets intercepted by Mason Foster.


Jackson gets stopped for no gain on 1st and 10.


On 3rd and 1, Manuel finds Lee Smith for a gain of 7 yards.


Spiller tries to stretch the run outside but gets stopped on 2nd down.


Manuel throws a dangerous pass on first down, but Scott Chandler pulls it in for a 9 yard gain.


McKelvin makes up for his muffed punt with a 21 yard punt return the Buccaneers’ 47 yard line.


Marcell Dareus sacks Mike Glennon on third down. That sack is on Glennon as he had plenty of time to get the ball out.


Robey brings Rainey down after three yards on second down.


Rainey gains 2 yards on first down.


Tampa Bay will start the drive on their own 20 yard line.


The Buccaneers get called for encroachment and Carpenter makes a 46 yard field goal. Buffalo now trails 24-6.


Manuel gets sacked on 3rd down for a nine yard loss.


Ronnie Wingo gains 2 yards on a first down pass and then Manuel finds Hogan for 12 yards.


Manuel finds Graham on the next play but Kraig Urbik gets called for holding.


Stevie Johnson catches the ball and takes a big pop but stays on his feet. Johnson runs into Scott Chandler but gains 33 yards on the play.


Fred Jackson gains three yards on a first down carry.


Manuel gains a first down with a scramble. A flag is called after the play but nothing comes from it.


Spiller gains 1 yard on a first down carry.


The Bills lose 1 yard on first down carry to C.J. Spiller. One second down, Manuel’s pass goes into the turf but pass interference is called on Leonard Johnson.


Editor’s Halftime Thoughts:

Awful. In a word, that describes the Buffalo Bills’ play in the first half. Against a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that has won just three games this season, the Bills have looked completely overmatched.

The Buffalo defense received plenty of positive recognition earlier this season, but it is having another very bad game in the first half. The Bills have been burned for a number of big plays, including an 80-yard touchdown run by Buccaneers running back Bobby Rainey just 18 seconds into the game on which he ran unimpeded to the end zone, and a 38-yard touchdown reception on which Bills cornerback Nickell Robey was burned by Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson. It has been a poor effort by the Bills defense overall, having allowed 218 total yards and 24 points to a Buccaneers offense that came into the game averaging just 295.3 yards per game and 18.1 points per game.

Offensively, it’s looking like another bad week for rookie quarterback EJ Manuel, who has completed just six of 15 passing attempts for 54 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions.

The first of those interceptions should have been a catch by wide receiver Stevie Johnson, but it went off Johnson’s hands and into the hands of Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David off the deflection. But while Johnson’s continued enigmatic play has frustrated Bills fans, Manuel has also simply been bad, and the second interception was on him, a wobbler over the middle that Buccaneers rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks read and made a play on for what was, at the time, an interception for Manuel on back-to-back possession and continued a string of three interceptions between the two teams.

The Bills have been getting more playing time than usual for some young talent who has spent most of the season inactive or on the practice squad, including J.J. Unga, who saw some playing time in front of Kraig Urbik at right guard, and Ty Powell, who has been in on the defense at linebacker. Buffalo might as well continue evaluating whatever young players they can in the second half, because with the way this team’s confidence and overall level of play has fallen, it seems highly unlikely they would overcome a 21-point halftime deficit.

Dan Hope


Buffalo takes a knee to end the half.


Glennon finds Wright for the touchdown and the Buccaneers take a 24-3 lead with 15 seconds to go at the half. Buffalo just looks like a team going through the motions.


Bills read the shovel pass and stop Rainey for no gain. The Buccaneers call their second timeout.


Wright catches a slant on 3rd and 6 and takes the ball to the Bills five yard. Tampa Bay takes a timeout after the play.


Leonard gains 4 yards on second down.


Brian Leonard gains one yard as we are under two minutes in the first half.


Mike Glennon almost gets sacked and throws the ball incomplete, but Jairus Byrd gets called for a personal foul. An awful penalty call as Byrd wrapped up Glennon by the legs.


