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Glenn Gifford’s Take: Marquise Goodwin Should Be The Buffalo Bills’ No. 3 Wide Receiver

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin has been a consistent playmaker throughout training camp. (Photo: Thomas J. Russo — USA Today Sports)

BBD Staff Writer: Glenn Gifford

While attending Wednesday evening’s Bills practice, I had a “Eureka!” or “A-ha!” moment. I was fortunate that this moment lasted for more than two hours; previous “Eureka!” moments that I’ve experienced were usually short-lived events that occurred while taking freshman algebra.

The moment was early on during 7-on-7 drills yesterday when I realized that Marquise Goodwin, a third-round pick rookie wide receiver and kick return specialist from Texas, should be a starting wide receiver for the Bills offense. To say that Goodwin’s performance on Wednesday was spectacular would be an understatement.

He stuck out on the St. John Fisher College field like a roach on a wedding cake. I began to ask myself why Goodwin was not starting as a wide receiver for the Bills. There is not one wide receiver on the current Buffalo Bills roster with the upside Goodwin has.


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