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Nick Perry Scouting Report

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

DE Nick Perry-USC

Height: 6’3

Weight: 250 lbs.

Grade: 7.3 (Grading Scale)

Projection: 1st Round


Perry shows off plenty of natural athleticism and ability in his pass rush….he shows the ability to bend well and turn the corner off his speed rush…likes to keep the OT honest by running the arc and then coming back and hitting the B gap with a power move off his first step…when he realizes he has them he uses his hands well and is able to disengage…showed the ability to drop into zone coverage during his time at USC, could be useful if he transitions outside full time…stays low off contact and can really generate some push despite giving up 40 to 50 pounds on the OT…rushes with a tenacity and isn’t afraid to really get after the OT who is trying to block him…he wraps up well and tends to finish plays…Has dominated a couple of different top level OT’s in his career.


The first question Perry must answer is whether or not he’s the elite athlete who can stand up in a 34 and blow by the OT…He’s too singularly focused on getting after the QB, he forgets about containment or backside responsibility and will often leave huge gaps for RB or QB to escape into…needs to add some more bulk to his frame…raw in his technique which is surprising for a guy who is so strong…needs to realize that his hands are always going to be weapons for him to use and he needs to use them more consistently…he absolutely must develop a counter move to the OT, as of now if he can’t beat the OT with his initial move he isn’t going to beat him.


Perry v. Colorado


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