On 2nd and 14, Underwood drops the pass.


An end around leads to a loss of four yards for Tampa Bay.


Brian Leonard gains 12 yards on first down.


A neutral zone infraction on Jerry Hughes gives the Buccaneers a first down.


Brian Leonard gains 5 yards on second down.


Moorman punts the ball to the Buccaneers’ 43 yard line. On first down, Gilmore almost collects his second interception.


Manuel throws an ugly pass behind T.J. Graham on third down. Another Bills punt forthcoming.


Jackson takes a 2nd down carry for four yards. Third and six for the Bills.


Manuel just throws the ball away on first down.


Stevie Johnson holds onto the Manuel pass and gets 7 yards on the play. It’s a 1st down for the Bills.


Spiller gets stopped for no gain on 1st and 5.


Tampa Bay gets called for a neutral zone infraction to move the ball out to the Bills’ eight yard line.


Gilmore makes up for McKelvin’s error and the Bills will start from their own 3 yard line.


Stephon Gilmore intercepts Mike Glennon just outside of the end zone on a pass intended for Vincent Jackson.


Rainey gains 1 yard on first down.


Leodis McKelvin muffs the punt and Tampa Bay recovers the ball on the Bills’ 21 yard line.


On 3rd and 6, Glennon scrambles and tries to throw the ball away. Mario Williams bats the pass but it falls out of bounds. The defense forces the punt.


Rainey gets back to the line of scrimmage on first down. It’s 2nd and 10 for Tampa Bay and Rainey gets to the 50 yard line.


The Buccaneers start their next drive at their own 46 yard line. The team has had excellent field position throughout the game.


Manuel gets sacked by Darrelle Revis on 3rd down. What an awful game by the Bills thus far.


Spiller loses a yard on 2nd down to give the Bills a 3rd and 11.


Manuel gets his first down pass batted down. It’s 2nd and 10 for the Bills.


Former Bills kicker Rian Lindell makes a 53 yard field goal to extend the Buccaneers’ lead to 17-3.


Dawson catches a 3rd down pass by Glennon but Robey stops him from gaining the first down.


Rainey gains 3 yards on first down, but his second down pass is behind his target and falls incomplete.


Manuel throws an ugly pass on second down right to Johnthan Banks. The Buccaneers take over on Buffalo’s 41 yard line.


Manuel finds Woods for a gain of 7 on 1st and 13.


Spiller takes the first down carry for a 14 yard gain, but a holding penalty on Goodwin negates the play.


Jairus Byrd intercepts Mike Glennon on third down and returns the ball 20 yards.


Rainey gets a minimal gain on second down, so an illegal formation penalty is declined by the Bills.


Glennon goes deep on first down and has the ball bounce off of Underwood’s hands in the end zone.


Stevie Johnson has a ball bounce off of his hands and go into the arms of Lavonte David.


Manuel finds Stevie Johnson for an 11 yard gain and first down. On the next play, Spiller carries the ball for a gain of 7 yards.


At the end of the first quarter the Bills find themselves down 14-3 thanks in part to two big plays.


Manuel gains seven yards on a first down scramble.


Ron Brooks is questionable to return after suffering a neck injury.


The Bills will take over near their own 20 yard line.


A miscommunication on third down leads to an incomplete pass. Buffalo forces the punt.


Rainey loses a yard on 2nd and 10. It’s 3rd and 11 for the Buccaneers.


Buffalo brings pressure on first down but cannot get to Glennon. The quarterback throws it away on first down.


Brooks gets up to his feet and walks off on his own.


Linebacker Ty Powell is also expected to see some time on the field during this drive and today’s game.


Buffalo is giving some of their younger players an opportunity. J.J. Unga is in at right guard for Kraig Urbik.


Ron Brooks is hurt on the punt return and is still down on the field.


Eric Page returns the Bills’ punt to his own 46 yard line.


Manuel gets sacked on third down and the Bills will once again be forced to punt. Nothing is going well for Buffalo at this point.


