Scouting Notes: 2013 Fight Hunger Bowl (BYU vs. Washington)

Washington running back Bishop Sankey is declaring for the 2014 NFL draft after a two-touchdown performance in the Fight Hunger Bowl. (Photo: Ed Szczepanski — USA Today Sports)

Sean Parker, SS, Washington, Sr.

-Tight coverage, got too close and nearly lost tackle on juke

-Read screen, planted foot and got downhill for tackle for loss

-Bad position on tackle, didn’t wrap and slid off runner

-Quick to line, didn’t fill but waited for runner to come to him

-Picked up post route right on top of receiver

-Decent closing burst, wrapped up ballcarrier’s legs and took him down

-Read quarterback’s eye and broke in on short out

-Slow to roll over to deep receiver

-Hard hit to jar ball loose, but left game after going down with injury

Overview: Parker showed a nose for the ball and his playmaking mentality was on display throughout the game. Often playing deep zone coverage, he did a good job playing centerfield. He read the quarterback’s eyes several times breaking in on short routes, though he seemed worried about the quarterback scrambling, letting guys behind him in coverage a few times.

In run support, he was quick to charge forward but hesitant to engage near the line. He needs to show more aggression in run support and better tackling technique, as he often just threw his body into the runner rather than wrapping up.

Despite being listed at only 5’10” and 195 pounds, Parker plays bigger than he is, which will raise concerns about his durability. As seen at the end of the game, he sacrificed himself to break up a pass and left the game with an injury.

Marcus Peters, CB, Washington, R-So.

-Suspended first quarter for team rules violation

-Overaggressive and whiffed on tackle

-Good mirroring, not fooled by double move

-Aggressive, in receiver’s face at the line

-Gets inside position at line, squeezed receiver to sideline

-Hesitant to make tackle and runner goes right by

-Missed press but quick to turn and run

-Trouble looking and finding ball

-Sticks with receiver on broken play, needs to turn head

-Charges forward and wraps up receiver

Overview: Peters was suspended for the first quarter of the Fight Hunger Bowl due to an academic issue, according to Adam Jude of The Seattle Times.

Once he joined the game, Peters showed why he is one of the top press cornerbacks in college football in only his sophomore season. He is physical and uses his hands well to jam wide receivers at the line of scrimmage. When not up at the line, he shows fluid hips and can turn and go with ease.

That said, he plays the receiver rather than the ball too often, which might elicit some flags at the next level. In zone coverage, he looks like he wants to switch to man and run with receivers. He was quick to come out of coverage and break in on underneath passes, which can lead to overaggressive mistakes.

Nonetheless, if Peters declares as a redshirt sophomore, he should get some early round consideration.

Keith Price, QB, Washington, Sr.

-Stared down receiver, pass batted down

-Knew where check down was under pressure, lobbed too much

-Good placement to tall receiver on deep out, needed more zip

-More velocity on deep out than before but still needs more

-Slight overthrow to open receiver, nice touch

-Carries ball away from body on scramble

-Good scramble, needed to carry ball closer to body

-Ball slipped out of hand while scrambling

-Didn’t sell play action well, eager to throw pass

-Double clutched on screen pass, defender read play to break on it

-Eyes go down on scramble

-Great ball placement on intermediate throw for touchdown

-Nice sell on play action, too much air under pass, intercepted

-Limped off field, returned to game

-Left game with apparent rib injury, did not return

Overview: Coming off a shoulder injury, durability issues were once again raised for Price. After throwing an interception and getting hit helmet-to-helmet, Price laid on the ground before leaving the field. He returned for one series, but then left with a rib injury. Price told Gregg Bell of Washington’s official athletics website after the game that his rib was “probably broken.”

At only 6’1” and 202 pounds, Price’s size is already a concern, but if he can’t stand up to getting hit his NFL career will be short.

He finished the game with 17 completions for 123 yards, one touchdown and an interception on 22 passing attempts. Despite his high completion percentage, nearly half his passes were thrown behind the line of scrimmage and only five were thrown beyond 10 yards.

