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The Morning After: Bills v. Bengals

Monday, October 3rd, 2011


Marcell Dareus has been one of the Bills biggest bright spots this season

We know this feeling all too well Bills Nation. Like many of you across the country we woke up this morning with an uneasy nauseas feeling in our stomachs as we set out to write this piece. What an ugly game this was and as we said on Twitter, we played down to our opponent yesterday afternoon. I know the Bengals won the game and we give them all the credit but they are not the better team at this point. (more…)

The Morning After: Bills v. Raiders

Monday, September 19th, 2011
Nelson and Chandler have given Bills fans plenty to be excited about thus far

While watching yesterday’s game one word kept springing to mind…resiliency. This team showed so much resiliency in the face of complete disaster that the whole country is going to take notice now. How many other team down 21-3 at the half would have been able to come back? (more…)

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