Johnson drops a second down pass that is then almost intercepted.


Manuel gets sacked on first down and loses one yard.


Buffalo will start their drive on the 25 yard line after Robert Woods’ nine yard kickoff return.


Lindell’s extra point is good and the Buccaneers lead 14-3.


Mike Glennon avoids the pass rush and throws deep to Vincent Jackson for the touchdown. Nickell Robey is called for pass interference on the play, which is obviously declined.


Glennon fits a pass into a tight window but the first down doesn’t count after a holding penalty to Tampa Bay.


Rainey gains another 2 yards on second down.


Rainey takes a first down pass four yards. The Buccaneers are driving on the Bills.


Vincent Jackson gains 22 yards on third down to give the Buccaneers a first down.


On second down, Rainey loses two yards. It’s 3rd and 7 for Tampa Bay.


Rainey’s first down carry goes for five yards.


Mike Glennon connects with Vincent Jackson for 10 yards on first down to again move the chains.


Rainey’s second down carry goes for eight yards. First down Buccaneers.


Bobby Rainey carries the ball for 3 yards on 1st and 10 from the 20 yard line.


Dan Carpenter hit a 40 yard field goal to give the Bills their first points of the day. It’s currently 7-3 Tampa Bay.


On 3rd and 16, Manuel throws incomplete to Stevie Johnson.


Jackson carries the ball 4 yards to the Buccaneers 12, but Manuel gets sacked on the next play for a loss of 10 yards.


Spiller takes a carry 2 yards and then Manuel finds Chandler for 15 yards.


We’ve lost CBS coverage but EJ Manuel has found Stevie Johnson for a gain of 10 yards. A personal foul on Darrelle Revis moves the ball an additional 15 yards.


Leodis McKelvin takes the Buccaneers punt to his own 42 yard line.


Glennon throws an inaccurate pass of his own on third down that goes incomplete. Buffalo should receive the punt in excellent field position.


Rainey is stopped for no gain on second down. It’s 3rd and 10 for the Buccaneers.


Glennon throws a deep pass on first down to Vincent Jackson, but the ball falls incomplete.


Tampa Bay calls for a fair catch and the Buccaneers will take over on their own 15 yard line.


Manuel stays in the pocket with pressure coming and throws an inaccurate pass to Scott Chandler. The Bills will punt again.


Fred Jackson gets his first carry of the game and he takes it one yard to set up a 3rd and 5.


On first down, Manuel finds Robert Woods for a gain of four yards.


Brian Moorman gets the kick away and gets hit hard by a Buccaneers player. The personal foul on Tampa Bay gives the Bills a first down.


Manuel somehow scrambles away from a sack but only gets eight yards on the scramble. The Bills will be forced to punt.


On 2nd and 10, C.J. Spiller loses a yard. Not exactly the best start for the Bills.


Buffalo starts on their own 19 yard line and on their first play, Manuel’s pass is batted back.


Tampa Bay leads Buffalo 7-0 after Bobby Rainey practically goes untouched for 80 yards.


Bobby Rainey takes his first carry of the game 80 yards for a touchdown.


Glennon’s first pass of the game is tipped and falls incomplete.


Tampa Bay starts with the ball on their own 20 own yard.


Footage of Glennon beating Manuel’s Florida St. 17-16 is shown pre-game, but there is nothing about Manuel and Florida State’s 34-0 victory over Glennon.


Pregame prediction: Bills 27 – Buccaneers 17


The Buccaneers seem to have plenty of empty seats for today’s game against the Bills.


The Buccaneers’ inactives:

CB Deveron Carr
FB/RB Lonnie Pryor
S Bradley McDougald
LB Danny Lansanah
G Patrick Omameh
G Carl Nicks
DT Gary Gibson


Buffalo’s inactives for today’s game:

QB Jeff Tuel
FB Frank Summers
DB Brandon Smith
OL Mark Asper
OL Antoine McClain
TE Tony Moeaki
LB Jamaal Westerman


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