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Is It Time for the Buffalo Bills to “Tank” for Better Draft Position?

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Even though the Bills have fallen out of the playoff race with three consecutive losses, tanking would not be a good way for Doug Marrone and his first-year coaching staff to build positive momentum for 2014. (Photo: Jason Bridge — USA Today Sports)

BBD Contributor: Ryan Glaze

Sunday’s loss to the beleaguered Pittsburgh Steelers brings with it a near-certainty that the league’s longest playoff drought will continue. The Buffalo Bills have not made the playoffs since 1999, and with their current record of 3-7, that streak seems destined to continue.

Though it feels a bit earlier than some years, the question of how the Buffalo Bills should approach its remaining games is being asked again. Should the Bills sit their veterans, treat every hangnail as an IR-worthy injury and test the mettle of its young backups, fully knowing this will likely lead to more losses? Or should they – whether out of respect to the rest of the league, in the interest of fostering a competitive culture, or simply to build player confidence – continue to fight hard and try to win each remaining game?

Both arguments have merit, but although this may seem like a prime year to tank, the Bills should continue to work toward building positive momentum through the rest of the season.


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