Pre-Free Agency Buffalo Bills Draft Hangout

With the opening of free agency less than 48 hours away, Buffalo Bills Draft editors Dan Hope, Ryan Talbot and Joe Marino met to discuss what the Buffalo Bills should look to accomplish in free agency, who they could look to target and how that could affect their plans for this year’s NFL draft.

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One Response to “Pre-Free Agency Buffalo Bills Draft Hangout”

  1. shawn says:

    as much as i wanted the Bills to sign Jarius Byrd back, to me it proves Jarius is only playing for money and not really more than that. I guess you can’t blame him, he didn’t really seem like a loyal teammate. I never felt like he was a game changer. I don’t recall him making big hits at all. Sure he has had several picks and i have enjoyed everyone of them. I do think he can be replaced without losing much. I mean Jim Leonard had 4 pics in his limited action..Byrd had 4 pics. With 2 CB and SS in place, i feel better with whoever they find for FS.

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