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20 Years Later, How Far Off are the 2013 Buffalo Bills from the 1993 AFC Champions?

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

EJ Manuel is no Jim Kelly, but the 2013 Buffalo Bills may not be too far behind the 1993 team that won the AFC championship. (Photo: Kevin Hoffman — USA Today Sports Images)

BBD Staff Writer: Eric Samulski

Anniversaries are an occasion for reflection, an opportunity to take a look back at something and see how much you’ve grown or how far you’ve fallen. For the Buffalo Bills, the 20th anniversary of their last Super Bowl appearance seems to be a cause to reflect on the two decades of futility since that have seen only five winning seasons.

That said, when comparing the current team to the team that won its fourth consecutive AFC championship 20 years ago, it seems the current incarnation of the Bills might not be as far off from success as many believe.

Let’s look at the basic facts first. The 1993 Buffalo Bills finished the regular season 12-4. They beat the Los Angeles Raiders in the divisional playoff round and the Kansas City Chiefs in the conference championship game before falling 30-13 to the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl (which I was at, for the record, making it even more heart-breaking).


5 Buffalo Bills Legends Who Belong on the Wall of Fame

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

BBD Staff Writer: Ryan Talbot

Since 1980, the Buffalo Bills have honored many of their legendary players, coaches and personnel by adding them to their Wall of Fame. No recipient has been announced yet for 2013, which leaves it unknown whether anyone will be joining the wall this season. That said, it’s not due to the team lacking worthwhile candidates.

The Bills have 28 members on its Wall of Fame. The following five legends also deserve to be honored for their tenure as Buffalo Bills.


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