His lack of arm strength when throwing to the sideline and downfield stuck out. If he cannot put more velocity on his deep outs, he will struggle at the next level.

He is still an intriguing developmental quarterback option, but he raised more concerns in this game than anything.

Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington, Jr.

-Squares up through hole

-Takes on contact and gets yards after

-Patient runner, a bit upright at the point-of-attack

-Bounced outside for touchdown, nice shuffle and quick acceleration

-Good hands out of the backfield

-Tough run up the middle, ran behind pads and keeps grinding

-Slow to cutback but juked defender at next level

-Wow! Impressive jump cuts through traffic outside for touchdown

-Nice route and catch, bounced off tackles

-Bounced outside, didn’t see cutback lane

-Left game with wrist/hand injury, did not return

Overview: Named the offensive player of the game, Sankey ran for 95 yards and two touchdowns in only three quarters. He left the game at the end of the third quarter with a hand injury.

A runner that runs “behind his pads” and stays low, he is slippery and seems to always fall forward when tackled. He has quick, consistently moving feet that allow him to juke defenders or run through arm tackles. In arguably the best play of the game, he bounced outside with a few jump cuts eluding several defenders on his way to the end zone for his second of two 11-yard touchdown runs.

Sankey is a three-down running back, but durability will be one of his biggest concerns. He has carried the ball 616 times over the past two seasons.

Sankey declared for the 2014 NFL draft Monday.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington, Jr.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins’ final collegiate game was highlighted by a leaping touchdown catch. (Photo: Kirby Lee — USA Today Sports)

-Feet not set, narrow blocking base

-Aware where first down is, nice easy hands catch but unnecessary jump

-Little effort on backside block

-Good form on block, stops driving after initial contact

-Looks lost on outside run, steps in and doesn’t know who to block

-Surprising speed but takes time to accelerate

-Not much power behind runs

-Hands swallow ball, able to snatch ball above head

-Gets low and keeps driving, great block

-Thrown to ground by linebacker, lunged

Overview: After the game, Seferian-Jenkins announced he would declare for the draft. Due to his size and athleticism, he will be considered an early and possible first-round selection.

A former basketball player, including one year at the collegiate level, he has the athleticism coveted in this generation of tight ends. His hands are large and engulf the ball.

While his size and athleticism were evident as a receiver, he looked like he checked out of some running plays if they were ran away from him. Despite often blocking smaller defensive backs and linebackers, he struggled to drive them back.

Seferian-Jenkins will likely work out well at the NFL Scouting Combine and, as a size mismatch, might draw first-round consideration.

Danny Shelton, DT, Washington, Jr.

-Quick off snap, maintains footing against cuts

-Legs like tree trunks, huge lower half

-Anchored and held ground against double team

-Shoved back by double team, able to reset feet and disengage

-Drives guard back, active hands and good placement

-Extends arms and throws lineman aside

-Stout at line, cast lineman aside, stood up runner for a loss

-Stood high, driven to ground by double-team

-Overpowered guard and drove him back for sack

-Nice burst off line, cleared space outside then jumped in for tackle

-Fatigued, hands on hips and slow out of stance late in game

-Neutralized by double team, slowed down over course of game

-Made tackle nine yards downfield

Overview: Shelton dominated the trenches throughout the game. He controlled the middle of the line and stopped the BYU rushing offense. Displaying excellent power in his lower half and active hands, he consistently beat opposing offensive linemen. He was even able to drive back some double teams.

Quick acceleration also allows him to get up into the pads of his opponents quickly. He shows surprising change-of-direction, as he was able to move outside then break inside several times to make tackles.

Stamina was the biggest issue for Shelton in this contest. He tired on longer drives and had his hands on hips in the second half. When he looked fatigued, he tended to play high and slowed down.

Shelton is only a junior and will likely return to school, according to He may want to reconsider, however, after his dominant performance in the Fight Hunger Bowl.

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