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Buffalo Bills Up 17-6 After Half-Speed First Half by New England Patriots

Sunday, December 28th, 2014
Kyle Orton has had plenty of time to work in the pocket today. (Photo: David Butler II — USA Today Sports)

Kyle Orton has had plenty of time to work in the pocket today. (Photo: David Butler II — USA Today Sports)

BBD Editor: Dan Hope

Moving the ball well offensively and shutting down another of the NFL’s top offenses, the Buffalo Bills have a 17-6 halftime lead Sunday against the New England Patriots, looking for their first win in Foxborough, Mass. and their third win overall against the Patriots since 2000.

Kyle Orton has looked as good as he ever has since the team’s midseason bye, as he completed 11 of 15 passing attempts for 143 yards and a touchdown in the first half. The Bills have also had success running the football, with 65 rushing yards on 16 attempts, and have reached the end zone on both of their red zone trips today.

Defensively, the Bills have held the Patriots to just 121 yards of total offense and no touchdowns, as Tom Brady has completed just eight of 16 passing attempts for 80 yards.

The reality of this game, however, is that the Patriots essentially have nothing to play for, and it’s showed in their effort on the field.


Buffalo Bills Defense Proves No Match for Tom Brady, New England Patriots in 37-22 Loss

Sunday, October 12th, 2014
Brandon LaFell and the New England Patriots offense had their way with the Buffalo Bills in Sunday's second half. (Photo: Timothy T. Ludwig — USA Today Sports)

Brandon LaFell and the New England Patriots offense had their way with the Buffalo Bills in Sunday’s second half. (Photo: Timothy T. Ludwig — USA Today Sports)

BBD Editor: Dan Hope

The common refrain for the Buffalo Bills in recent losing efforts has often been that while their defense made the plays they needed to make, their offense let them down.

The opposite was true on Sunday, at least in the second half, as the New England Patriots scored 24 points in the final 30 minutes to win, 37-22, and take a one-game lead over the Bills in the AFC East.


Evaluating the AFC East’s 53-Man Rosters by Draft Picks

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

All four starting quarterbacks in the AFC East were drafted by their current teams, but none at a better value than New England Patriots signal-caller Tom Brady. (Photo: Greg M. Cooper — USA Today Sports)

BBD Staff Writer: Ryan Talbot

Confession: I’m obsessed with numbers.

Perhaps it’s the Math teacher in me, but numbers intrigue me. Whenever there’s an opportunity to look at things using numbers, count me in.

A few months back here at Buffalo Bills Draft, I examined the draft success of each AFC East team between 2008-2012. Now three weeks into the season, I wanted to evaluate each roster’s 53-man rosters. How many players were actually drafted by their teams or signed by them out of college as undrafted free agents? What’s the breakdown of players by draft round? Which players have provided the most value to their teams?

Let’s take a look at each AFC East team and how their current 53-man roster was built.

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots: Week 1 Live Game Thread

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

E.J. Manuel will begin his NFL career today against a Patriots defense that was 29th in the league in pass defense. (Photo: Kevin Hoffman — USA Today Sports)

BBD Staff Writer: Ryan Talbot

FINAL SCORE: Patriots 23, Bills 21.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Buffalo Bills played a tight game against the New England Patriots, but their failure to stop the Patriots on third downs down the stretch is what ultimately cost them the game. With five seconds remaining, Stephen Gostkowski connected on a 35-yard field goal to seal the game for the Patriots.

The Bills themselves have a lot to feel good about, but a loss is a loss. The Bills fall to 0-1 on the season. Next week the Bills play against the Carolina Panthers (0-1).

Searching for Tom Brady: Late Round Quarterback Possibilities

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
2013 NFL Draft QB

You have to look hard to find gems like Tom Brady lurking in the later rounds of the NFL Draft.

BBD Contributor: Peter Bukowksi

Tom Brady is an aberration. New England didn’t think they’d taken the greatest quarterback ever to put on a helmet when they drafted the Michigan senior with the 199th pick in 2000. The Patriots got lucky and they will readily admit that.

You draft a player because you think he will be good for your team, yes, but a guy in the sixth round doesn’t usually turn out to be a Hall of Fame player, particularly not a quarterback.

If you want a franchise quarterback, the first three rounds are where you’re going to likely find them, but then why draft one late?

The reasons are myriad, but there is a better way to look at later round quarterbacks. Usually, they can be separated in one of three categories: projects, system quarterbacks, and career backups.

Of course, there will be some who fall into the last category sort of by default, while others will begin as projects and teams will realize they are really just not that good.

There’s a reason a quarterback gets picked late in the draft: there are some pretty obvious flaws. But in order to more clearly see the delineations, let’s look at the 2013 draft through this lens.

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