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This Week in Fantasy Football: 2014 NFL Week 10

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014
Mark Sanchez becomes a worthy pickup in fantasy football this week with Nick Foles sidelined. (Photo: Kevin Jairaj — USA Today Sports)

Mark Sanchez becomes a worthy pickup in fantasy football this week with Nick Foles sidelined. (Photo: Kevin Jairaj — USA Today Sports)

BBD Contributor: Doug Moore

Waiver-Wire Pickups

Mark Sanchez, QB, Philadelphia Eagles (Owned in 3% of Yahoo! Leagues): Yes folks, I’m being serious. Mark Sanchez is now taking over in Philly for Nick Foles. And because of their offense being high-powered and fast paced, Sanchez is a must-own for Foles owners and anyone else who needs quarterback help. He will throw interceptions (two INTs on Sunday), but he should garner high passing yards (202 yards against the Houston Texans) and touchdowns (two TDs on Sunday).

Carson Palmer, QB, Arizona Cardinals (61% Y!): Palmer has led the Cardinals to the best record in the NFL and has no shortage of talented pass-catchers. With Michael Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Ellington and others, Palmer is in good hands with the Arizona offense. With a strong arm and veteran experience to boot, Palmer keeps putting up great fantasy points (nine TDs to two INTs in four games) and should be owned by anyone who has a QB on bye this week and/or needs a QB.


Buffalo Bills Defense Proves No Match for Tom Brady, New England Patriots in 37-22 Loss

Sunday, October 12th, 2014
Brandon LaFell and the New England Patriots offense had their way with the Buffalo Bills in Sunday's second half. (Photo: Timothy T. Ludwig — USA Today Sports)

Brandon LaFell and the New England Patriots offense had their way with the Buffalo Bills in Sunday’s second half. (Photo: Timothy T. Ludwig — USA Today Sports)

BBD Editor: Dan Hope

The common refrain for the Buffalo Bills in recent losing efforts has often been that while their defense made the plays they needed to make, their offense let them down.

The opposite was true on Sunday, at least in the second half, as the New England Patriots scored 24 points in the final 30 minutes to win, 37-22, and take a one-game lead over the Bills in the AFC East.


Are Problems in New England Opening The Door for Buffalo Bills to Win AFC East?

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Could the Buffalo Bills provide legitimate competition to the New England Patriots in the AFC East this year? (Photo: USA Today Sports Images)

Even though the Buffalo Bills have finished dead last in the AFC East for five straight seasons, Bills fans are going into the 2013 season with high confidence in their favorite team. Recently, some Bills fans have gone as far to predict that their team will go from worst to first in the division.

The Bills are ready to begin a new era, headlined by a new coaching staff under head coach Doug Marrone and new quarterbacks in first-round pick rookie EJ Manuel and veteran Kevin Kolb. After years of being one of the NFL’s bottom-feeding teams, the Bills are expected to be a team on the rise.

The New England Patriots have been very far on the other end of the spectrum since the turn of the century. The Patriots have won the division in 10 of the last 12 NFL seasons, and have won three Super Bowl championships in five Super Bowl appearances during that span.

Some cracks in the Patriots have started to show this offseason, however, which has many wondering whether their reign of dominance could come to an end in 2013. Most significantly, there are some serious concerns about the passing offense that has been the Patriots’ backbone throughout their championship era.

While Tom Brady continues to be one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks, the team has a serious lack of proven receivers. The Patriots have one of the NFL’s best tight ends in Rob Gronkowski, but his status for the start of the 2013 season is in jeopardy after offseason back surgery. Their other star tight end, Aaron Hernandez, was released by the team last week and is in jail after being charged with murder.

All of this has many Bills fans wondering if the Bills could truly turn the tables on the division and win the AFC East this season. We want you to join the debate and comment below, but first, three members of BBD’s staff have taken different sides of the debate.

Is the door truly open for the Bills to win? Glenn Gifford discusses that possibility. On Page 2, Dan Hope explains why the Patriots are still the AFC East’s team to beat, while Eric Samulski explains why the Bills’ success this season may not be defined by the Patriots at all.


Biggest Summer Questions for AFC East Offenses

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

The health of star tight end Rob Gronkowski will be critical for the New England Patriots’ passing offense this season. (Photo: USA Today Sports Images)

BBD Staff Writer: Eric Samulski

As we count down the days until training camps start around the NFL, many fans and teams are starting to analyze the pieces that make up their roster and ask themselves what the season has in store.

After I looked specifically at the Buffalo Bills last week, it’s time to turn our attention to the other teams in the AFC East and examine the questions they have to answer in order to reassure their fan bases that this season might not be one to forget.


