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Buffalo Bills vs. Atlanta Falcons: Week 13 Live Game Thread

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Look for C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson to test the Atlanta Falcons’ woeful run defense. (Photo: Timothy T. Ludwig — USA Today Sports)

BBD Assistant Editor: Ryan Talbot

FINAL THOUGHTS: Yes, the crowd in Toronto was pathetic. Yes, the referees made several questionable calls that cost the Bills yards and points. Yes, the Bills should have won this game.

However, when everything was on the line, we saw the same ol’ Bills. The Bills who haven’t made the playoffs since 1999 had a chance to win in regulation.

Stevie Johnson took an EJ Manuel pass to the Falcons 30 before having the ball stripped out. If Johnson simply falls to the turf, Buffalo can run the clock down and set up a chip shot field goal for Dan Carpenter. Instead, Johnson carried the ball loosely and had it stripped. The play cost the Bills an attempt to win in regulation, but the defense did their job and sent it to overtime.

After winning the coin toss in overtime, EJ Manuel found Scott Chandler for 22 yards on 2nd and 7. The Bills would have had the ball on their own 45 yard line but Chandler, just like Johnson, had the ball stripped out. While Chandler attempted to protect the ball more than Johnson, he still found a way to cough it up.

It only took Atlanta four plays to drive the ball to Buffalo’s 17 yard line. In a dome, a 36 yard field goal is pretty much an extra point. Buffalo lost to the woeful Atlanta Falcons and once again we’re stuck talking about next year and the NFL draft.

Let’s face the facts. the Toronto series is a failure for the actual Buffalo Bills team. Yes, the deal brings in a ton of money, but today, in a game that mattered for the Bills, there were more Falcons fans in attendance. It’s inexcusable that Buffalo is literally finding itself playing nine away games a year. The Bills are now 1-5 in the series.

It’s so frustrating and heartbreaking to be a Bills fan. Every team that needed to lose today did. The Jets? Smashed by the Dolphins. The Browns? Upset by the Jaguars. The Titans? No Fitzmagic to bring them back against Indianapolis. The Bengals also defeated the Chargers.

However, it was the same ol’ Bills today. Even though other games worked in their favor, the team couldn’t defeat an inferior moment when it mattered.

There’s plenty of young talent on this team and the coaching staff has me optimistic about their future but we can chalk up the 2013 season to the same ol’ Bills.



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