Around the AFC East – Week 4

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

It looked like Spiller’s injury situation held him back more than anything on Sunday (Photo: US Presswire)

By BBD Editor Mike Watkins

Mike is back with his weekly thoughts on the Bills and the AFC East. This week he talks about the ups and downs of last weekends beatdown at the hands of the Patriots along with how tough the Dolphins appear to be. At the end we all just laugh at the Jets…over and over again.

Bills Thoughts
-This was a game of peaks and valleys for the Buffalo Bills. After a shaky first drive the Bills defense buckled down and was great for about a quarter and a half. The Offense was efficient enough to build a 21-7 lead. Then the wheels came off and both sides of the ball seem to check out for the rest of the game

-Spiller didn’t look right yesterday and I think Jackson should have received most of the load because he looked healthier and was playing better than Spiller in this game.

-When Jackson is healthy he needs to be the goal line RB. He is better built for those situations then Spiller is

-Gilmore had a nice game for a rookie going up against a future hall of fame QB. The Patriots tried to pick on him all
day and he answered to the point where they moved onto other matchups for a good part of the game

-Gilmore and Williams played very physical game and its what they need to do from here on out

-The game really turned when the Patriots came out of halftime ready to exploit the Bills going small at LB with B.Scott instead of Sheppard because of his coverage ability. The Patriots ran right at him on numerous plays that resulted in huge gains. The Bills did nothing to counter this and they paid for it

-Fitzpatrick inconstancy is a major reason the Bills failed to close this game out. Many will look at the defense and see the 50 points and think they were a big reason the Bills lost. The reality is Fitzpatrick has to shoulder some if not most of this blame. Between his turnovers and short drives there are only so many times a defense is going to be able to bail you out before they are just on the field for to long

-The Bottom line with Fitzpatrick is he is good enough to beat .500 teams and below, however when it comes to elite matchups or games against playoff teams he becomes a liability. My advice to the Bills is they may want to accelerate the learning curve on T.Jackson because this season may get away from them real soon if Fitzpatrick keeps playing the way he does. Jackson was not brought here to challenge Fitzpatrick but his play has made that more of a reality

-S.Chandler had a great game. Great catches through out the game. He has really turned into a weapon.

-Glenn and Urbik going down are huge losses for the Bills, especially with the 49ers coming up. Good news is for the first time in what seems like a decade the Bills actually have decent depth at both of those positions

-D.Jones and TJ Graham both flashed again for the second week in a row, hopefully this is a sign of things to come for both

-I’m Glad we are seeing more and more of B.Smith at WR for the Bills. Like I said when we signed him, he is a far better WR then he has been given credit for and I would much rather have him split out wide then running a wildcat

-Fans are likely going to overreact to this game and why shouldn’t they it was yet another blowout against a team that has been blowing the Bills out for a decade. I’m not to overly concerned however though. I went into the season thinking we were a borderline playoff team, would be 2-2 after this game, sub .500 before our break, and then make a run the second half with a more favorable schedule. I still think all those things. What’s going to be hard for Bills fans is its likely going to get worse before it gets better this season.

AFC East Thoughts
-Patriots finally found a running game and a good portion of the credit goes to T.Brady for checking to run plays to exploit a matchup on the field with the Bills defense.

-If you’re the Patriots you still have to be a worried about your secondary and especially the middle of the field. The Bills had most of their success in this area. For them to get back to the Super Bowl their play in the secondary has to improve drastically

-Gronk started off slow but then really picked it up in the second half. The Bills tried to use B.Scott on him with a Safety over the top and that was enough to keep him in check for the first half but the second half he seemed to run tighter routes and the Bills couldn’t cover him

-The Patriots looks like they have hit on DE C.Jones. He gave the Bills issues all day and is getting better every week.

-Sanchez is likely going to take a lot of heat and he should, he has been pretty bad. Consider this stat. Sanchez has produced 1 TD the last 34 drives and has a completion 43.5% over the last 3 games.

-Now while Sanchez has been bad he can’t shoulder the entire blame. He has arguably the worse set of skill position players in the league. Holmes has become erratic, Keller is having injury problems, and after those two it’s a massive drop off in talent.

-The Jets defense got gashed a bit but again, much like with the Bills and the Patriots, there are only so many times your D can bail your offense out before that defense begins to crack

-Miami is proving to be a tough out for good teams. Their play is a bit inconsistent but that is to be expected with a young team and a new coach.

-B.Hartline has really taken to their offense and has emerged as a real weapon for their offense.

-C.Wake finally exploded this week with a 4.5 sack performance. They need him to be a constant pass rush presence if
Miami hopes to make any run this year.

-Tannehill found himself in a shootout on Sunday and did reasonable well. With over 400 yard passing and getting multiple WR’s involved in the game the Dolphins should be encouraged through the first quarter of the season.

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